Pavitra Rishta 8th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 8th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Archana searching for Ankita and thinks if Pari’s marriage happens, she will not be able to help her. Soham comes there and angrily asks to stop the marriage by breaking things around. Manav asks him to stop and says this marriage is happening with Ankita’s permission. Archana asks him to stop. Soham says you rich people always try to snatch poor people’s happiness and asks Manav if he is doing this as Ankita is his daughter. Mansi asks Soham to stop all this as Ankita had a contract marriage. Archana requests Soham to stop it saying after a long time our family united. Soham says he believes in relationship of heart and says same family took his happiness 20 years back and now taking his daughter’s happiness. Neena interrupts and says he is thinking


She says he himself ruined his children’s and his life. Soham asks him to stop and refers her as chappan churi. Naren asks Manav to call guards. Soham asks him to touch and see. Neena says his children are suffering because of him and says Ankita’s is pregnant with Shashank’s child. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Soham asks how dare she to talk about his daughter like that, he will kill her. Sachin says if he tries to harm his family, he will kill him. Ankita comes there and asks Soham why did he come here. Soham asks Ankita if she is pregnant. Neena says what will she say, she is carrying Shashank’s child. Manav asks Neena to shut up. Sachin asks her to calm down as Soham does not deserve her attention. Manav says until the matter is cleared, he will not let Naren and Pari’s marriage happen. Soham asks Ankita to tell everyone that child is Naren’s.

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Ankita says child is not Shashank’s but someone else, not even Naren. She loved someone a lot and even he loved her a lot, but he went away. She goes from there saying this child is not Naren’s. Archana stops her and asks to tell the truth, why is she trying to hide that she is pregnant with Naren’s child. Ankita says yes she is pregnant with Naren’s child, but Naren does not love her and loves Pari. She does not want to compromise and ruin his life and wants to be with Pari. She says she wants to upbring her child alone and says her Naren was only Naren and not Naren Karmarkar, he was very innocent and only knew Ahana. Archana asks where will she live then. Ankita says she wants to bear this child at any cost as it is her Naren’s child and her decision is perfectly alright as she is doing it as a sister and wife. Archana says she will speak to Naren. Ankita stops her and says she does not want him to compromise for her and cannot bear his hatred. She says as you say, whoever loves should meet and Naren loves Pari and should be with her. Archana asks her where will she go alone. Ankita says she is with her son. Archana says she will take her to her home and will upbring her child. Ankita says she does not want to stay with her and will go, she wished someone could take care of her siblings and now you are with them, she goes from there asking to take care of Mansi and her siblings.

Naren says Pari that he is getting irritated with the guy who betrayed Ankita. Pari says today is our new life’s beginnig and we should not forget that. He applies sindhoor on her forehead.

Precap: Kinnari welcomes Pari to their house and says you are married now and closed manhoos/inauspicious Ankita’s chapter.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. oh yes pure BS all that and they still married great…

  3. Re yr its prvd that archana is old now nd cm to the stge of her death and so she cnt tk right plz stp ds shw nw for our betterment fr our country’s betterment..plz its a humble request

  4. What shit is this. This show is RASS. My head hurts from this shit. I’m so mad at myself for watching this show for so many years. These ppl deh pon sk**t with this show.

  5. Never again watching this blo*dy show ,,,

  6. This is ridiculous! They got married after all that happen smfh! Bare bullshit. Wtf is wrong with those people. This show is the worst! This show don’t make sense!!!!! One dam thing over and over!

  7. Ankita and Naren could never reunite now… take this blo*dy show off the air! I hate pari.. such a b*t*h.

  8. fozia binti Ali

    Wat acrap!!!!…ihate dz serial.iwont waste my tym watchin dz…nktsss

  9. wow the serials name should not be pavitra rishta. i don’t see anything pure in this serial only hatred and jeolousy

  10. Hi Sorry a another Arjun Parvi And Ovi set up,before it is 2 sister now is 2 first cousins what a laugh watching naren and his thick lips wife,Ankita baby is going to a pretty baby,

  11. EKTA KAPOOR, what are u trying to prove, Please please please end this series. Its becoming annoying and irritating. Indian families are not at all like this. Grow up dear.
    u showed arjun and purvi’s breakup and then patch up leaving ovi in a limbo and now naren and ankita’s break up. I can predict later u will show their patch up and poor pari will be in a limbo as where to go.
    in all this break up patch up thing u are making the kids suffer. so STOP IT.
    I hope you read all the comments and realize what a dum ass u are

  12. They are planning an other leap !!!!

  13. Hate that stupid immoral serial now on

  14. Wat d ass i hate that b*t*h pari

  15. Think I had enough of this crappy serial..

  16. This is total crap, this marriage should have been stopped

  17. tru up man fuk diz seriz pple on india r mad over n over agen wat saw fukkk nw nz pple hate diz seriz

  18. Thank God i stop watching…rubbish makes no sense

  19. really the whole thing is becoming pointless. most of my friends have already stopped watching.

  20. soham was right all along

  21. What rubbish……Ekta go and get a new life…dumbo…

  22. wat a fish…………again repeated the same story of arjun, poorvi and ovi…and knowing all about ankita n naren;s relationship archana allowing pari to naren….did she forget how poorvi n ovi suffers……..i wish to see naren and ankita together today knowing the truth, but it all happens bullshit……hate u pari(u dont deserve this name either)

  23. really a repeat of Arjun, Purvi and Ovi…. ridiculous… Ekta empty head, pls stop and read the previous episode and stop making an ass of yourself. And by the way, buy some new sandals you earn lots and lots of money selling shit….

  24. I find the serial amusing as its trying to make out that Indian families can be like this. Also update todays epi fast.

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