Pavitra Rishta 8th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 8th January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 8th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Naren and Ankita coming to Soham’s house. Naren asks the bar owner, how can you marry your niece to this family. Bar owner nods in a no. Shashank tells Ankita that I love you and I can’t bear if anything happens to your family. I will not let anything bad happens to Mansi. Raunaq hears them and gets to know about their love. He thinks of his evil plan. Ankita tells Shashank that she will meet him in the evening at the coffee shop. Naren sees the boy chewing tobacco and asks them to leave. He asks, Soham to leave as well. Naren says, I have cancelled the force marriage. Ankita says, I want to talk to you. Naren asks, are you going somewhere. Ankita says, I am going to meet Shashank. Naren asks, why? Ankita says, to talk about his marriage with Mansi as Mansi loves him. Naren is happy for her and says I will meet you after the work. Ankita asks, will he agree? Naren says ofcourse as Mansi is a good girl. I will join you after my work.

Raunaq recalls about Sunanda’s warning and Ankita and Shashank’s conversation that she will meet him at the coffee shop. Ankita meets Shashank and asks him to move ahead in his life. She says your life stopped. I will always support Naren and will always be with him. You aayi likes Mansi and she wants you both to get married. Shashank says, I don’t love Mansi. Ankita says, I know but we have to compromise in life. I know Mansi loves you and she will keep you happy always. She urges him to marry Mansi. She says, we didn’t get our love….Atleast Mansi should get her love. Raunaq brings Sunanda to the restaurant. He shows Ankita and Shashank in the restaurant. And says, she is having an affair with him and asks her to decide about her.

Raunaq and Sunanda enter the restaurant. Ankita is shocked and stands. Sunanda says, I know you were innocent but didn’t know about the depth of your innocence. She says, you might be after Naren’s money. And asks, what are you doing here. She asks Shashank, since when you know Ankita? She says, if I am not mistaken you go to her house. Shashank asks, who are you? Sunanda introduces herself. She asks, who are you? My daughter in law’s boyfriend or love or should I call her extra marital affair. Ankita is shocked at her language. And asks, what are you saying. Sunanda asks her to keep her voice low. She asks her to come home…as we can’t talk here. Ankita tries to explain but in vain. Shashank feels bad for Ankita and thinks to do something to save her. Sunanda takes her home.

Sunanda tells Shirish and Rushaali everything. She says, this girl is playing with our prestige. Sunanda says, you met him and you both have decided to meet each other in the evening. She says, it is called dating. Shashank comes and asks her to listen to him. Sunanda says, I get info about you both. But I didn’t know about your close relation. She says, you might have thought to spend Naren’s money on this guy. Rushaali said me that you have impressed the guests with your so called good dialogues about marriage. She asks her to act in television and film. Ankita says, you are right? I am a good actor. I will go around with my boyfriend. She asks, am I fool to meet my boyfriend at a public area. I shall have met him in the room. She asks Sunanda to think whatever she wants about her character as she can’t change her perception. She says, you have to remove the dirt from your mind. You thinks of your as progressive and understanding but your thinking is very narrow. Can a girl and a boy can’t be good friends. She says, we are just friend….

Ankita asks, did you fulfill the responsibility of mother in law. You made fun of my relation with Naren. Did you give me a chance to explain. You took me here to insult them. Ankita says, whatever I am doing is acting. I married Naren to spend his money on my boyfriend. your thinking doesn’t matter to you. Shashank tries to speak. Ankita says, it is my family matter.

Naren comes and says you both are here. I was waiting for you both at the coffee shop and had two coffee. You didn’t inform me that you are coming here. He asks Ankita, did you talk about marriage. Everyone are puzzled. Naren asks Shashank to marry. He says, she loves you. Marriage should happen when there is love. He asks Sunanda to agree Shashank. Naren says Mannu is a good girl. And says, Mansi is Ahana’s younger sister. He praises her. He asks Shashank, what is your problem as Mansi is a good choice. Naren asks for the last time. Shashank says, yes. I will marry Mansi….Ankita smiles. Shashank says, we have never did anything wrong. I am marrying for Mansi and for her love. Sunanda tastes defeat. Shashank says you are experienced but you didn’t know about the relations. Naren says, we will accompany you. They leaves. Sunanda eyes Raunaq with anger.

RK asks Purvi to select the wedding card and says it will be given for printing. Purvi is speechless..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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