Pavitra Rishta 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 8th January 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 8th January 2013 Written Update

Purvi had fainted due to high blood pressure .Onir is very worried about her and sits by her bedside holding her hand .Another doctor tells him that Purvi had not had anything to eat . Purvi is waking up and she sees Onir next to her .She smiles and tells him that she was sure that he will come .
Onir is very angry with Purvi and tells her off that she does not takes care of herself .He is angry that she did not eat and cares way too much about others and neglects herself and her baby . He tells Purvi not to worry about Ovi and tha the will treat Ovi from now on . Purvi is happy tha the came to Mumbai for her and is treating Ovi .

Arjun is with Ovi in her room . Manav also comes in .They are all glad that Ovi responded positively to the doctor’s medication . Ovi is happy that this new doctor took such good care of her and she wants him only to treat her in future .
AS doctor comes i nthe room and tells them that it was Doctor Onir Dutt who treated Ovi and that he is in Mumbai ..Arjun and Ovi are looking surprised ..
Onir comes in their room . He takes ashirwaad from Manav ( calls him Baba ) and tells then that Ovi is fine now and they can take her home after her drip is finished .
He also tells them that from now onwards , he will take care of Ovi .
Manav and Arjun are happy but Ovi looks a bit angry ..

At night , Ovi is in her room ( in Deshmukh house ) .Arjun tucks her in bed and tells her to ask for help if she gets any pain . Onir is also in the house so she will get help immediately .
Arjun tells her that he is going home but if she needs him then he will come .

The other room in the house has been given to Purvi and Onir .. Onir tucks Purvi in bed .Then he asks her if they should tell the rest of the family ( don’t know what he is talking about ) but Purvi stops him and says that no one here knows ..
After putting Purvi to bed , Onir takes a quilt and a pillow and sleeps on the floor .

Manav calls Archana to give her the good news and Ovi has agreed to be treated by Onir and that Onir is in Mumbai and staying at home wit them .Archana is very happy and tells Manav that Purvi had promised tha tshe will bring Onir to Mumbai and that is exactly what has happened .She tells manav to take good care of the girls and also of Onir . She tells him that as soon as Sulochna’s yatra is over , she will come back .

Next morning , Purvi gets up very early and is getting ready when she sees that a sleeping Onir is getting disturbed because morning sun rays are falling on his face .Purvi adjusts the curtains and goes to put the blanket on him properly .He wakes up and both Purvi and Onir look at each other for a few seconds …
They are disturbed with knocking on the door .It is Teju who had come with morning tea for Onir and wants to chat with her Jeeju ..She talks non stop to him and Onir is looking happy and rather amused by his saali .Savita comes in the room and takes Teju away so that Oni r gets some more sleep …Savita too looks very pleased to have Onir at home with them .

Mr. Mital sends Punni flowers and an expensive diamond necklace .There is a letter also saying that he wants her to meet him and wear the necklace when she comes .Punni gets nervous as her mother is also around but Manju thinks that the gift is from Pradeep , the guy Puynni is about to get engaged with . Punni tells her mother that she has to go somewhere .Manju is so happy that Pradeep has given such an expensive gift to her daughter ..
Punni calls Mital and tells him that she wants to see him .He says that he knew that after she sees the gift , she would want to see him .He tells her to come to his home .

In their room, Purvi tells Onir the story about how Manav and Archana , 18 years ago , were seperated due to a misunderstanding and she was raised by her mother in her maika by Archana and Aaji Sulochna .She tells him that Archana’s prayers did not go unanswered and one day Manav and her family came back to her life .
Onir is so happy to hear this and calls Manav and Archana’s story the perfect love story because even after being away for 18 years , they kept loving each other and finally came back together …
Purvi says tha tshe is not comparing her relationship with Manav and Archana’s but their relationship is also very strong and they have perfect understandign between then and that is why he came for her ..
Onir says that he had to because his wife and his child were here …

Precap : Soham is in jail .Balan and Archana both have come to see him but he tells the jailor that he does not wish to see Balan and if Balan comes again then no need to even tell him about it.Balan is shocked and so is Archana ..Soham is looking angry.

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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