Pavitra Rishta 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita giving the wallet and handkerchief to Ranvijay. Neelima tells Ranvijay and Ankita that she wants to talk to them something and says she wants to name their relation. Ankita and Ranvijay are stunned. Vaishnavi is happy. Ankita refuses to marry Ranvijay and apologizes. She tells Ranvijay that she has only Naren in her heart. She can’t love anybody else other than Naren and will always love him. She apologizes again and goes inside. Ranvijay looks on.

Naren recalls visiting restaurant with Pari and apologizing her. Waiter keeps teddy on the table. Naren gives her flowers. Pari says, she won’t agree now. She always keeps on waiting for him. She asks him not to get late. Flashback ends. Naren thinks to plan surprise for Pari, to make her happy. He makes her wear her favourite flower and apologizes to her. He tells her that Ashi gets hurt to see their fighting. Pari says, she has so much work to do and asks her not to bring flowers for her again. She says, you always roam behind Ashi. Naren says, we have to take care of her. He asks her to give some time to Ashi.

Pari says, you doesn’t give me importance other than Ashi. Naren says we are a team. He says, I am supporting you in everything. Pari says, you are just an employee at Azooba’s office and asks him to give his 100 percent atleast there. Rushaali hears them and thinks she thought Ashi would bring them together, but Ashi being Ankita’s baby is splitting them.

Ranvijay tells Neelima that he told them not to talk to Ankita about their marriage as she won’t agree. Neelima says, she still loves her husband. Vishnu asks Ranvijay, do you like Ankita? Ranvijay blushes. Vishnu asks him to confess his love to Ankita as she may agree. Ranvijay says, he will lost a friend if he confess his feelings to Ankita. Ankita doesn’t want to move on. She wants to be in her husband’s thoughts.

Naren wears the mask and scares Ashi. She doesn’t get scared and says she is searching a new mom for herself. Naren says, don’t say like this. You are watching so many movies. You are just 5 years old. Rushaali comes and says your daughter is like you. Naren says I hope so. Rushaali thinks he is your real daughter. She asks him to come out. Naren asks, anything serious. Rushaali tells him that she is getting worried about their frequent fights. She asks him to sort out the problems with Pari. Naren says, he can understand but don’t know what happened to Pari. She is so involved in business. Rushaali suggests Naren and Pari to go out for some days. Naren asks, what about Ashi. Rushaali says, she can take care of Ashi being her grand mother. Naren agrees. Ashi tells the doll that she has to do something.

Vaishnavi tells her friends that she will win the game and her mummy will be very happy. Ankita comes and looks at her. Vaishnavi starts playing the game and wins. Ankita is happy. Teacher announces that Vaishnavi is the winner. Ankita thinks what to do, she can’t marry Ranvijay and can’t be Vaishnavi’s mom.

Rushaali runs after Ashi to make her drink milk. Ashi asks, why I doesn’t look like my mum. Rushaali thinks you looks like mamma and says you looks like Dada. Ashi asks, whether her parents are going somewhere. Rushaali says, not yet decided.

Naren sees Pari getting angry on the employee and wonders what happened to her. He recalls her harsh words. He thinks of Rushaali’s words. He tells his employee that he is going out for 2 days.

Naren comes to talk to Pari. Pari asks him to say fast as she doesn’t have time. Naren tells her that we shall have lunch together and orders lunch. He tells her that they shall go out somewhere. Pari asks him to focus on work rather than wasting time on Ashi. Naren gets sad and thinks he wants them to spend time with each other. Pari thinks, don’t know what happened to Naren. He don’t want to work. Manav comes and asks what happened. Pari apologizes to him and says Naren doesn’t concentrate on work and takes care of Ashi. Manav says, he is right. Naren takes care of his daughter well, but what about you? Manav says, personal and professional life is equally important. If one have a good family life then his professional life will be strong. He asks her to take care of Naren and Ashi. Manav says, my business is yours only. Pari thinks Manav is right.

Ranvijay asks Ankita to leave as he doesn’t want Vaishnavi to get hurt. Ankita says, she is ready to become Vaishnavi’s mom.

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  2. Naren will regret for the rest of his life that he choose Pari over Ankita especially when he learns the truth about his child. Pari will never find happiness because of her cruel deeds. I hope somehow Ashi finds her way back to Ankita and she live with her mom, her new dad and step sister. I hope Naren is alone when this happens.

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