Pavitra Rishta 7th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 7th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rushali praying to god to help her find Ashi. She gets worried and asks God to do something. She thinks I can’t be at peace until I find her. Please take care of her. Teju sees her praying and thinks she did not see Rushali worried so much till now and thinks children melt’s people’s heart. Vaishnavi tells Teju that she prayed for Ashi too and asks will she come back. Teju says no and thinks she didn’t know how is Ashi and if she will come back or not.

Ashi is with kidnappers and cries that she wants to go to her dada. Kidnapper gets irked and asks her to stop it. His wife asks Ashi, would you like to eat anything. Ashi says no. I wants to go to my dada. Kidnapper says she belongs to rich family. We can’t keep her here. He raises her hand on Ashi, but his wife stops him. She tells Ashi that we are your parents’ now. Ashi says no. Kidnapper’s wife says we can keep this child as ours and she will earn us money in the future. She will be our support in the future. Pari reaches there. Kidnapper calls his wife.

Pari says police is searching for this girl, gives them money and asks them to leave the town before police catches them. She hears Ashi crying and asks them to take care of Ashi like their own children. She looks at Ashi and thinks she don’t have any option else her truth will come out. Naren will kill her. Kidnapper’s wife asks her if the girl is your daughter then why did you give us. Pari says I don’t want to explain to you. Pari leaves after warning them not to do any mistake.

Naren and Ankita are searching for Ashi on the road. Manav gives Ashi’s pics to police and asks them to find her soon. Naren tensely sits on road worried about Ashi. Ankita consoles him and asks him to come home and have something. Naren refuses. Naren says, I know we will get Ashi. She might be waiting for me. Ankita says, you didn’t eat anything since morning. She says if your health deteriorates then how will you find her. She promises to find Ashi with him and takes him home.

Pari comes home. Rushaali asks her where were you? Pari says, I don’t need to tell you. Rushaali says, your every move is doubtful. I told you that Ashi is my grand daughter and I have to take care of her. Pari says, I didn’t kidnap Ashi. Rushaali asks Pari why did you withdraw 1 lakh rupees from your account. Pari asks, how did you know it. Rushaali asks why did you need so much money. Ankita tells Naren to ask Pari where did she left Ashi. She tells that Pari is a mother and might be worried for her. She asks Naren to talk to Pari about what exactly happened. Naren says I should apologize to Pari.

Rushaali asks Pari where did you need that much money. Did you do anything with Ashi. Pari says no. Rushaali says, you couldn’t digest the fact that Ashi is Naren and Ankita’s daughter and may unite them. That’s why you kidnapped her. She asks where is Ashi. Naren hears everything and gets shocked. He asks her to say it once more and shouts. Everyone gather there.

Rushaali tells the truth that Ashi is your and Ankita’s daughter. She tells that when Ankita left from here, she was pregnant with your child. Archana asks, how can Ashi be Ankita’s daughter. Ankita’s child was dead during birth. Rushaali tells that Ankita’s child was alive and she took the baby home. She didn’t want her heir to live with Ankita and wanted to unite Pari and Naren. Manav says, Ankita thought that her baby was dead when actually she was right infront of her.

Archana scolds Rushaali and says you are a black spot at womanhood. Naren says you are saying it to a wrong person. He says I don’t know how to react. I don’t know if you thinks of me as your son or not. I was living in fear since 5 years that Ashi’s parents would come and take her. I cried infront of you. Didn’t you think to tell me. I asked so many times whether Ankita’s baby is mine. Nobody told me the truth. Rushaali says, I got the DNA test done. Archana says, we know it before.

Ankita wanted you and Pari to be happy and that’s why hide the truth. Naren says, you hide the truth since 5 years. Manav says, Archana was binded by the promise. Ankita didn’t want any problems in your married life with Pari. Naren says, this is not right. I kept Ashi away from her real mom. She didn’t get motherly love ever. He asks Rushaali to tell if she has some more truth to say. Rushaali apologizes to him. Naren refuses to forgive her.

Teju gets a call. She tells Naren that Ankita called and have something to say about Ashi. Naren rushes. Ankita reaches a temple chawl where Ashi is kept hostage. She prays to find Ashi. Naren is driving car and thinks about Rushaali’s confession and Archana’s sayings. Ankita comes inside and sees Ashi’s top. She calls Naren and asks him to come there fast and tells the address. Ankita’s phone gets switched off. She asks a neighbour who stays in the chawl. He says Nandu and his wife and they left for station just a few min back. She asks if a baby girl was there with them. He says he does not know.

Manav calls inspector and informs him about Ankita getting Ashi’s clue and Naren going behind her. He asks him to go there. Manav asks Pari, where did you left Ashi and asks her to tell him. Kinnari says, we thought Ashi was lost. Teju asks how can you be so cruel. Manav angrily asks her, where did you leave her?

Precap: Archana slaps Pari and says she is a dent on womanhood and says she is opposite to Ankita.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. great episode

  2. Indeed…i am impress but maybe because the show is ending everything is whining down

  3. Archana please give parie 2good Slaps for me also kick them out of your house parie, rushaali, and kannari, teach them some manners,caring, and most of all LOVE, give them a realty check straight to JAIL that is where they belongs, parie miss the jail 1st time Archana Manav don’t spear them this time especially the 2 out laws rushaali ,and parie.

  4. Pavitra rishta will be ending the 24th october the first manav will appear in the show finally and the show will end with archana and manav death

    1. You crazy…… Stuuuuuuueeeeeeppppppppsssssssss…..

  5. If the writers had written stories like this all along – instead of dragging the same story line out for years……..the show would not be going off Now! It gets good right before they cancel it……Pathetic.

    1. exactly… i do not want it to end!!!!

  6. when are ashvik comming

  7. Pavitra Rishta is a dent on serialhood. We all should celebrate that it is coming to an end on Oct 24.

  8. omg naren knws is he child i cant wait for ankita to knw omgggg

  9. Finally it’s going somewhere
    pari must go to jail

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