Pavitra Rishta 7th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 7th January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 7th January 2014 Written Update

Naren tells Ankita that he’s having pain in his arm. Ankita checks and says he may have got hurt while talking to media. Ankita brings aid and Naren says he won’t let her apply that it pains him a lot. Ankita says nothing will happen and apply it on his arm. She asks if he had pain. Naren says no because it was her who applied it. Ankita smiles.

Purvi is walking on the road, recalling RK’s words. She doesn’t know what to do. She cries.

A girl comes to Naren’s house to take Naren’s signature on some papers. Ankita tells her to wait in the hall and she will get Naren’s signature. After Ankita leaves, Raunak comes and misbehaves with the girl. Ankita sees it and shouts at Raunak. Ankita tells him to stop acting like this, at least for

his fiance. Raunak loses his cool and raises his hand to slap Ankita. Ankita blocks his hand and reminds him that she is his vaini. Sunanda comes and scolds Ankita. Ankita tells Raunak’s truth to her and then Sunanda warns Raunak to get his acts together. Raunak says to himself Ankita didn’t do this right and he will make sure she pays for this.

Purvi is trying to meet Arjun, but she is sent back saying only family members and lawyers can meet him. Arjun is having pain his head in the lockup. He tries to calm himself down so Purvi doesn’t find out about it. Purvi is hanging around outside. Arjun’s pain goes out of control and his head is bleeding. Ambulance comes and Arjun is taken on the stretches. Purvi spots him, but cops don’t let her go to him. After ambulance leaves, Purvi asks a cop what happened. The cop says he was arrested for drugs matter and must be refusing to answer questions so got tortured.

Everyone is having breakfast at Naren’s house. Naren tells Ankita they have to go to office as Arjun told him he is the best and he will have to attend all meetings. He asks Sunanda and Ankita if he’s best. They both say he is the best. Sunanda tells Ankita to take care of Naren. Naren’s driver is on holidays and Naren doesn’t like anyone else so he says he will drive himself. Sunanda says no and tells Raunak to drop them. Raunak doesn’t like it and objects it. Sunanda says Ankita doesn’t know how to drive else he wouldn’t need to go. Naren tells Ankita he will teach her. Sunanda orders Raunak and he is not happy. After Sunanda leaves, Raunak makes fun of Naren and Ankita by telling first to keep an “aaya” for Naren and then saying Ankita is like aaya already. Naren gets angry but then calms down and keeps teasing Raunak by calling him a driver.

Soham is going somewhere in car and Purvi comes in front of his car. He asks her to move. Purvi feels she heard this voice before. She turns back but before that Soham sees her face and hides his face. Purvi feels bad as she couldn’t even meet Arjun.

Soham brings a guy and his family to his home for Mansi’s rishta. Mansi objects it but Soham doesn’t listen to her at all. He says the guy owns 4 bars and she will stay very happy with him. He sends Mansi to bring snacks.

In car, Naren is teasing Raunak which makes Ankita laugh. She then gets a call from Mansi who tells her about Soham forcing her. Ankita and Naren head to Ankita’s home.

Soham is trying his best to make the guy and his family agree for the rishta. Shanashk comes there. Soham tries to send him off, but Shanashk figures that Soham is forcing Mansi for this rishta. He tells Soham he won’t let this happen. Soham grabs his collar and Ankita enters.

Precap: Outside Ankita’s house, Shanashk tells Ankita that he loved her and he takes her family as his. She sacrificed her life, but he won’t let Mansi do that. Raunak hears it.

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