Pavitra Rishta 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 7th January 2013 Written Update

Onir is in Mumbai . The taxi driver puts the radio on and the song ( Heer Heer na akho … from the movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan ) starts playing .Onir goes back in his memories .Once he saw that Purvi was listening to this song and she was so emotional that her eyes had filled with tears .Onir then told Purvi not to listen to such emotional songs if they make her cry . Purvi explained the meaning of the song to him and told him that the girl’s pain in this song made her cry .
Seeing her enjoy the song , Onir does not puts it off but takes a promise that she should not cry because he cannot see her cry .
Onir comes back to the present , tells the Taxi driver to go to the Anand Niwas Chawl .He takes out his wallet and seeing Purvi’s picture there , he smiles .

Ovi is in her room, she is feeling uncomfortable with abdominal pain .She tries to go near her phone but the pain gets unbearable .Purvi sees her doubling up with pain .Purvi rushes to help her , savita and damodar also come in the room .Savita calls Arjun who is about to board a flight to Hyderabad .
He tells Savita to take Ovi to a nearby hospital ASAP and he will come soon.
Purvi goes to look for a taxi .

Purvi and Savita are in the back seat of the taxi with Ovi who is in extreme pai nand is crying . On the traffic signal, the taxi stops ..Right next is the taxi in which Onir was going to see Purvi .Both taxis pass as Onir and Purvi do not see each other .

Onir goes to the Deshmukh house but there is a lock on the door .He gets a call that there is an emergency case of a pregnant woman in the city hospital and as the hospital got information that Doctor Onir Dutt is in Mumbai , they want him to some immediately .Onir says that he will be there in 10 minutes .
Ovi is in the hospital emergency room, she is unconscious and is being given Oxygen .
Purvi and Savita are outside and are looking very worried .
Manav and Arjun also come there .The doctor takes them in his cabin and tells them that Ovi’s condition is bad and the next 4 hours are critical .Ovi must respond to the medication or else the doctors there cannot help .


The jailor informs Soham that due to his good behaviour in the last 6 months , he has been released from jail .He tells Soham that now he can go and see his Maiyee but he should also see his Aie …

Manav sends Savita and Damodar back home , they are both reluctant but they do go .Manav wants Purvi also to go home but she flatly refuses and says that she wants to be there for Ovi . Onir is shown going to the emergency room. It is shown how he missed seing Purvi and also Manav and Arjun .
Whgen Onir goes i nthe mergence room, he is shocked to see Ovi unconscious on the bed …He immediately starts the treatment and tells the doctor tha trhe wil lnot let anything happen to this patient

Punni is in her room .She is dreaming that soon she will marry Mr. Mital and then will be a rich woman .Manju comes and tells Punni off that her future in laws had come for dinner , they also gifted her a saree , but Punni did not come to see them . Punni tells Manju that she does not wish to get married so soon .Manju is very angry that Punni is not feeling happy about getting married . Whyen Manju leaves the room, Mr. Mital calls Punni as he is desperate to see her .Punni plays hard to get and then she happily thinks that she will never get engaged to the boy selected by her mother and will soon be wearing designer sarees …

Manav, Arjun and Purvi are waiting in the hospital corridoor .Manav goes to get coffee for Purvi . Both Arjun and Purvi look at each other ..Purvi starts walking but she feels dizzy and is about to fall but Arjun runs and catches her from falling . One of the doctor’s ask for a wheen chair and Purvi is put on it .They tell Arjun that they will look after Puyrvi and he should go to see his wife as she is awake now .. Arjun is worried about Purvi but he reluctantly walks away from her to Ovi’s room ..
Meanwhile, Onir comes out of the room , he sees Purvi from a distance and recognises her . Again it is shown how Onbir and Arjun miss seeing each other .Onir looks worried to see Purvi in this state and is calling her by the name Mishti to wake her up .

Precap . Ovi is awake now .Manav and Arjun are in the room with her .Onir also comes in .Ovi looks surprised to see hi mthere and she does not looks very happy .Onir smiles and tells Arjun and Manav that now Ovi is his responsibility and he will treat her . Manav and Arjun are both looking very happy to hear this .

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