Pavitra Rishta 7th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 7th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pari coming home and seeing Naren and Ashi enjoying pizza. She scolds Naren for skipping office for Ashi and says if he would have got the project, he would have become Manav’s legal heir. She says her work is most important to her after her abortion and adopting Ashi was not her decision, she cannot connect with her. Rushali hears their fight and takes Ashi in with her. Naren asks why can’t she connect herself with Ashi. Pari says she cannot and he is responsible for her behavior. She says he is wasting his career and time for someone else’s child. He says if she feels taking care of his child is waste of time, he is and says Ashi is his life now. She says she is not your child. He says whatever you say, Ashi is my child now.

Ankita performs pooja with her new family. Other family ladies also perform aarti and Kavita serves prasad. Ankita gets dizzy, and Rinviay holds her. Neelima’s friend asks if Ankita is her daughter-in-law. Kavita says she is a guest and is staying with us since 5 years. Neelima stops her. Ranvijay gets embarrassed and goes to office. Vaishnavi asks Ankita if she feels bad when she calls her choti ma and why was that aunty asking about you wierdly. Ankita says let aunty talk anything, she is her choti ma. Neelima’s friend suggests her to marry Ankita to Ranvijay. Ankita thinks she performs Pooja for Naren and cannot forget him at all and thinks if he remembers me or not.

Pari complains Naren that she has become alone, now she does not have her parents also. For Naren, only Ashi matters and not her. Naren says my world is with you both, I want you to be in my world, but you want Ashi to be out, which I cannot.

Ankita thinks she wanted to spend happier times with her child, but she cannot after his death, if he would have been alive, he would have been of 5 years. He would have been naughty like you.

Ankita helps Vaishnavi getting ready for school. Vaishnavi says choti maa is too long and if she can call her mummy. Ankita says no, she cannot. Ranvijay comes there, he sees a paper in Ankita’s hair and removes it. Ankita says it is Vaishnavi’s science project paper. Neelima sees that and reminisces her friend’s words of letting Ankita and Ranvijay marry. Ranvijay looks at Ankita helping Vaishnavi with homework and smiles.

Ranvijay’s friend comes after many years and meets him. He confuses Ankita as his wife. Ranvijay says she is not my wife, his wife died 5 years ago. Friend apologizes and asks about his work. Ranvijay says work is fine and he has opened a saree shop. Friend leaves.

Pandit is busy imagining about today’s pooja, pakora prasad and dakshina. He sees Neelima tensed and asks about it. She says she is thinking about something. Neelima asks Vishnu about his opinion of marring Ankita and Ranvijay. He says she should marry them soon as many people ask him about Ankita. He asks panditji to check their kundali and get them married soon. Neelima says Ranvijay and Ankita that she wants them married. They both are stunned to hear that.

Precap: Pari scolds Naren that he does not work and is just an employee at Manav’s company.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Ashi is nt ankita’s daughter!!! Ankita gave birth to a boy!

    1. So where is this child? Whose child dis Rushaili take? I am confused.!!!!! Why is Ankita wearing wedding chain and sindoor? I thought she was married to Ranvijay? a mass of misconceptions.

    2. non non I watch the episode yesterday and Ashi IS Ankita’s daughter…
      Ankita says “f he would have been alive, he would have been of 5 years. He would have been naughty like you” she said HE beacause she doesn’t know if this is a girl or a boy

  2. i m greatly disappointed in ekta kapoor,her attitude to all this serials as a director is shameful if her father jeetendra with all due respect had acted in stupid movies like she is producing will his name ever be a household name or would he ever have any awards credited to him?if writers can pass anything to a director aqnd she accepts i wonder what must be going on in the directors brain, to think of it that her brother is also there and the stupid twists cannot be reversed its a shame if both cant think right.must the rich always have there ways as rushali is giving the poor pain ?what message is all this?i hope their kids are watching may be they will be able to tell their parents some home truth or begin to behave in like manners as they see in the movies thinking its the right way to behave

    1. I was wondering where is SOHAM???

  3. im so disappointed with the turn this show took

  4. Ashi is ankita and naren’s daughter, rushali paid the doc to lie and make it look like ankita lost her baby.

  5. I want Ankita to marry Ranvijay and then meet the crazy Naren and see what he will do.

  6. Rushaali took the child to make everything alraight between naren and pari and but nothing between them is alraight and between them a child is suffering . if she was with ankitaa she would been a lot happy !!!

  7. What about pari’s parents?

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