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Deshmukh House in the bedroom

Rushali and Pari are in their room. Rushali says to Pari, you couldn’t be a mother Pari and I needed a heir for my family. Everything was going so well, everything was ok but then after so many years that doctor came and was determined that he would return Ankita’s child back to her. I stopped the doctor by emotionally blackmailing him. Pari says so much happened and no one told me anything. At least you would tell me mom. Rushali says how would I tell you? If I told you would you have accepted her Pari? You haven’t accepted Ashi yet. Pari says why did you keep her here? Rushali says because she is my son’s daughter, how could I see her growing up in someone else’s house? My decision was right Pari, I know that. She is growing up in front of my eyes, Naren her father is with her. Ever since Naren saw her, he got connected to her. Pari says I know, I remember that day. Naren said that the baby would connect us and bring us together but she is connecting Ankita and Naren. Rushali says maybe, but since Ashi came Naren’s strange memories stopped. He saw Ankita but he couldn’t recognize her, he loved Ashi since the start but you never got connected to her. Pari says maybe because she is Ankita’s daughter. Rushali says Pari not everything is ruined, forget that she is Ankita’s daughter. Think of it like she’s Naren’s daughter. You can come close to Ashi and be her mother, I always told you to take care of her and get close to her, Ashi is Ankita’s daughter and no one but the 2 of us know this.

Deshmukh House in the bedroom

Rushali says you can still get attached to her and I told you to pay attention to her so that she wouldn’t get close with Ankita. What I feared has happened, Ashi has such a strong connection with Ankita, she calls her as her mommy. She’s connected to Naren, Pari. Now you just get close with her, complete your family. What if Ankita takes advantage of your carelessness? Ashi is Ankita’s daughter, what if this brings them together and this reminds Naren of his past? Pari looks disturbed and shocked.

Deshmukh House

Ankita is dancing with Ashi and Vaishnavi in the room. Teju is there too. Pari comes there and looks annoyed. Naren comes and says Ankita, I’m sorry I worried you too much last night. Ankita says will you drink tea? Naren says yes. Ankita says I will bring it. Pari sees this and looks angry. Ankita brings tea for Naren, Naren thanks her and drinks it. Ankita asks him how the tea is. Naren says very good. Ankita and Naren see Pari and look surprised, Naren says Pari, you? You were going to. Pari says would I come at night? I came early right? Ashi says dada I want a new dress for the house sarjan. Naren says oh? Vaishnavi says you haven’t bought it yet? I bought mine, my choti ma bought it for me. Ankita says Ashi, you want a new dress? Ashi says yes. Ankita says I will buy it for you ok? Ashi says ok. Pari says Ashi, why are you troubling Ankita Aunty? I’m there, I will buy you a new dress. Ashi says ok mama. Pari says we’ll go to the market, I’ll buy you toys and new dresses, we’ll have fun. Come with me. Ashi and Pari leave.

Deshmukh House

The family is in the main room. Manav says Ankita dear, I think you should change your decision now, it’s the right time. Everyone looks confused, Kinnari says what happened Ankita, what is it? Why did you call all of us here? Rushali says what is it Ankita? Manav says one minute, one minute. Wait a little bit. Naren says what happened, is there a problem? Ankita says Naren sir, I want to give you something. Naren says what? Ankita gives Naren a file with papers and tells him to read it. Naren is reading it, he says this is my house and company papers on my name. How did these papers come to you? We sent the company to someone else. Ankita says actually ajoba bought your company and house, upon my saying so. Naren says why? Ankita says because I wanted to take revenge from you and I wanted the 2 of us to live under one roof, then I might be able to get even with you because I thought you caused the accident, I just wanted to put you down in some way, this is why I did all this. It’s not even your fault so why would you suffer? That’s why I bought the house and company from ajoba and put it on your name. Kinnari gets happy, Naren says Ankita I can’t take this. Kinnari and Rushali look upset, Naren says I respect your feelings but I can’t just take it from you, you have your rights on this, you bought the house and company. Ankita says Naren sir I knew you would say this, that’s why I found another solution. You stay in this house and give me installments slowly.

Deshmukh House

Ankita says Naren sir I know how important your self respect is for you and I’ll never hurt it. Rushali thinks to herself, why is Ankita being so kind to Naren? Ankita says I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking why am I doing so much for you? Because Naren sir, you deserve your house, company and happiness. You deserve to live your lifestyle because if you sold your company and house then you didn’t sell it for yourself, but for your wife who you love a lot. Naren sir I know how troubled you were to sell all these things and how embarrassed you were, no one would like to live at their in laws. But you tolerated it all but this is enough. You keep your house and business and start your life new. Naren says Ankita I care about your feelings but please, I don’t think I can take it. Ankita says Naren sir please. Rushali thinks to herself, don’t be crazy Naren, you’re getting everything bask so easily, take it. Rushali says Naren, look Ankita is forcing so much so don’t refuse. Anyway we had to sell everything due to Ankita, maybe she realized her mistake and. Archana says Naren don’t refuse, take it. Manav says yes dear, take it. Anyway Ankita is not doing you a favor, she has said that you can pay her in installments. Naren says ajoba? Ok, but I have a condition. Until I don’t fully pay for the company and house, Ankita will stay the MD of the company and she will live with us at home, like an owner. And if that’s ok, then I will accept it. Ankita says this is not possible, how can I stay in that home? And I want to live with aaji/ajoba, I have my family. Why would I stay with you there? Naren says if you’re not ok with my condition then I can’t take it. Ankita says Naren sir what is all this?

Deshmukh House

Rushali says Ankita, look Naren has listened to you so please also listen to him. And what’s the problem? You will be the owner there, and also Ashi and Vaishnavi have become good friends, they won’t be able to live without each other. Naren says tell me. Kinnari thinks to herself, Kinnari, don’t think too much. I want to leave this chawl and go back to my big house and live a luxurious life, so support Naren. Yes I’ll have to tolerate Ankita and her daughter but it’s ok, I must compromise that much. Kinnari says yes Ankita, Naren is right. We will all stay happily in that house, we should go back. Naren says what have you thought, you take your file and house, or come home with us? Ankita smiles and says ok. Kinnari and Rushali smile, Ankita says I will come with you. Pari comes in, Rushali says Pari. You came at the right time, Ankita has just now returned our house and company back. Naren says why did it take you so much time? And where is Ashi? Pari stutters, Naren says what happened Pari? Pari says Ashi is lost. Everyone is shocked, Ankita and Naren say Ashi is missing? Naren says what do you mean? How can you say this so casually? Where did she go missing, how? Where was Ashi?!Where were you? Pari says Naren, me and Ashi went to the market and we were in a shop, I got a phone call and there was no network in the shop, that’s why I went outside to talk on the phone. When I came back Ashi was not there. Naren says was the phone more important for you?! Couldn’t you have called later or take her hand with you? I knew you couldn’t be a good mother, you were going to today and you did this?!

Deshmukh House

Naren says if you got a phone call couldn’t you have gone out with Ashi?! How can you be so irresponsible with Ashi?! You went to the market and. Ankita tries to calm Naren down, she says Naren sir, please calm down, there’s no point in getting angry right now. We should look for Ashi right now, not waste time right here. Let’s go look for Ashi. Manav says yes Naren, Ankita is absolutely right. Pari which market did you take Ashi to? Pari says Lotus Market. Manav says let’s go Naren, we’ll look for Ashi there, let’s go. Ankita says ajoba I will also come with you. Manav says no dear, you stay here and take care of everyone, we’ll go. Ankita says no ajoba I will also come with you, come on Naren sir. Manav says let’s go, all 3 of them leave. Kinnari says I can’t believe Pari, how can you be so careless? I don’t know how Ashi will be, or where she is.


Naren is outside looking for Ashi, he calls Ankita and says hello Ankita, did you find out about Ashi? Ankita is also outside looking, she says no Naren sir, actually I went in that shop but they don’t know anything, they were saying that there was a couple who took Arushi with them. Naren says couple? Who were those people? Did they know Ashi, ask someone how they looked. Ankita says no they don’t know anything. Naren says someone must know how they looked, Ankita says they don’t know anything. Naren sir I think we should go to the police, I think this is a kidnapping case. Naren says ok I’m going directly to the police station, you meet me there. Ankita says ok I’m coming. Naren and Ankita hang up, Naren says ajoba knows some police, I will get help from them. Ankita thinks to herself, Ashi where are you?

Deshmukh House in the bedroom

Pari is sitting on the bed. Rushali comes there and says Pari, how can you be so irresponsible? Ashi is missing and you are here just lying down calmly. Pari says so what do I do? Rushali says aren’t you worried for her at all? Pari says mom I looked for her, a lot. I didn’t find her anywhere and I got tired looking for her so I’m resting, what’s wrong with that? And don’t talk to me like that, as if you are worried for her and I’m not. Rushali says if you’re concerned for her then tell me. Pari says what? Rushali says where is Ashi?! Pari says if I knew then wouldn’t I have brought her home. Rushali says I don’t trust you, how did you get so much love for Ashi today? You took her to the market for shopping, you found out about Ashi today. This is not a coincidence, and Ashi got missing today. Pari says mom you are suspecting me unnecessarily and you told me to be her mother and spend time with her so I took her to the market so we could bond and I didn’t know she would go missing today. Rushali says you knew that Ashi could bring Ankita and Naren closer, so you just got rid of Ashi.

Deshmukh House in the bedroom

Pari says what nonsense mom, you know I was never attached to Ashi but me doing this with such a little kid? And you’re accusing me? First look at yourself, what did you do? You kept your son in the dark for so many years, you didn’t tell him that Ashi is his real daughter and you’re lecturing me? Rushali says you’ll never even understand why I did this. I did this for Naren’s benefit so that his family would be complete but you, what do I say about your reason for doing this? Don’t forget one thing, Ashi is my granddaughter, if anything happens to her Pari I won’t spare you. You’re not having a good time, Ankita already returned the company and home to Naren. If you take any wrong step with Ashi right now, then you can think what Naren will do. Ashi is already attached to Ankita, what will happen after that, do you understand what I’m saying? Rushali angrily leaves the room. Pari thinks to herself, oh God, I didn’t even think about this. I was happy that Naren got his company and house back but now Ashi has gone missing. I would be able to live happily with Naren but now there’s Ankita’s problem. What do I do? If everyone finds out that I caused Ashi to go missing then.

At the police station

Ankita, Manav and Naren are at the police station with the police inspector. Manav says actually my granddaughter Pari took her to a shop. Over there Pari got a phone call and to receive her phone, she went outside. And when she came back then the child was not in the shop. Ankita says I went to the shop owner myself, they said a couple took her with them. The police inspector says I think this is a kidnapping case, or else why would someone take your child with them? Naren says why would anyone kidnap her, we don’t have a rivalry with anyone. The police inspector says it’s not necessary that you have a rivalry with anyone, there are often kidnapping cases to get money from rich people. Ankita says how can you say so casually that there’s kidnapping often? You’re scaring us, you should take care of us but instead you’re scaring us. Manav says Ankita dear please, calm down, relax. Inspector, look we don’t know what happened or who took her, who has a problem with us or not but please, look for our child. The police inspector says don’t worry, we will try our best. You go home and rest, we will reach your daughter at your house. Naren and Ankita look disgusted, Naren says what do you mean rest at home and you’ll try your best? What does this mean, look she is my daughter. Please use your full force and I will wait right here until my daughter is found! How can they say this so casually?! Naren leaves.

At the police station

Naren goes to a bench in the police station area. Ankita goes to sit down with him. Ankita says don’t worry, we will find Ashi. Naren says Ashi is my life, she is everything to me. People keep saying and Pari also says that she’s not my real daughter but I have given her more love then a real father. When she came in my hands for the first time I thought God had given me a gift, she had such cute eyes. She looked so beautiful and I haven’t forgotten that moment and I thought our family had gotten complete. I was a father and Pari was a mother but Pari never gave her the love of a mother, maybe that’s why Ashi’s more attached to you. I don’t know she will be or what condition she’s in, she’ll be found right? I’m sure she must be out playing somewhere. Naren starts crying, Ankita says Naren sir don’t worry, I promise Ashi will be found. She will be with us very soon. Naren says I hope this happens. Naren is crying and puts his head down, Ankita says Naren sir please calm down. Ankita holds him. Pari comes there and sees Ankita/Naren on the bench and Naren lying his head down on Ankita’s lap. Pari looks very angry to see this, she leaves from there.

Deshmukh House in the bedroom

Rushali and Kinnari are in their bedroom packing. Kinnari says mom what do you think? That Ashi is really gone missing or someone has kidnapped her, or something else? If Ashi is really kidnapped then? Rushali says everyone is looking for Ashi Kinnari, Ashi will be found. She must be found, Naren and I can’t live without her missing. Kinnari says as far as I know you, you are not attached to anyone besides your 2 sons. So then why are you so attached to Ashi? We adopted her, I mean I also love Ashi a lot and Ashi is mine but I don’t want this to happen. If someone has kidnapped Ashi or if she goes missing then you understand mom, I don’t want you to be so upset. If she does go missing then we will pick some other child to adopt, what’s the big deal? Rushali says will you just shut up, you pack. That’s it, just pack. Kinnari says but mom, Ashi? Rushali says Ashi is missing, Ashi will be found, understand? You just pack.

Precap: Rushali and Pari are in the bedroom. Naren comes there and listens to them, Rushali says to Pari, I know you could not tolerate that Ashi is Naren and Ankita’s daughter, that she can unite them. That’s why you lost Ashi. Pari where is Ashi?! Naren hears this and looks disturbed, he says mom? Rushali looks shocked to see Naren.

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