Pavitra Rishta 6th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 6th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita coming to Naren’s room. Naren is busy on his laptop. He asks her to come in. Ankita asks him for a file. He gives her file and asks sorry on Ahana’s behalf as she came without informing. An employee comes there with a leave application for 3 months as his wife is pregnant. Naren says he can give only 10-15 days leave max. Employee asks what he would have done if he was in his place. Naren grants him 4 month’s leave. Employee gets happy and says he will finish as much work as possible before going. Naren asks Ankita to handle that employee’s work and he will give extra salary for that. Ankita asks Naren to send money to employee’s house as he is getting a new family member. Naren agrees.

Kinnari stops Sunanda and asks if she has packed her tickets, medicines, etc. Sunanda says it is her house and all members are her family members, and if she needs anything, she will call her. She says she will come back soon from her Paris project and asks her to inform Sirish and Rushali. Naren comes there and meets Sunanda. Sunanda says Ankita is a good girl and he is standing in front of her healthy because of Ankita. He asks him not to do injustice to anyone. Naren agrees. Kinnari says Sunanda that she has to leave now as she will miss her flight else. Naren goes to drop Sunanda. Kinnari thinks as Ankita and Sunanda has gone, she will rule the house.

Soham and his boss enter a five star hotel. Security guard stops them and asks them to go out. Soham points at Naren and says Naren is his son-in-law. Guard says a lot of people come acting as rich people’s relatives. Soham shows his and Naren’s pic together, guard lets them in.

Ankita sees Shashank feeding Mansi lovingly and remembers Naren feeding her and telling it is for baby and they both fighting if the baby will become doctor or businessman. Ankita unconsiously says kid will become doctor. Mansi and Shashank ask who will become doctor. Ankita says your kid will become doctor and he will help the needy and even her and will not leave her alone. Shashank says even we will not leave you alone and will always be with you.

Soham and his boss enjoy drinks. Waiter asks for bill and Soham asks him to collect it from Naren. Waiter shows Naren Soham’s bill. Naren says he did not order these. Waiter points towards Soham and says it is his bill and he is telling he is your relative. Naren asks waiter to sort it out as he does not know them. Waiter comes and informs Soham that Naren does not know him. Soham says he will speak to Naren. Waiter says he cannot go without paying bill. Soham says he does not have money. Waiter asks him to wash the dishes then.

Mansi is on the bed and gets tensed remembering Shashank’s mom’s words that her kid may be Raunakh’s and not Shashank’s. Ankita sees her crying and asks why is she crying. Mansi says she is confused if the child is Raunakh’s or Shashank’s. Ankita asks how can she think like that and says she and Shashank both love each other and it is their child and not to think weird. She consoles Mansi and lets her sleep.

Ankita dresses up her siblings for school. Shashank asks why did she wake up early as she will get tired in office. Ankita says Mansi that she needs more rest than her. Shashank comes there and says Ankita is right. He gives her milk to drink.

Naren catches his employee play game. He asks him to stay at home instead than wasting time playing game. Ankita sees that. She then goes to Naren’s cabin and gives him file. She says he used play that game and it was his favourite and he even taught her that. Naren gets surprised and asks when he used to work then. Ankita says he used to both play and work as he was genius. Naren says if he would have worked, then he would have launch more softwares.

Precap: Mansi says Shashank that she wants to know whose kid she is bearing, if it is Raunakh’s child, she will not let him come in this world.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Wen will they find out abt Ankita’s pregnancy

  3. i want my ashviks back

  4. poor mansi. i dnt believe in abortion but the decision is hers

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