Pavitra Rishta 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 6th June 2013 Written Update

Savita comes to Sulo’s house. She says, I came from mandir so thought to give you prasad. They both plan to go to hospital now. They are worried what will happen when Archu finds out Pari’s truth.

Archu is having a good laugh with Soham and Purvi. Gauri comes and says, seems like you’re enjoying your morning. Archu says, a lot.. and all thanks to these two. Soham goes to get tea. Gauri checks a file and she reads Onir’s news. She tells Archu that some doctors are shame to their profession. She gives Onir’s example and Archu is shocked. Archu reads newspaper and asks Puriv, what’s all this? Purvi says, I want to talk alone with you. Gauri asks her if everything is fine? Purvi says, Dr. Onir Dutt is my husband. Gauri is surprised. Gauri and Soham leave.

Archu drags Purvi to her and asks her to tell the truth. Purvi is quiet. Archu asks her why did you give your daughter to Ovi? I had told you not to sacrifice anything.

Outside, Soham is shouting at Gauri. He says, I won’t spare you if anything happens to my aai.

Archu asks Purvi to say something. Purvi says, Pari is my and Arjun’s daughter. Archu is in disbelief. She gets up and asks her, you’re lying, right? Purvi says, noo.. I am telling the truth. Archu gives two hard slaps to Purvi.

Gauri apologizes to Soham and says, I didn’t know about it. Soham is still angry at her. He leaves from there. Gauri feels bad for what she’s done.

Archu asks Purvi, how can you do this? You broke my faith. Purvi says, listen to me aai.. Archu says, don’t call me aai and I don’t want to listen anything. Archu gets an attack and falls unconscious. Purvi calls doctors.

Whole family is waiting in the lobby, and Soham continues blaming Gauri. Manav says, there’s no need to blame her.. it’s not her fault. If she knew truth, then she wouldn’t have said anything. Mistake is someone else’s. He goes to Purvi and says, today Archu is in this condition because of you. Sulo tells Manav, there’s no point blaming anyone.. whatever had to happen happened.. we have to take Archu’s care. Nurse comes and says, Archu regained her consciousness and she wants to see Purvi and Ovi first.

Purvi and Ovi come in. Arjun also comes in. Archu sends Arjun out. Archu asks Purvi, I just want to know why you did this? Purvi says, I accept I made a big mistake.. but it was unintentional. She tells her about the night when she made that mistake.

Arjun and Purvi are going somewhere in car and they both are very happy. Arjun tells her, soon you’re going to become Mrs. Arjun Kirloskar. After that I can see you any time I want. He gets distracted and cannot control his car. Break is not working. He asks Purvi to go out. Purvi refuses. Arjun pushes her out and then car has an accident. Purvi falls in a chasm and screams Arjun to save her. Arjun pulls her out and it starts raining. Arjun is too worried for Purvi. Purvi says I am fine. Arjun says, I could have lost you and he’s very scared. They hug and Purvi says, it was not your fault. He kisses her forehead. Soon they realize and Purvi goes away. Arjun goes to her and says, I love you. They hug again.

Holding each others hand, they go in some house.
Flashback ends.

Archu just cannot believe it and is in shock. Purvi goes to her and says, I accept I made a huge mistake, but I didn’t do anything intentionally. I am sorry. But I swear, I didn’t keep any rishta with Arjun since day I made him marry Ovi. Day when I found out that I am pregnant, I left you all and went to Kolkata. I thought no problem should come in Arjun-Ovi’s life. I met Onir there and he married me, knowing I am pregnant. He accepted me and I also accepted him as I didn’t want to create any issue in Arjun-Ovi’s life.

Ovi asks, then why didn’t you abort your child? Purvi says, I thought of that, but I couldn’t do it. I am a mother in end. How could I kill my own child? In fact, my child became my reason to live. If I am alive today, then only because of my child.

Archu is not saying a word. Purvi asks her to say something, scold her, but don’t stay quiet like this. Archu says, go away from here. I am dead (for you). Purvi says, please don’t say that.. where will I go? She joins her hands and says, Please forgive me. Archu doesn’t listen her. Purvi begs her. She says, I am your daughter, please forgive me. She holds her hand, but Archu takes her hand back and asks Purvi to leave saying I don’t want to see your face. Purvi leaves.

Precap: It’s raining. Arjun tries to console Purvi. He hugs her. Onir is there and he claps.

Update Credit to: DTB

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