Pavitra Rishta 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 6th January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 6th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Naren reading about Arjun’s arrest in drugs case. Ankita says, Arjun sir can’t do this. Naren waits for the driver and thinks to drive the car himself. Soham is standing at a tea stall, and a thief steals his wallet. Soham caught him and takes to the police station to file a complaint. He says, he tried to steal my 5000 Rs and wonders it feels bad when someone tries to steal the money. Constable says, I have seen you before. He asks, did you went to jail? Soham says he is a respected man. Soham sees Arjun and hides. He wonders what is Arjun doing in the lock up. He thinks to escape before Arjun sees him. Constable asks him to sign in the register. Soham complies. Soham comes out of the police station and sees the journalists. He thinks they came to take his interview. One journalist tells him about Arjun’s alleged involvement in the drug case. Soham thinks, so he is here for the same. Soham sees Naren’s car and leaves before they see him.

Ankita asks Naren not to go inside the police station. Naren says, I have to go as he is the one who calls me genius unlike others who tells me mad. Ankita tries to stop him but he goes. Journalists bombards questions on Naren. Naren says Arjun is a good man. Naren gives the interview. Ankita tries to reach him amidst the crowd. Sunanda sees Naren on the television. She gets up from her seat and wonders how he reached there. Rushaali comes and Sunanda shows her the news footage. Rushaali panics. Sunanda asks her to call Ankita and says, he must be feeling claustrophobic. Rushaali says, they went to office, how come they reached there? Shashank comes there. Ankita requests him to clear the media else Naren might get an attack. Shashank says, he is mad, let him get an attack. Ankita folds her hand and cries. Shashank says you are saying as if you love him. Ankita says,I don’t know but I cares for him. I will be pained if he is in trouble. Naren calls for Ankita. Ankita asks Shashank to clear the media if he ever loved her. Shashank agrees…..Sunraha haina tu plays………Ankita hugs him tightly inorder to protect him. She takes him amidst the crowd. Shashank looks on.

Ovi tells the lawyer to do something. Lawyer says, I told you to show his medical reports for his bail. Ovi says, he is not ready. She asks, is there any other way out. Purvi comes to the police station and sees Arjun in the lock up. She is pained. She hears the lawyers talking about Arjun’s case.One lawyer says, Arjun will be jailed and only one man can save him and that is Rishabh Kapoor. Purvi feels helpless and cries. She calls on RK’s number. She leaves the message on his voice mail. She says, I understand that you are the one who can save Arjun. I am ready to sacrifice my life for Arjun. I am ready to do anything you want. Servant asks, what I shall prepare in dinner for your guest. RK says, guest will come before the dinner and asks him to prepare something. Arjun is seeing Purvi’s photo in his mobile…….Purvi is remembering him and crying….Benaam rishta ho bechain karta hain plays….She recalls about RK’s words that nothing comes free and you have to decide how much you can lose for him.

Ankita brings Naren home. Naren is disturbed as Arjun is in the police station. Sunanda scolds Ankita for allowing Naren to go to the police station. Ankita says, I tried but he didn’t listen to me. Sunanda says, you are his wife. if you can’t handle him then how could you handle the company. She threatens her to throw, if she do any more mistake. Ankita is hurt and cries.

Purvi comes to Rishabh Kapoor’s house to meet him. RK comes and says, nice to see you. Purvi says, I was trying your number since long. RK says, we can’t talk on phone about it. He asks her to sit and asks, how was the jail’s food. He feels pity on Arjun. He asks, what have you decided? Purvi says, I can do anything for him. RK says, I will make the arrangement. Purvi asks,what? she says, I am ready to do illegal things also for him. RK says, nothing illegal and says I have registered our names. RK says, you have to marry me in some days. Purvi is shocked. Purvi asks, why I shall marry you? RK says it is the price to save your love. Purvi is shocked.

Naren calls Ankita and asks, are you avoiding me? Ankita is angry with him. Naren asks, are you angry with me? Ankita says, yes, I am. Naren says, I always do whatever you says. I listen to you always. Ankita says, I told you not to go to the police station, then why you went? Naren says he is my friend. Arjun sir needs me. I have to get him out. Rushaali says, you can’t go anywhere. She says I met him and he asked you not to worry about him. He asked you to take care of the office. Naren says, I will attend all his meetings. Rushaali tells Ankita that it is a serious offence and I could not meet Arjun.

Sunanda scolds Ankita for speaking roughly with Raunaq. She says, don’t forget he is the son of this home. Don’t forget this is not your chawl.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. RK is a very cunning man……. How dare he ask for Purvi’s hand in marriage???

  2. I thought so that RK would ask purvi to marry him at that tym when he told her that he would ask her smthg which would prove her luv towards arjun… my doubts came true …. :'(

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