Pavitra Rishta 6th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 6th December 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 6th December 2013 Written Update

It’s not a happy grah pravesh for Ankita as Naren destroys everything. Ankita is shocked to see such behaviour of Naren. He blames everyone for not allowing him to save Aahana. While everyone is trying to calm Naren down, she watches him from a distance. Doctor gives an injection and makes Naren unconscious. Ankita still steps in whatever kumkum is left and steps into the house. Rushaali is pleased to see this.

Naren is on bed in his room now. Ankita comes there and looks at him. She takes off his shoes and makes him sleep properly. She cries.

Arjun is thinking about Purvi. He says he had answers to all Purvi’s questions, but he can’t tell that truth to her and would have never gone back in her life had he received that call from doctor on time. In flashback,

doctor tells Arjun that he will have to get couple of tests done. Arjun continues, that day you were with me. I felt like I got my 20 years back and on the other hand my phone was ringing.. my life was changing. Happy Arjun comes to doctor and expresses his happiness. He tells doctor he will have to go to attend Naren’s wedding. Doctor tells him, you can’t go anywhere. He shows reports to him. Arjun says it’s my brain scan.. I don’t understand anything. Doctor tells Arjun there is a time bomb in your brain. We will have to operate it right away. Arjun says we can start right away. We shouldn’t delay. Doctor says it’s not that easy.. operation that I am talking about.. successful chance for that is 50%. Arjun says other 50%? Doctor says.. other 50%.. your eyes can go.. you can lose your life as well. Arjun says there must be a way.. our science has progressed so much.. how can you say that I will die.. Doctor tells him to calm down and says this is one of the operations in which prayers help more than medicine. I have called experts from USA but they gave appointment after 2 months. Arjun says, 2 months? Doctor says it will take that much time to mentally and physically prepare you. You will have to finish all your responsibilities. This operation can be last operation of your life.. or a new beginning of your life. Arjun is completely shocked.

Back in present, Arjun continues, I had become alone once again. I wanted to come to you and cry, but what would I tell you? That you returned to my life and will have to go again. I couldn’t do that.

Flashback, Arjun calls Ovi and asks if she can come to India as soon as possible. Ovi asks if everything is okay. Arjun says all misunderstandings are going away.. everything is getting solved.. but I don’t want it to happen. Ovi says what? You waited for this happiness for so long. Arjun says please come to India.. only you can help me in this.. only you can stop Purvi from coming back to my life.

Back in present, Ovi tells Arjun, I did whatever you asked me to.. but when Purvi left you, you couldnt take it.. why are you doing all this? You love her. Purvi’s heart was breaking when I said all that, but you were getting hurt. You have 2 months. You can give her all happiness. She thinks you betrayed her for 20 years… and by hiding this, you’re really betraying her. Arjun says what else can I do? Go and tell her everything? I can’t take away her life’s happiness for this 2 month’s happiness. Ovi says you’re leaving her alone once again. Arjun says she is not alone.. Pari is with her.. her family is with her. I don’t want her to cry for me. I can take her hatred, but can’t let her die for rest of her life. Please don’t make me do this. Ovi says in her mind why god is doing this with them.

Other side Purvi says she has to find why Arjun is doing all this and she can’t take anyone’s help this time as after finding out about Ovi, no one would let her stay in India. She says she wants to stay here.. it’s fight of her life.. she wasted 20 years of her life, but not anymore.

Archana tells Savita, Sulochana that whatever happened was wrong with Ankita and they are somewhat responsible. Sulochana explains to her that they didnt know anything about Naren’s problem and Ankita married in spite of knowing everything. Archana says they can’t change whats happened.. and can just pray for Ankita’s happiness else she won’t be able to forgive herself ever. Savita and Manav all tell her that everything will be fine. They now discuss about Ovi. Archana says they have to find out about Ovi, her daughter.. and as they have come to India.. they may as well try to find out about Ovi.. she may be in India only. Purvi returns home and says Arjun wasn’t in the marriage so she went to his house. Archana asks her if they planned their future. Purvi says he had a meeting so he left. Archana and Manav decide to go to Arjun’s house and talk to him tomorrow about his-Purvi’s future and about Ovi’s location as well. Purvi cries after hearing that.

Ankita is sleeping. Narena is playing a game and screaming. this wakes Ankita up and she seems scared. Naren tells her to sleep. He was getting bored so was trying to beat his high score. He tells her once injection’s effect is gone.. he can’t sleep. and they have to give him injection because of too much tension. He says he gets tensed because he feels she (aahana) is having an accident and these people are not letting him go. He then says, I am mad. I maybe.. everyone says that.. my parents.. my brother said me on my face other day. What do you think? Tell me the truth. Do you think I am mad? I think I am mad… mad about you. Everyone has different fear.. my fear is that you will go away from me. Sometimes I feel like you will go away from me and I get crazy. I know why I do all this. Do you want to know why? Ankita says yes. Naren says, because I love you aahana. I want to spend my entire life with you. I love you a lot but I am not mad. They call me mad but I think they are mad. You’re with me, then I have no fear. I can sit like this with you forever. He holds her hands and touches her cheek. Ankita watches him. Epi ends.

Precap: Purvi calls Arjun. Ovi picks up and does drama that Arjun is busy that is why she picked up and she doesn’t think that Arjun wants to return or talk to his “old love”. This makes Purvi angry and sad.

Update Credit to: ria123

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