Pavitra Rishta 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 6th August 2013 Written Update

Manav is speaking Archu on the phone and assuring her everything is fine at home. She asks about Soham, he tells her he’s fine. Savita comes there and asks manav when is Archu coming home and Manav tells her that before he was able to ask, the phone got disconnected. He then tells her how Archu was asking about Soham. Manav says he wasn’t able to tell her anything. Savita tells him he did good. Manav said anyways by now Soham must have calmed down and probably went to Varshas house. Savita says no, he actually went to Patna. Manav is upset to hear this. He tells her savita that he thought he had the right and that it was duty to scold Soham for his mistakes. He never thought sohams anger would be this much to take him back to Patna. savita tells him manav was right and she’s concerned

about how Archu will feel when she finds out Soham isn’t home.

Varsha enters Balans little den or cave. She goes right up to Balan who is playing a board game with his buddies and begins to shout and hit Balan. She pulls his scarf and hits him. She tells him it took her a long time to turn Vishnu Lala into Soham and Balan should be ashamed of himself for taking advantage of soham. Balan tells her he doesn’t know what she’s talking about and that he hasn’t even spoken or met Soham in days. She tells him that he’s lying and that’s all he’s done his whole life: just lie and betray. Balan tells her to get out and Varsha threatens him as she leaves. Balan wonders what happened and asks one of his buddies to go investigate and find out where Soham is.

Gauri and Soham are grocery shopping. Soham is playing with one of the vegetables. Gauri asks the price of a vegetable and the seller says its 60 rupees /kilo and Gauri is shocked and Soham yells at the vegetable seller. Gauri makes a face at Soham and Soham relaxes and apologizes to the seller and says in a cute little voice to please giver the vegetable at 40 rupees. Gauri smiles at this and leaves. Soham then gives a mean look to the seller and leaves from there. Soham asks what happen to Gauri when he catches up to her. She says she was laughing at the way he was talking. Soham says if I talk in my way you get mad and when I talk how u want then u laugh. Gauri is like sorry sorry! Then Gauri asks Soham isn’t he scared one of his family members will see him in such a big bazaar?
He tells her they won’t and he’d rather not talk about them. Gauri apologies and then asks him how to buy a good watermelon. Thy get caught up doing that and from a far one of Balans buddy is watching and taking pictures of Gauri and Soham on his cell phone.

Gauri leaves Soham to buy the watermelon while she goes somewhere. Balans buddy also leaves from where he was standing. Teju and savita are also shown walking around the bazaar. Teju is asking savita why they’ve come to this market and savita says she overheard from some chawal ladies that they have good groceries here. They go to one of the stands and Soham is shown at the watermelon stand opposite them. They both have their backs to each other. Soham picks up the watermelon but strangely can’t hold the watermelon even though he was just holding it fine a few moments earlier. He loses control of he watermelon and it falls near savitas head. Right then Gauri grabs Soham away from there before savita or teju see him. Teju makes fun of savita and savita says she could have died if the watermelon fell on her head. Soham and Gauri leave from there. Balans buddy is shown running into Balans cave. He tells Balan that Soham is staying with the doctorni and not manav Deshmukh, Balan is confused why Varsha was saying he went to Patna when his buddy is saying he’s here. He accuses his buddy of lying but the guy shows him the pictures he took of Gauri and Soham to prove he’s not lying. Balan says he doesn’t know what going on but he will take advantage of this moment as Archu is also out of town. He says he will get Soham back in his gang and tells his buddies to follow him outside.

Gauri comes home and her family is sitting in the living room. Her father asks about his medicine and Gauri says she wasn’t able to get the medicine from the usual place and thus Soham went to another market to get the medicine. Gauris father is delighted and says Soham has a heart of gold. Just then Balan walks in with his buddies and his men start looking for Lala. Gauris father questions who is Lala and is upset and asking who they are. The men come back and tell Balan Lala isn’t here. Gauris father said hell call the police. Balan pushes him and he falls back on the coffee table. Balan grabs Gauri by the arm and quests where Lala is. She said who? He says Soham. The whole family is quiet and Gauri says baba! Balan twists gauris arm and says so everyone is quiet huh? He says you guys want to protect Lala ? Well who will protect me from your daughter? The men tie up the family and take Gauri with them. Balan says send Lala to me and I’ll send your daughter back.

Purvi and Arjun are shown in a business meeting. Purvi ends the meeting and thanks everyone for attending. The clients praise her work and thank her. Arjun thanks her also and of course praises her. Two office employees are shown talking about how great purvi is working. Arjun is walking by them and listening to them. One of the employees unaware Arjun is listening says soon purvi will have to leave the job as Arjun will become jealous and insecure at purvis success and that men have ego issues and can’t handle women’s success. The other employee disagrees with him. Just then Arjun walks in and tells the first employee that he doesn’t have such male ego issues and is more than happy that purvi is doing well and better than him. Purvi is listening to this from the hallway. Arjun tells the employee that india is changing and it’s time he change his thinking also. He tells him to concentration his work. Purvi thinks to herself that Arjun is such a perfect person and in fact a perfect father and an understanding friend. She thinks he’s a great life partner, then she thinks what is she thinking. Arjun is only her good friend and the father of her daughter.

Soham comes to gauris home with the meds and is shocked and angered to see her family tied up. Her father tells Soham that some people came looking for him and kidnapped Gauri. They beg him to get her back. Soham is hugging each member of gauris family and looking very very angry and oh so damn s*xy!

Gauri is tied up Ina dark room and she comes back into her senses. She yells and Balan and his men come there. Gauri tells Balan he’ll never be successful in his plan and Soham will never become Vishnu Lala and archus love will win. Balan slaps her and threatens that she better pray his plan is successful or else nobody cam save her form him and his men. They tie a cloth around her mouth so she can’t talk anymore.

Sohams shown walking angrily around Mumbai. He’s having flashbacks of his times with Gauri and all she’s done for him. He blames himself for what’s happening with Gauri and he thinks every time Balan comes around, his life becomes hell. He vows to get Gauri back and end this Balan issue for good.

Arvi are having a business meeting with an older Muslim man in what appears to be his house. All the sudden the mans daughter comes in asking for her eid. They have a cute moment and then the mom of the child comes in and apologies to arvi for her daughter barging in on their meeting. The man then tells arvi that they must be thinking why is their such a big age difference between him and his wife. He says sometimes you must wait for true love. The man explains how he fell madly in love with his wife when he first met her but her family didn’t approve and arranged her marriage elsewhere and thus he waited for her. And one day he found out her husband had died and after years he met her again and finally they married and have two children now but the first child they have is the son of her previous husband. Arvi thanks him and he invites them to an eid party.

Soham enters Balans cave and asks about gauris whereabouts. Balan is very happy to see him and doesnt tell him where gauri is. Soham grabs the gun from Balans hands and points it at Balans head and tells him hell kill him. Balan says if he dies who will tell him where Gauri is?

Precap: Gauri is sitting there in the cave with one of the balan men and she sees a cell phone of one of the men laying there. She grabs it and sneaks away to make a call.….

Update Credit to: sk11

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