Pavitra Rishta 5th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 5th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rushali saying Pari whoever may have kidnapped Ankita, they will be benefited the most. Pari asks what does she mean. Rushali says when company’s CEO’s is missing, a lot of problems will arise in the company and she has already arranged an employee to create a problem, Pari can solve the problem and get Azoba’s confidence, then he will be force to take out Ankita from the company. Pari likes her idea.

Teju tries to feed Vaishnavi, but she says she will not have food until choti maa/Ankita comes. Naren hears that and says Ankita says you are an obedient child and has challenged Kinnari that you will not create problem, if you don’t obey, Kinnari will win. Vaishnavi eats food saying choti maa will win.

Kidnapper asks his associates to remove Ankita’s mask. She goes back unconscious.

Mansi asks Naren if Ankita will come back and says after so many years Ankita came home and now someone kidnapped her. Naren says nothing will happen to her as god won’t let good people down. Mansi says this all is happening because of you. He asks what does she mean. Mansi reminisces Ankita’s promise not to tell Naren anything and says Ankita married you when you were mad, but when you got well, you left Ankita with her child. Naren says her complaint is valid and asks her to vent out her anger. She asks him to go and sleep and thanks him for handling Vaishnavi. He says we should not let kids know about Ankita’s kidnap. Kinnari hears that and says she will inform kids and especially Vaishnavi.

Naren sees Ashi asleep. Pari says she slept because of you. He says he was with Vaishnavi as he was adamant to meet Ankita. Pari says Ankita should come back soon. Naren also prays the same.

Ankita shouts for Naren at kidnapper’s den. Naren says her love for Naren is still intact. She identifies him as Raunaq. He says he lost his precious 5 years because of her and now she will be in his detention for life, says she will beg for death than life soon. He says before that, he will need Manav’s property share. He calls Naren and says Ankita is under his possession and if he wants her alive to accept all his demand. Naren asks who is he and asks him to let him speak Ankita. Raunaq thinks true love does not die and says he needs 5 crores, says he took his number from Ankita, asks him to arrange money and he will tell where to come. Naren says he will get his money, but he wants to speak to her beforehand. Raunaq says if he does not believe, he will get Ankita’s dead body tomorrow. Naren says he will arrange money. He asks Pari to wake up everyone as he wants to talk to them. Raunaq says Ankita though Naren is not married to you now, he still care for you.

Naren wakes up whole family and informs that he got a ransom call from kidnapper and asked 5 crores. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Mansi starts crying. Shashank consoles her. Sachin suggests they should inform police. Naren says they asked not to inform police. Rushali says why is he worried about Ankita so much. Mansi asks him to arrange money and get back Ankita. Prashanth says those kidnapper were very dangerous and were having guns, they cannot take a chance. Savita says we will arrange 5 crores somehow and get back Ankita. Naren says Aaji is right, we should do the same and wait till the phone comes.

Savita says tomorrow’s sun rays will bring a new hope in our life and we will get back our Ankita soon. She starts praying god with whole family. Naren goes to get money with Shashank accompanying him. Pari says everything is in Ankita’s name, she does not care how Naren gets money, she is just a beggar in front of Ankita. Rushali says soon we may become rich and says Naren and Shashank cannot get money without Manav and Ankita’s signature. Pari says she worked hard for company’s growth and will not let this money wasted on Ankita. Rushali asks her to go to office.

Vaishnavi and Ashi fight for the aarti thali. Kinnari scolds Vaishani and says only family members can do aarti and she is not even Ankita’s real daughter and gives thali to Ashi.

Precap: Company’s finance head informs Naren that without Ankita or Manav’s signatures, they cannot withdraw money.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This nonsense again with Ranauq OMG Get Ranauq, Rushali, Kinnari and Pari out of the show and writer all more climax to it. This is so boring and disgusting.

  2. this craziness without anika with progress for the next 10 days because in real life she is in the hospital i wonder wat new drama the writers will come up with

    1. OMG I hope she is okay and I wish her a speedy recovery.

  3. Hope. Every. Thing. Get. Back. Soon.

  4. Late latef no update of 2dys epi

  5. This show getting bored now becz share madness a happen in here what people want to yall not showing…. Everybody want to see what will happen when d true come out n yall now showing it… I will stop watch it now becz it ant make sense nano n just how I stop drink other people will n this show will becz blame so yall best no what ayo doing ok….

    1. I mean just like how I stop watch it other people will……

  6. Where is today’s episode

  7. Well boi I just read on another site, that is Naren bother who did the kidnapping (Ranauq). So I guess he’s out of jail, oh bacchanal

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