Pavitra Rishta 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ankita being woken up by a lady constable stating her bail has been done. She comes out and sees Shekhar who asks her to sign the bail papers. Ankita asks if anything will happen to Naren with her bail. Shekhar says nothing will happen. Ankita signs the papers, and they both come out of police station. Shekhar says he will drop her home.

Naren gets Ahana/Pari’s call who asks him to have lunch with her. Naren agrees. Pari starts selecting a dress happily. Pia comes there and gets happy that Pari is going on a date.

Naren comes to Mansi’s house and asks for Ankita. Mansi asks him why did he come after insulting her so much to Ankita. Ankita comes out. Naren apologises her for his mistakes and asks him to join back his company. Mansi and Prashanth ask Ankikta how can she think of working back under Naren. Ankita says them that Naren is their brother-in-law and she does not want any misbehavior against him. Mansi says Ankita that she knows Ankita stills loves him, so she wants to be near him always.

Pari sees Naren outside Ankita’s house and calls him, but Naren does not hear her and goes in his car.

Naren scolds his employees for losing the contract and asks them how will they get it back. Ankita comes and asks him not to worry. Naren thanks her for joining back and apologizes her for his mistakes in front of everyone. They both discuss about the contract then. Naren’s staff comes and says he had asked her to remind around 1.30 p.m. Naren says he has to meet an inmportant person and asks Ankita if she wants to eat anything. Ankita orders Naren’s favourite pizza, etc. Naren then asks if he did something to her when he was not well. Ankita says no. Naren gets relieved and starts working back.

Ankita remembers the incidents happened when Naren was with her and how he used to care for her and cries.

Manav asks Archana why is she still upset. Archana says she cannot believe Ankita took money for marriage. She says Pari is happy now a days and she believes Ankita told her lie, there is something wrong.

Ankita looks at Naren’s gifgted cactus and starts crying. Pari comes to the office, sees Ankita crying from behind and angrily goes from there. Ankita remembers other incidents and thinks Naren has gone away from her.

Pari angrily comes to Naren’s cabin and asks him how can he employ Ankita back when she tried to use him when he was mad. Naren says she is a good girl and needs job. Pari says Ankita will not stay here. Naren says Ankita returned back his company and it is her height of honesty. Pari says it is just her gimmick and even after he knows that she married him for money, he has re-employed her. Naren says Ankita needed money for her family and she is under very bad financial crisis. They both start having lunch. Pari sees Ankita is seen through the curtain and closes the curtain.

Precap: Ankita asks Mansi why she is crying. Mansi says she is confused if the kid is Shashank’s or Raunakh’s.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Oh lord I cnt recall seeing one day tht these pple dnt shed tears…I hope sum happiness enter their lives soon

  2. When do we see the “THE END” of this dialy soap. There was a time i love Pavitra Rishta. But now everyday it’s still booooooring, crying, crying episode everyday…

  3. Pari is such a hypocrite. She went about saying Ankita was her friend and she did not want to hurt her and take her husband but it was such a LIE. She wanted Naren from she got there and saw him. If she wanted to spare her friend she would have married Shekar but she hesitated both times until she got what she wanted. Naren needs to wake up as she is the past and not his future.

    1. I believe you Mendi a true friend would see behind ankita fracas. How can Archana see trough it? Pari is a real hypocrite. N she is taking advantage of Naren memory lost.

  4. So true mendi

  5. the show that need to finish I have no clue to why drag and spoil the show both Pari is hard to understand and Ankita she is just a big bitch and she deserve to get what she need is to dissappear completely out

  6. Pari is also like her mother only

  7. Pari is hadi in kababonly

  8. I think Ankita should leave the job Naren, as she has decided to unite Naren and hypocrite Pari. Then few years later, we will see the tale of Ankita and her child.

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