Pavitra Rishta 5th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 5th June 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 5th June 2013 Written Update

Soham and Varsha come to the hospital. They are going to Archu’s room and suddenly Varsha stops. She tells soham that she wants to talk with Archu alone. Soham says, okay.. I will stay here.

Varsha goes in and before she says anything, Archu says, you don’t need to say anything. Aai told me everything. She told me that You realized your mistake and you corrected it as well. The best thing you did is changing Vishnu in Soham. Varsha says, no I didn’t do anything. He changed into Soham because of you. Archu says, you don’t need to give me credit.. it’s all thanks to you. And what is this, won’t you hug me? She hugs her. Varsha asks Archu to forgive her. read full updates daily with pics only at Archu says, I forgave you same day when aai told me that you are guiding Soham to go on right path. Varsha says, today I came to return soham to you. I hope whole family accepts him. Even after he did so much, Manav still didn’t accept him. Archu says, I know.. but I will try my best so whole family accepts him.

Now Gauri sees Soham and asks him what are you doing here? Soham says, What do you mean? I came to meet my aai. Gauri says, visiting hours are done. Soham asks her to shut and says she is my mother, I can come anytime. Gauri says, you’re breaking rules and if you don’t go, then I will have to call high authority people. Soham says, go and call whomever you want. Gauri is going, but he blocks her way and then starts signing to annoy her. He leaves her way and then Gauri sees a nurse and tells her something. In the mean time, Varsha comes out and tells Soham that Archu wants to see him. Soham goes in.

Gauri comes back and asks Varsha where did that guy go. Gauri starts saying he’s a very arrogant, uneducated person. Every time starts fighting. She keeps going on and on and doesn’t let Varsha say anything. After she finishes, Varsha says, whom you’re saying all that.. is my son. She leaves. Gauri is confused knowing Soham has two mothers, Archu and Varsha.

Onir is dragging Kinsukh outside her house saying Shalini is waiting. Arjun comes and Onir leaves, but they two don’t see each other. Arjun knocks Kinsukh’s door, but a neighbor says, she is not at home right now.

Soham is gossiping with Archu and Archu is laughing. Right then Manav enters, and they get quiet. Soham is leaving, but Archu holds his hand and stops him. She tells Manav that he just came to see me.. it’s not his fault. Please dont do anything to him. Manav says, relax.. I didn’t say anything. He can come anytime and spend time with you, in end he’s your son. Archu and Soham are surprised. Archu asks, that means you forgave him? Manav says, yes. Archu is happy and tells Soham, I told you he’ll forgive you one day. She asks him to take blessings from Manav. Soham goes to him, both stare at each other, and then Soham touches his legs, and Manav also gives him blessings. Soham is in a shock. He then tells Archu, I will leave now. Archu asks him to stay a bit more, but Soham says, that doctorni said your visiting time is over. I will come later. He leaves. Archu thanks Manav.

Manav and Soham meet in the lobby. Soham asks him, did you forgive me for real? Manav says, no. I just said like that in front of Archu. Our differences are still like before. Soham says, fine then.. I am not interested in making a rishta with you either. He leaves from there.

Onir brings Kinsukh and Shalini to a quiet place. He pulls Shalini out and tells both, Arjun reached to your house today. He could find out everything. It’s good that I heard him talking with Purvi, else.. Shalini says, then why don’t you tell him the truth? Onir says, what I say.. I say that YOU’RE MY FIRST WIFE? Shalini says,yes why don’t you say it. Until when you will hide it? Onir says, I will hide as long as I can. He warns them both that Purvi shouldn’t find anything and tells Shalini to leave his house today.

Archu tells Manav that she wants to go home as she’s getting bored in the hospital. Manav says, they have to monitor you for couple of more days. He says, I will solve your problem.. I won’t let you get bored. I will keep talking with you.. I will make you laugh.. will entertain you.. will feed you and then will make you sleep. Archu says, and then? Manav says, once you sleep I will keep looking at you. I hope you won’t get bored after that. Archu says, you will leave all your work and do all this for me? Manav says, of course.. I can do anything for my Archana. Archu gets excited seeing lunch box, but it’s some bitter juice. Archu says, I don’t want to drink it. Manav says, for me. Archu agrees. Manav then feeds her soup. And after that, Manav cleans her face.

Archu says to him, after I came out of the coma, I feel a lot of time has passed. When I took Pari in my hand, she didn’t seem 8 days old. Manav says, you feel like that because a lot of time has passed. Doctor told us not to give you any stress, so we had to hide this from you. He tells her, you’re in coma since last 2 months. Archu is shocked. They both hold each other hands tightly. Manav says, last 2 months was very tough time for me.. tougher than those 18 years. It felt like 2 lives passed.. but I was sure that nothing will happen to you. Because there is only one soul in us.. Manav is there for Archana and Archana for Manav. They both hug.

Punni comes to the hospital and sees Ovi lost in some thoughts. She stops to talk with her. She says that she came to see Archana. Ovi says, her tests are going on so you will have to wait. Punni says, me and Mittal came before too, but Savita aaji stopped us. Don’t know why she is not forgetting everything.. in end we are a family. She tells Ovi that she is getting late for a meeting and gives a ganpati idol asking her to give it to Archana. Punni leaves and says in her mind, now my work will be done and no one will have any doubt on me.

Ovi goes in. Archu asks her, you came alone? Didn’t bring Pari with you? Ovi says, Pari was sleeping… she doesn’t sleep in nights so I didn’t bring her. I will bring her in evening. Archu then sees a gift in her hand. Ovi says, Punni brought this for you. Archu opens it and its wrapped in newspaper which has news about Onir. Punni is hiding and watching. Archu is busy looking at idol and ovi notices newspaper. She quickly takes it and puts it away. She says in her mind, thank God.. aai didn’t see that, else.. And so Punni came here for this.

Punni is disappointed and says, it would have been better if I had went and gave that to Archu. Now I will have to think of a new plan.

Precap: Purvi tells Archu that Pari is her and Arjun’s daughter. Archu is shocked and slaps hard to Purvi.

Update Credit to: desitvbox

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