Pavitra Rishta 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 5th April 2013 Written Update
Soham helps Sulo with the vegetables bag to enter into the K House, but he denies to enter into the house. He tells that where his mom does not get any chance to enter, that place is also welcome by him. But Sulo can’t take the bags as she feels injury at her knees. So, Soham helps to walk into the house. Soham starts looking at each of the corner of the house as he come here for the first time and his eyes get stuck into Archana’s picture on wall. He becomes emotional here.Vinod comes and wants to know what Soham is doing at this house. Manju also comes and starts shouting on him. Sulo tries to make them calm by telling that it’s all auto wala’s fault and Soham has helped him. Purvi comes to thank her Soham Dada. Soham leaves the place after that. Manju and Vinod go to bring medicine and ice for Sulo.

Punni calls Purvi regarding her work. Purvi wants to know why she only need Sulo’s house whereas Mr Mittal has got lot of property. Punni threatens her to do her work otherwise she will tell the secret to evryone. Purvi starts crying.

Purvi goes to meet Sulo at kitchen where she is arranging the plate for her daily worshiping of GOD. She tells Purvi how Soham has helped her and brings her to the house. She also tells that Soham gets emotional by seeing Archana’s picture on wall. She should be emotional as he has spent his large part of childhood at K House. Purvi tells that Sulo needs to give some signature on FD papers. Sulo tells her to bring those papers. Purvi collect those FD papers and sees the papers given by Punni. This is the paper on which Sulo’s signature is necessary to get the house property right. Purvi returns back with those papers on file and give it to Sulo. When Sulo is doing the sign, Purvi thinks the etichal part of her action and thinks to let Sulo know about it. Thus, her cloth (read, saree here) gets the fire from the light. Sulo comes to put blow out the fire and in this whole process some portion of Sulo’s palm injures. Purvi starts crying by seeing this and give oinment on this. Purvi goes back to her room and starts remembering how Sulo has taught her not to tell lie, and how Sulo has gifted her b’day dress.

Savita comes down from auto and sees Sunny’s aunt at the near of her house. She asks her the reason of roaming there. She informs that Lata has got a large contract of catering on Rajcote, so she has come to inform Sunny about the good news. But now, she hesitates a bit as Sunny has forbid her to come there to meet him. But, Savita becomes happy to hear this and tells her Sunny will be going to meet them at their shop. Savita also informs that both of the family start loving Sunny and Teju, so she is ready to fix the date of the marriage. Hearing this the aunt also becomes so happy.

Sulo returns after seeing Archana at hospital in Manav’s car while both of them see Soham at their locality. Manav wants to know what he is doing there. Sulo informs that Soham must be trying to do a job in shop where he needs to deliver goods from one place to another. In that time, Balan comes to meet with Soham. Soham refuses to go with him though he tells him that he will make Soham the king of his teritory. Soham clearly says that he is no more interested in that hatered life, and he will stay there as Soham forever. He blames Balan for his current situation though he knows that Balan has taken care of him. He also threats Balan to take his mother’s name with respect.

Precap – Purvi gives the file to Punni and happily receives it. After opening the file she sees that the papers are torn out..

Update Credit to: crazy2012

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