Pavitra Rishta 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Savita signing Teju. Teju tells Mansi that Azoba is very impressed with Ankita as she handles office and work together. She says she is multi talented and shares everything with family members. She would have done all the work by now. Mansi says, she did all the work naa. She asks her to praise her infront of Azoba so that he will give her something. Pari thinks this is a good idea and says she will do the Puja. Teju asks, do you want anything. Pari says, Ashi wants her to do Puja. Savita asks them to let Pari do the puja. Pari goes inside. Savita tells Teju and Sulochana that her idea worked and Pari took the responsibility happily. Teju says, you rocks.

Teju asks Mansi about Vaishnavi. Mansi says, she might be in her room. She asked red saree from me for some decoration. Kinnari comes to Vaishnavi and asks her to go outside. Vaishnavi goes out of room and stands outside Kinnari looks at her torn saree and shouts. Everyone get up shockingly. Kinnari comes out of her room and scolds Vaishnavi. Vaishnavi says,s he cut Mansi’s saree. Kinnari asks, is this yours? Mansi says no. She asks Vaishnavi, from where did she take the saree? Vaishnavi says from the bed. Kinnari says, it was very costly. Savita tells her that Vaishnavi didn’t do it intentionally and asks her to leave her.

Rushaali interferes and asks her to keep Vaishnavi away from them. She addresses her as illiterate. Savita gets angry and asks her to teach values to Kinnari. She reminds her that she is living at her house and asks her to be in limits. She offers to give them 2000 Rs for the loss. Sulochana tells Savita not to argue with them. Savita is still angry. Mansi looks on smilingly. Sulochana says, I accept that Rushaali and Kinnari was not right but today Vaishnavi did a mistake. Savita tells her that she is like Archana. Sulochana smiles. Savita says, Archana has my good qualities too.

Naren gets worried for Ankita and Prashant as they were not picking his call. He gets Mansi’s call. Mansi asks him to send Ankita and Prashant home. Naren thinks what to reply and makes an excuse that they are busy in meeting. Mansi tells him to convey her message to Ankita that she is very angry on her. Naren thinks what to say to family. He gets a call informing him about Ankita and Prashant. He takes an auto and asks him to drive fast.

Shashank and Sachin bring Ganpati Ji home while Mansi does the aarti. They take Ganapati’s idol inside the home. Naren thinks to inform the family that he came to know about Ankita and Prashant. He thinks to call Pari. Mansi does the aarti after the keeping the Ganapati on its place. Sulochana prays for Ankita’s safety. Mansi prays for Prashant and Ankita’s safety.

Naren reaches the place and sees Prashant lying wounded on the ground. He asks the people what happened to him. They say they are unaware. Naren wakes up Prashant. He tells her that Ankita is kidnapped. Naren takes Prashant in an auto and leaves. All the family members are still praying infront of Ganapati. Kinnari tells Rushaali that something bad is going to happen. Naren asks the auto driver to take them to hospital and wonders why anyone will kidnap Ankita. Ankita is seen kidnapped by the kidnappers. Naren asks the doctor to treat Prashant immediately and calls the Inspector.

Doctor asks the ward boy to take him to OT. Naren calls Pari but she is not picking his call. Savita tells Mansi that nothing bad will happen to them as Bappa came to their home. Mansi picks Naren’s call. Naren informs her that they are in city hospital and asks her to come soon. Mansi gets shocked and tells Shashank. Everyone get shocked. Savita asks, what did Naren said?

Everyone come to the hospital. Pari questions Naren about Ankita’s kidnapping. Naren says, Prashant told me. Doctor comes and says he is out of danger. Inspector goes to take the statement. Mansi hopes they get Ankita back. Prashant gives the statement that they were in the meeting. Some people came in car, beat him and took Ankita with them. A flashback is shown. He tells Mansi that he couldn’t rescue her. Naren asks him about the kidnappers.

Teju tells that Ankita is a simple girl. Pari says, she is a boss of international company. Inspector says, I think this kidnapping is for ransom. He says he will trace the kidnappers’ call and will search Ankita. Naren wonders who is Ankita’s enemy. It is shown that Rushaali is behind the kidnapping. Pari hears her and asks did you kidnap Ankita? Rushaali asks, what nonsense are you talking about it. Rushaali tells her that she didn’t kidnap her but they shall take advantage of the situation.

Pari asks Naren to sleep and says don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Naren asks her to talk positive. Pari asks him to be prepared.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. Writer please change your story line and get rid of the weasels worms KINNARI AND RUSHALI. They are extremely disgusting,, annoying and hateful.

  3. Hi Please get rid of Naren Mom she is more than DISGUSTING she is A DISGRACE to all mother hood, also as a mother in law she is a bad OUT LAW MOTHER IN LAW she trying her best, but she making a mess with Ankita, Vaishnavi, she is messing with the wrong people because right now they are begging at other peoples door but Archana and Manav will fix her, parie ask mother out law if she has anything to do with the kidding she says what stupidness parie is talking about . Only when Manav and Archana find out about baby Ashi, well hell freeze over she steal the baby and now the kidnapping.

  4. Writers enough already, Rushaali needs to be punished for her crimes. She has deprived Ankita of a husband / her own child. How much longer is she going to get away with her bad deeds. Her character is a disgrace to being a mother. She really needs time off the show to fix her teeth so send her to prison please.

  5. Rushali needs help. I think her life’s goal is to ruin Ankita and if that is it (and I’m sure it is 🙂 ) she needs a life imprisonment. Also Pari is the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen on TV.

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