Pavitra Rishta 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 4th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita looking surprisingly at Naren’s cabin. Naren comes and she hides. Naren couldn’t see her. Ankita comes back to her seat and thinks she is saved today else her job could have gone. Arjun calls Ankita and asks her to get Naren’s sign on the file. Ankita says ok. Arjun asks her to do it quickly. Rushaali asks Arjun, are you sure that you wants to send this girl to take Naren’s sign. Arjun says he is sure that she will adapt to Naren’s working style. Ankita comes to Naren’s cabin and finds the room empty. Just as she is about to go. Naren asks her to stop.

She tells Naren that Arjun sir wants him to sign on the file. She asks him to sign on the file. Naren takes the pen from Ankita and signs differently on each paper. Ankita is surprised. She asks for her pen but he didn’t return and instead keeps it in the pen stand. Ankita comes to Arjun and asks him to check on the papers. She says Naren’s sir signed differently on each paper. Rushaali says it is confidently file and you saw it. Ankita says she didn’t see the contents and says that she saw when Naren sir sign on the papers.

While Pushti is making the rangoli, Neena comes and says Diwali is very far. Pushti says she is preparing for the Diwali. She says her aaji told her about the festival. Sachin comes and tells about the laxmi puja. Neena says they have money then why is the laxmi pujan needed. Neena sits to make Rangoli with Pushti. Teju asks her to go for shopping and do manicure and pedicure. Neena asks her not to joke with her. Sachin asks her not to do anything.

Ankita tells her colleague that Naren sir signed differently on each paper of the file. She tells her that he is strange that he took her pen also. She tells him that he is genius and Arjun sir is also a genius. She tells Ankita that this company’s share will go up as he is back. He is strange, unpredictable and genius. Shashank calls Ankita and says he will meet her after an hour outside her office. ankita says she couldn’t meet as she has lot of work to do. Shashank says he have to talk to her something important and says he will wait for her at home. Ankita says ok. Ankita sees Shashank aayi in the train. She asks her how are you? Shashank aayi says that Shashank chose you but I didn’t want a girl who is pressurise and burden by her family. she says Shashank is even ready to take up the responsibility but I am not ready. She asks Ankita to say no to Shashank. She says she likes Mansi for Shashank and she is the one, she wanted for Shashank. She says I hope you will not say this to anyone.

Arjun tells Shirish about his company monopoly. Shirish asks Arjun that he is looking happy. Just then he turns around to see the girl. Shirish asks, whether he should initiate the talk. Arjun says no and says he thought her to be someone else. He tells him that he calls her life. Shirish says that he thinks that his wife will not return. Arjun says whatever but second marriage and all is not his cup of tea.

Purvi comes to the hotel, Arjun looks at her from backside. Arjun follows her but miss her. Shirish tells Arjun to give the good news to everyone about the deal.

Ankita is in thought about Shashank. Mansi comes and says she went to the market with Shashank and kids. She says some auto hit her on her leg and Shashank took her in his arms. She tells everything in flashback. Mansi asks her, that did you discuss about my marriage to Shashank. Ankita recalls Shashank’s mom words. Ankita thinks to clear Mansi’s misunderstanding and to talk to shashank.


While Purvi is lying unconscious on the road with blood coming out of her head, Arjun didn’t see her face but with other’s help takes her inside his car and probably on the way to the hospital.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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