Pavitra Rishta 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 4th June 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Arjun holding Pari in his arms in the hospital. manav and Ovi are approaching Arjun. They look at each other awkwardly. They reach Arjun and Manav tells Ovi to stay here while he goes to speak to doctor about a test for Archana. manav walks away. Ovi looks at Arjun and then begins to walk away just as Arjun stops her asks her if she won’t even come to her house once. Ovi replies that house isn’t her anymore. Arjun pleads her and says just come home and Ovi says she’s come here for her mother and not to give Arjun another chance. Ovi says to stop all this nonsense and let’s go inside and pretend to be a good husband. She says we should both move forward in our lives and the takes Pari into her arms.

Inside Archus hospital room, Ovi and Arjun stand there at her bedside as Archu holds pari in her lap and tells Arovi that they’re lucky to have pari and she wishes Purvi was just as lucky. Ovi looks angry and uncomfortable. Then Archu says whatever happens, happens for the best. She says she knows her massi Purvi must have named pari. Ovi tries to interrupt and say something but Archu says when purvi was young she named all her dolls pari. Ovi looks angrily at Arjun who looks so lost. And saved by the bell, Arjun’s phone rings. It’s the detective and he tells Arjun he found Shalinis address but Arjun says he will speak to him later. Arjun hangs up and asks for leave from Arch as something came up at the office.

The scene switched to Varshas home. She’s preparing for a pooja she’s holding for Archu recovering from the coma. Soham walks in looking like an absolute hero in a white Kurt’s-pajama and Varsha tells him just that: looking like a hero Soham! She then asks him if he called the pundit and got the preparations she asked for. He says of course. She says she knows she can’t meet Archu but can pray for her. The prayer begins and guests arrive.

Sulo aai comes there and as Varsha is giving prashad to people, she approaches her. Sulo tells Varsha she doesn’t know if she can forgive Varsha but she’s here to take her home because what her son did for Archu was something that they can at least forget the mistakes. Sulo tells Varsha and Soham that Archu wants to meet them today. Soham and Varsha are very happy! Sulo says she wishes she can take them home right now but she has to wait for Manav as he’ll make the ultimate decision. Varsha is very happy and seeks sulos blessings and they hug and the pavitra rishta tere mere mannn ka plays in the background.

Purvi is cooking in her home having flashbacks of sulo telling her to stay away from Arjun and how upset Archu will be the day she finds out the daughter she was so proud of has wrecked the home of her other daughter. Purvi thinks to herself that aai the day you find out about Arjun mine and Pari’s relation , you’ll be so upset and I want to tell you all of this but your health won’t allow me to and I’m just holding this in for your sake. She thinks she knows her mistakes won’t decrease the day Archu does find out and she won’t even be able to look Archu in the eyes. As she thinks this, onir walks in asking purvi for food as he’s starving! Purvi starts to prepare his food and ask onir about the sudden change in his behavior. She asks if he’s always been there all this time why the sudden change in behavior now? Onir if flipping through his cell phone while she’s saying this. She says she wants to hear from onir straight whether she’s over thinking or has he really changed. When she turns around to face him he looks lost and says oh sorry what were you saying? He says eh wasn’t listening. Purvi gets sad and just says your food is ready and she’s going to meet aai. Onir says ok. As purvi walks away she thinks back on when onir would be there every second and now he doesn’t even hear her talking.

Scene switches to ovi in her bedroom at D house. She’s holding pari and having flashbacks of when purvi was telling Arjun she’s going to tell the family about the truth of pari. She thinks of the times pari stopped crying after purvi held her and how Archu said purvi used to name all her dolls pari. As she’s thinking this, pari begins to cry. Ovi stares at pari in her arms and thinks to herself all you do is remind me of arvis betrayal to me. She puts crying pari down on the bed and stares at pari in absolute disgust. Teju runs into the room and asks ovi pari is with you surprisingly? Ovi looks at her in anger. Ovi says yes pari is with me because Arjun said in front of archu aai that he had work to do and to bring pari home with her. Ovi says since he said it infront of Archu aai, she couldn’t refuse. Teju gets upset and says why are you taking your frustration of Arjun on poor pari. Ovi gets upset and says Pari’s fault is that she’s arvis baby. Teju gets upset and picks up pari and says back it doesn’t matter whose child this is, fact is that this is her niece. Ovi says how could you say that? You’re my sister! Teju says okay Arjun made mistake, forgive him already! Ovi says teju stop it and don’t ever talk to me about this again! Ovi walks away angrily

Scene switches to hospital and purvi walks in with sooji ka sheera for Archu. She gives food to her and nurse walks in with archus meds and a bill for her. She leaves it on side table and leaves. Archu calls purvi to come sit with her and feeds her the sheera. Purvi begins to tear up and Archu says aww why you crying and you always cry whether its good or bad. Purvi says she’s crying happy tears. Archu says you’re crying like I was in coma for months and months. Purvi says even one day without you felt like a month. She says she missed her a lot and that she’s incomplete and lonely without her Archu aai. They hug.

Sunny is waiting outside somewhere on his motorcycle. Teju is running towards him saying sorry sorry!

She’s late and sunny is upset. He says he’s been asking her to meet for 2 days and she keeps giving excuses. He asks if she’s bored of him. Teju says no her aai just got out of coma and there’s so much to do!! Teju says her aaji came late from hospital and thus she had to take care of pari until then because ovi refuse to do so. Teju begins to explain to sunny about the fight between her and ovi. Sunny says tries to understand from ovi’s pov as she doesn’t hate pari, she hates arvis daughter. He says its difficult for any woman to go thru such heartbreak and betrayal. Teju says she understand but she never heard such negativity and such distain from ovi’s mouth before. She says they always fought in Canada too but they would makeup in minutes. She says this fight was different. Teju wishes she never grew up. Sunny assures everything will be okay and just give ovi time.

Update Credit to: sk11

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