Pavitra Rishta 4th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 4th December 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 4th December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Arjun saying sorry to Purvi for lying. He tells her that Ovi was away from her since 2 months. I took your name and she came back. I don’t have any other option. He says there was a time when he loves her so much but you didn’t listen to me. Ovi was there for me and she took care of me for 20 years. He says sorry. Purvi is shocked and cries. Arjun says he was alone and needed support. He says he has moved on in his life. He says he never saw Pari and Pia is brought up infront of him. Ovi took care of me. He says sorry again. Purvi is shattered and recalls Arjun’s words. She cries miserably. Arjun asks her to understand. Purvi thanks him and leaves.

At the marriage venue, Panditji asks Naren to keep his left hand on Ankita’s hand. Naren kisses

her hand and asks whether she has the card. Ankita is surprised. Everyone looks at them. Shashank calls Sunil and asks for Naren’s number. He gets his number and says he can’t allow him to take benefit of Ankita’s helplessness. Naren says he is asking about the mehendi designer and says he wants to see her hand with henna always. He kiss her hand again much to her amusement. He asks her to apply the henna daily as it looks good on her hand. Shashank calls Naren but he couldn’t hear Shashank’s voice. He gets up from his marriage altar and tells that he can’t hear him. He sees Soham hiding there and asks him to come inside and attend his wedding. Soham sees Rushaali coming there and excuses himself. Naren tells Rushaali that he got a call but voice is not coming. She asks him to come soon. Shashank calls again, Naren asks him to speak louder. Shashank tells him that we came to know that you are mad. Naren says he knows that. Shashank asks, you can’t marry her and says I am coming to stop your wedding. Naren asks him not to call him again. Naren gets angry and says nobody can stop me from marrying my Ahana.

Naren gets angry on Prashant and Sonu but says sorry when he comes to know that they are Ahana’s siblings. They ask for the money inexchange of shoes. Rushaali comes and asks him to come fast. Naren tells her that someone wants to stop his wedding. Panditji asks to do the gatbandhan. Archana does the gatbandhan and looks around for Sohamwhile the pavitra rishta song plays in the BG. Shashank thinks to reach there fast but couldn’t because of traffic. Panditji asks the groom and bride to stand up for the rounds/pheras.

Naren asks Ankita not to stop during the rounds. Mantras is being played while they were taking the rounds. Naren hurries for the rounds. Naren walks ahead from the 4th round. Shashank’s words echoes in Naren’s ears. Panditji announces that rounds/pheras are completed and asks Naren to fill the sindoor on bride’s forehead. Soham watches the marriage from a distance. Naren fills her forehead while the mantras is playing in the BG. Naren puts the mangalsutra in Ankita’s neck. Shashank is proceeding towards them. Panditji asks them to put ghee on the fire. Naren feels restless to see the fire. Shashank comes and asks to stop the marriage rituals. Shashank tells everyone that this marriage can’t happen. Everyone are shocked while Naren is still fearing seeing the fire. He pushes Ankita and tries to extinguish the fire with his hands. Everyone comes to his rescue. Mansi and kids are shocked. He shouts that Ahana is there. Ankita goes to him and says she is fine. He asks him to go upstairs and she will follow him. Naren says he won’t go without her. Ankita promises him that she will come. Naren says he will wait for her as she is his wife now. He goes inside.

Shashank comes to Ankita and says he is a mad man. They hide this from you. This marriage is legally null. It is a crime to marriage a sound person with unsound person. Archana says he is right, this boy is mad and this marriage is not a legal marriage. Sulochana says there is no age for lies. She says they will not take the betrayal. Savita bashes them. Manav says he is with Ankita. Archana says she will not keep quiet now and says they had broken the ties between Manav and DK sir. Rushaali tells them that Ankita married Naren with her consent. She asks, who are you? Whio gave you the right to speak on her behalf. Ankita and Naren got married today. You have forgotten that you are no one to her. Ankita will decide herself and nobody shall interfere.

Archana tells Rushaali that she is saying right that she is no one to Ankita, they don’t have any right on her. Whatever she will decide, it will be her own decision. But we have one relation with her of feelings.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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