Pavitra Rishta 4th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 4th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Archna speaking to Manav that her flight landed in Banaras and she is going to a temple. She hears a mother calling her daughter Ankita and gets emotional.

Ankita also comes to the same temple Archana has come. Archana prays god to take care of Ankita. Ankita without noticing Archana stands next to her and prays god to take care of Naren. Archana opens her eyes after prayers and gets happy seeing Ankita. They both hug emotionally. Archana asks how is she, she searched her everywhere, but did not get any information. Ankita says she did not want anyone to know about her whereabouts. Archana says she and her whole family loves her and asks her to come with her now. Ankita says she promised Pari that she will not come back in Naren’s life and is happy here, she does not want anybody to point at her child. Archana says she just wants her to take care of her and her child. Ankita says she wants to come with her, but she is happy here with a family who takes care of her a lot. Archana says she knows wherever she goes, people will love her. Ankita asks about her siblings. Archana says she has become aunt, Mansi got a baby girl. Ankita gets emotional hearing that. She asks about Soham. Archana says he is angry on himself and all of us, but he is trying to find you out. Ankita asks about Pari and says she must be happy as she is having her first baby. Archana thinks she should hide about Pari’s abortion as Ankita will get tensed hearing that.

Ankita asks Archana why is she not telling about Pari. Archana says she wants to know about Naren instead and says he is fine wherever he is. She asks if Ankita is fine. Ankita says it does not matter to her now, even her tears have dried. Archana says again she knows she loves Naren a lot and cares for him and his baby. She can just say that he is fine. Ranvijay’s mom sees Ankita with Archana and asks who is she. Ankita says she is my grandma. Ranvijay’s mom says she does not know why Ankita came to Banaras from Mumbai, but she came as a boon to us, she is taking care of our family well and whole Banaras loves her now. Archana says Ankita that she wants her to come with her now. Ran’s mom says Ankita is happy with us and asks her to come and check herself. Ankita also requests.

At Ranvijay’s home, Anita says Archana that Naren’s child is growing in her and it is a sign of their love. Gopal comes with gulabjamoon, etc, and calls Ankita. He is shocked to see Ankita and Archana and thinks he is seeing 2 Ankitas. Ankita says she is my grandma. Gopal says Archana looks like you. Ankita says I look like her and says Archana that Gopal takes care of her like a father and brings gifts every time he goes out. Gopal says he just brings dakshina given by devotees. Ranvijay’s brother’s wife asks when Ankita has a big family, why is she staying with us instead of staying with you. Mom says it is their personal matter and we cannot interfere in it. Archana asks mom to give their bank account as she wants to transfer money. Mom says she does not ned money. Archana says they need money for Ankita’s delivery, etc, so requests to accept it. Archana says she won’t be living long and gets emotional. Ranvijay goes to drop Archan to airport.

Naren falls asleep while working. He wakes up hearing alarm, goes to his room and asks Ahana/Pari if she remembered his birthday, but Ahana/Pari is sound asleep. He cuts cake himself and celebrates his birthday alone.

Precap: Pari scolds Naren that she cannot take care of all his demands.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Kutti pari

  2. Naren did bad with ankita so he desurbes this hope pari makes him sad and misreble just like he did with ankit

  3. I hope Naren leaves Pari and take back Ankita, Pari is just the worst

  4. Pair is not a pari. Pari is a Dayan. Churail. Kamineeeee. BLA BLA BLA BLA

  5. u deserve it naren…….happy for u…….ahh..ahh.ahh

  6. show is getting to boring

  7. zombie pari…..dumb fool………….not happy with her behavior…

  8. I haven’t looked at this show for a long time, I am surprised its still running. I m sad they removed do dil bandhe ek dori se. they should have removed this show instead. Its loosing its focus. they broke up arjun and purvi which everyone was waiting so anxiously to see and now they have completely gone from the show they try to revive the same thing with pari/ankita & naren. how lame and boring. I think the writers are running out of ideas. Please end this drama now.

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