Pavitra Rishta 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 3rd September 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with the doorbell ringing at Arvi home. Purvi goes to open the door and Soham comes excitedly inside. He tells them about the marriage proposal and they congratualte them. Soham also feeds them sweets. Soham tells Arjun that he needs help. Soham says he knows that Arjun is very well experinced in the matters of the heart. Purvi gets shy and Arjun smiles and tells him of course I am and my experience should come in handy for you! Arjun tells him how can he help. Soham says he needs to buy a gift for her and it’s the first time so he needs help with that. He asks what did Arjun give Purvi the first time? Purvi is like yes, what was it ? Arjun is thinking back and remembers the kangans he had gotten for Purvi. He smiles and Purvi says you don’t remember right?

She teases him and says of course not, I’m your wife now, why would you remember now. They laugh and Arjun tells them that with his first paycheck, he got her kangan. Soham says aai already gave her kangan, what should he do now? Purvi says give anything that comes from the heart because she’ll always remember it. Soham says okay, it doesn’t matter if it’s expensive or cheap, it just has to come from the heart because she loves me. Soham tells Purvi that he loves Gauri a lot! Soham says he wants to do everything and anything for her and all he sees and thinks about is her. He doesn’t know when he fell in love. Arvi smile and listen to him. Soham almost jumps on the couch in Tom Cruise style and scares Arjun while explaining his love for Gauri. Soham gets shy and leaves running from there and Arvi laugh.

Soham arrives at a gift shop and sees teddy bears. He thinks they’re nice but he doesn’t know whats written on them. He asks the shopkeeper what it says and he tells him it says I LOVE YOU. Soham leaves from there and goes into a ladies’ sari shop. He tries to talk to one of the shop keepers but theres too many ladies infront of him and don’t let him through. Finally he gets tired of getting pushed by the ladies and leaves from there. He thinks to himself, he will bring Gauri here after marriage and get her a nice sari. He finally meets a man selling choodiyan. He begins to look at them trying to find the perfect ones for Gauri when suddenly Gauri appears there and guides him to the right ones. It’s these green choodiyan. Soham puts the green choodiyan on the imaginary Gauri and he smiling. He tells the seller that he wants these and then realizes Gauri was just his imagination. He smiles at himself.

Everyone is in the D home and Archu is wondering where is Soham. Arvi are there and looking sooo amazing. Purvi looks beautiful and they look like a great family with Arjun holding Pari in his arms. Soham arrives there and says he’s here and they can make the announcement now. Manav tells the family that they went to take a marriage proposal to Gauri’s home. Everyone is happy. Archu tells the family that at first Gauri was quiet and she asked her if she likes anyone else and Gauri said no she doesn’t and she’s ready for this marriage. Soham smiles to himself. He is so happy! Archu says we got the bride’s consent but not the groom’s. She says we made the best decision we could as she looks towards where Soham and Sachin are standing. She gets up and passes Soham, and tells Sachin that they took his proposal to Gauri’s home. Soham and Arvi are shocked. Soham looks devastated. Sachin looks confused. Archu says it’s up to you now Sachin. Sachin says he can’t refuse his parents and they know better about what to do with his life and about his likes/dislikes. He agrees to the marriage and Soham forces a fake smile on his face even though his eyes are filling with water. Manav and Ovi smile. Archu asks Purvi what she think of her suprise? Teju says this is a superhit jodi. If Gauri needs a lawyer, she has Sachin and if Sachin needs a doctor, he has Gauri. Sachin smiles and Teju says Sachin won’t have to visit the hospital and just get an injection at home. Manav says this is a hit jodi. Savita is also happy and Ovi congrats Sachin.
Soham leaves from the room and goes outside the D home. Purvi follows him. Soham is standing outside looking at the box of choodiyan he had gotten and begins to cry. Purvi comes to him and Soham wipes away his tears and says Sachin is a lawyer, Gauri is a doctor so they’re perfect for each other. He says he’s uneducated and how did he ever even think about himself with Gauri. Purvi tells him he’s wrong. Soham says he never even told Gauri he loved her and he only went around happily telling purvi he loved her. He says he didn’t even think for a second to tell Gauri and get to know whether she loves him or not. He says Sachin Dada and Gauri are perfect for one another as he’s educated and can make money and take care of Gauri. Soham is crying. Purvi tells him no girl loves by looking at the pros/cons and especially not a girl like Gauri. She says perhaps you could have been in Sachin’s place today if you had told Gauri your feelings about her. She says he should have told Gauri just once how he felt so at least she could have thought about it. She says but today Gauri accepting Sachin means that she never had feelings for you and never thought about you like that. She says how do I explain to you that this is a one-sided love? Soham has flashbacks of Gauri and then wipes away his tears and tells Purvi to promise him she won’t tell anyone about his love especially not Arman b/c Manav is very sick right now. Soham rests his head on Purvi’s shoulder and begins to cry hard and says he loves Gauri a lot and won’t be able to live without her. Then he leaves from there.

Arvi are in their bedroom and Arjun asks Purvi what’s wrong. She tells him how sad she is for Soham. Arjun tells her that this is Soham’s first heartbreak and that he must fight to get out of this himself. He tells her that they can’t do anything for him because this is his own battle and everyone gets their heart broken. He says we have to leave him on his own on this one especially because we’ve gone through this. Purvi says that’s why she’s worried about him because she doesn’t know how he’ll get through this and she’s worried if he does anything wrong. Arjun says he won’t and he just needs some time. Arjun then tells her that he planned a weekend vacation. Purvi says she can’t because Manav is sick and Soham is sad. Arjun says that’s exactly why because she is so stressed but Manav has come home now and Soham needs to be left alone for now so he can make the right decision about what he wants to do.

It’s night time and Soham is laying on the D couch in the living room and is having flashbacks of the annoucnments of Gauri-Sachin. He is sad. Archu comes there and asks him what’s wrong and why he hasn’t slept yet. He says he’s fine and asks why she hasn’t slept yet. Archu tels him everything is happening so fast and they have so many prepartions for Sachin’s wedding and she’s excited. She tells him happily how she wants the wedding to be amazing. Soham listens sadly to her. Archu then begins to tell Soham about how Shravni gave Sachin to Archu and told him to take care of him and never let him feel the absence of his mother. She says she’s happy that Gauri will become his bride and she trusts she will also fulfill that promise to Shravani. She says and then Sachin Senior should also be able to RIP knowing his son is taken care of. She says today the most important thing for her is the Sachin-Gauri rishta. She says if the Sachin- Gauri rishta suceeds then think that your aai has won.

Precap: Soham looks a little messed up and is meeting Gauri. He tells her that do you think about me the way I think about you? Gauri smiles and says what you mean? He says Love. I love you. Gauri is shocked.

Update Credit to: soniiyaa

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