Pavitra Rishta 3rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 3rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Naren in his dream getting flashback about Ankita and time spent with her together. He goes to Ankita’s room and sees her sleeping. Ankita holds her hand in sleep. He takes back his hand, wraps blanket around her and leaves back to his. He thinks if he is starting to love Ankita and thinks he is married to Pari and cannot think of another woman, thinks if he had a relationship with Ankita when he was mad. Ankita wakes up, comes out and sees Naren standing in hall. Naren asks her how was their relationship when they were married, if he was loving her. He says he used to get flashback of a girl every moment of his life, which was blur, but today he saw clearly that it is her and says he wants to know how their relationship was. Ankita says they had contract marriage as she needed money and they both did not love each other. Naren asks if she is really did not love him. She says never. He says then it must be his imagination and she is right, nothing happened between them. He says after spending time with her, he realized how good she is and is always ready to help others. He then says it is too late now and wants to sleep now. He goes to his room and thinks he saw Ankita crying, so she is hiding something from him.

Pari meets Ankita’s doctor and asks if he knows Rushali Karmakar. Doc says he cannot tell anything and asks her to go from there. Pari shows bank receipts and says Rushali has sent you money and asks why did she send it. Doc says he returned all the money back. Pari asks why did she send you money. Doc asks if she is Pari Karmarkar. She says yes. He asks her to forget everything. Pari says if he will not tell, she will call police. Doc tells that he is Ankita’s gynec, took her child and gave it to Rushali and she gave it to you. He says Rushali requested not to tell this truth to anyone. Pari thinks if Ashi is Naren and Ankita’s child.

Manav asks Ankita if she is sure he wants to do this. Ankita says yes and goes into flashback where she requests him to buy Naren’s bungalow and told she will tell the motto later. Manav asks to tell the motto now as she is buying Naren’s bungalow now with all her savings. Ankita says she wanted to buy Naren’s house and make him realize his mistake. Now that he is not the culprit, she wants to give his house back on installment and let him live happily with Ashi and Pari. Manav says he is proud of her and says today she will give back Naren’s company and house. Ankita thinks after getting back his house and company, Naren may forget her, but that is good for them both.

Pari reaches home and asks Rushali why did she steal Ankita’s child. She says Ankita will not forgive her if she will know that you stole her child and asks why did she do that. Rushali says Ashi is Naren’s child. Pari is shocked to hear that and asks to tell that she is telling lie. Rushali says this the truth and goes into flashback where she hears Archana and Manav talking and tells that Ankita went away from everyone as she knew Naren loves only you. She then goes into flashback where doc says Ashi’s DNA matches with Naren’s, so she stole Ashi.

Precap: Rushali says Pari that she could not see Naren’s child being bought up in someone’s else house, so she stole her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Now what will Pari do with his information?

  2. To all RACHNA(kalpi of ek mutti aasman fame) fans:
    RACHNA is back in telly lndustry replacing ajabde in MAHA RANAPRATAP paired opposite to SHARAD MALHOTRA who replaces faisal khan who enacts the role of rana pratap

    1. Sigh a station I can’t see 🙁

  3. pari should tell the truth to ankitaa

    1. Pari is a b*t*h i dont think that she will tell ankita instead she will blackmail rushali

  4. Hi Samairaa thank you for your info about MY KAL I like her she is so down to earth, what is her name in this episole.

  5. Sorry Samairaa I make a mistake on my comment to you about Kalpi

  6. Now Ankita belong to Naren and only Naren . Pari is left lonely i wonder if pari will marry Ranvijay . i heard that Sushant Singh Archana first Manav or her real boyfriend will return in the final episode

    1. but when is the final episode. I saw it reported somewhere the 3rd. But it is obviously not finishing since I see a precap lol

  7. Pari pls tell Ankita! Don’t be a b*t*h this time around.

  8. Pari shud tel d truth to ankita n leave foreva so hate her

  9. how can arjun purvi’s daughter be like this

  10. Yea Pari is a b*t*h don’t like her. But where is the update for today.

  11. Plsssssssssssssss update 6th octobet wu 🙂

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