Pavitra Rishta 3rd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 3rd January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 3rd January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Ankita coming to Naren and says, I don’t want your shares and please transfer it on your name. Naren refuses to do so. Ankita insists and says I don’t want anything. Naren asks, do you love me? Ankita says, no. Naren says, but I love you and promises to protect you from every trouble and will fulfill your every need. This is just a step towards it. We will not talk it anymore. He plays the game on his Tab. Ankita looks at him and thinks you are not mad but others are mad who think of you as mad. I never saw your goodness in normal person….Music Plays….Lawyer tells Purvi that you came late as Chadda filed a case before. We couldn’t save Arjun. Purvi says, he is innocent and I can do anything to save him. Lawyer says, one person can save him. He tells about Rishabh Kapoor.

Purvi comes to the party to meet Rishabh Kapoor. Someone asks Purvi to come with him and takes her to Rishabh Kapoor. Purvi comes to his room. RK asks her to close the room citing loud music at the party. Purvi says, I will not take your much time. RK says, I like to throw the party and don’t attend it. Purvi tells about Arjun Kirloskar. RK asks, he was the same one, for whom you were crying in the party. Purvi says, your one testimony can save him. RK asks, why I shall help you? Purvi says, he is innocent. RK asks, he insulted you in the party and then also you are trying to save him. He asks, is there any other reason. Purvi says, I want to save him as I love him. He don’t love me..I love him since 20 years. I have 1000′s of reasons to save him. She tells about his love story. She says we had seperated because of some misunderstanding. We met again and he broke my heart. I want him to be happy. I will love him always. He is my weakness and will always be. We can’t force anyone to love us and can’t stop us from loving anyone. RK says, love is a stupidity. RK asks her to meet him tommorrow. He says, I will tell you, what you have to do to save Arjun. Purvi asks, what? RK says, nothing comes free. He says, I will tell you what you have to lose? Lets see how much you love him and what you can lose for him….

Naren is sleeping on the bed. Ankita comes to him and says, it is difficult to understand you…..Sunraha haina tu…….plays…Naren holds her hand while still sleeping. Ankita sleeps on the bed. In the morning, Naren wake up Ankita and says good morning. He asks her to wear good clothes as she is the boss. He says, you have to conduct the meeting now. Ankita says, I can’t do that. Naren says, I will teach you everything. He asks her to help him in tying the tie and show laces. Ankita make him wear the tie. Naren says, you prepared good bottle gourd dish before and now samosa. Ankita asks, when did I prepare Samosas? Naren shows off his tie. Ankita smiles and asks him to get ready.

RK is watching TV while servant serves the food. He asks for newspaper. RK reads about Arjun’s arrest in the newspaper. RK smiles and says, she will definitely come. He tells his servant that the guest is coming so prepare dinner.

Rushaali asks Shirish, when will Sunanda leave? Shirish says, she has just came. Your problem is solved now. Sunanda comes and says, I am not going anywhere. Rushaali says, you will live here naa. Shirish says, we were talking about that. Sunanda says, I know how much you love me and that’s why you didn’t inform me about Naren’s marriage. She says, my knee pain have increased. So have to get done Knee transplant, I will stay here for few more months. Shirish and Rushaali are tensed. She asks Rushaali to check on the servant for food. Raunaq comes and greets her. Raunaq and Shirish leave for office.

Ankita and Naren come down. Sunanda says, I want to talk to her alone. Naren leaves. Ankita says, I married him as couldn’t say no to him. She tells about his siblings responsibility on her. And says, I will return his company. Sunanda says, Naren will feel bad if you return the company. She says, my eyes are on you. If anything happens I will not spare you. Naren comes and asks Ankita to come.

Shirish tells Raunaq, what is your problem? Raunaq says, I don’t want to marry Kinnari. Shirish opines that this marriage is for your betterment. He says, your lifestyle will not change after marriage. Naren says, everyone’s life get change after marriage. Naren says, Ankita hold my hand yesterday. Shirish feels uncomfortable. Naren says, I feel current when I hold you and you too feels the same. Shirish asks Raunaq to stop the car and get down on the road. Raunaq asks, why we have get down of the car. Shirish says, they are newly weds and needs privacy. Shirish says, we will take a cab. Raunaq says, I didn’t sit in the cab before. Shirish says, so you have to get in ambulance then. Naren reads in the newspaper about Arjun’s arrest in Drugs case.

Soham comes to the police station and sees Arjun. He hides and thinks to escape before he see him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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