Pavitra Rishta 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 3rd April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Neena thanking Pia for preparing tasty food. She asks why MAnav’s guests did not come. Savita says she were about to come, but she asked them not to come. Manav asks if someone was to come. Savita says she told lie to get her family together. Savita says she whenever profit is talked, Neena will always be ahead, so she brought her son on dining today. She took Pia’s help in this lie to unite the family. Neena scolds Pia for helping Savita. Savita scolds Neena and says she will lie many times if she can unite her family. She says how shameless Neena is to get angry for uniting the family. Archana and Manav also scold Neena for misbehaving with Savita and asks her to say sorry to Savita. Neena says sorry and goes from there. Savita thanks Pia for helping her.

Soham sees a woman lying unconsious after an accident. He tries to remove her bangle, turns her face and is shocked to see that she is his sister Ovi. He picks her up and goes in an auto to hopital.

Archana asks sorry to Neena for talking her rudely and says she cannot tolerate her talking rudely to Savita. She says only Savita can speak loudly in this house. She asks her to speak to her whenever she is in problem. Neena says she spoke to her many time, she wants Gaurav get settled. She says she accepted Soham even after knowing he is a goon and tried to uplift him. Even she tried to help Gaurav and make him a businessman like Manav. Archana says she will tell what happened to Soham and says she was forced to become goon, but when he came to know that his father is a big businessman, he worked in grocery shop. He even came home with his first salary. He did not think if it is small or big job, but Gaurav wanted to live lavish life on his father’s money. She says Manav gave project to Pari and Gaurav at a same time, but Pari succeeded but Gaurav did not. Even Gauvrav was given his chance. She asks Neena to teach her children what is right and what is wrong. She then asks her to inform Gaurav not to misuse his freedom and goes from there.

Naren dreams about his day spent with Pari and she calling him Aman and him calling her Ahana. He gets up calling Ahana. Archana asks what happened. Naren says he is Aman and asks why did she lie that his friend is Aman. She says he is Naren and not Aman. He asks sorry to Ankita and asks her to sleep. He asks her to play the song. He asks him to sleep and play song Tum Ho Paas Mere…. She thinks there is some connection between Naren/Aman and Ahana, so he is disturbed.

Manav asks Archana to forget about the past. She says she thinks she made a mistake by leaving India and coming to Canada. She says she thinks Soham went away from them because of their sanskaar and does not want her grandson to go away from her. She is afraid that this country’s culture is completely different from India. Manav says they are settled in Canada and cannot go back. Archana insists to go back to India. Pia comes and says Aaji is telling right and asks why didn’t they go to India. He says they got habituated to this country’s culture and his children went away from Indian culture. Pia says it happened because he let it happened. She says she thinks he is keeping away his children from their roots. Archana says Manav they have to do something. Manav says we have to stay here and as you said, our children will decide how they want to live. Pia says in Indian culture, parents take decision and we should follow that. Manav says it is not easy to shift house and business. Archana says she wants to go to Mumbai. Manav says how will they convince their family. Archana asks to leave it to her, she will convince them. Pia gets happy and coughs. Archana asks why did she cough. Pia says she got cold and allergy and will get well soon. She excuses and goes from there.

Pia thinks of telling about this to Ovi and thinks of chatting with her. She then thinks she will give her surpise and says she will let her meet Aaji and Azoba soon. She says her Canada mission will complete soon. Pia gets a call.

Soham brings Ovi to hospital and asks doctor to cure her soon. Doctor asks who is she. He says he found her on road. Doc says he will operate her soon and then will inform police. Soham remembers his time spent with his sisters. Doctor comes and says patient has lost a lot of blood and will need transfusion. Soham says he will give blood. Doc says if he drinks or has some problems. He says he drinks. Doc asks to arrange for blood and goes. Soham calls Prashant. Prashant comes and says he will give blood. He asks if he is taking money from that woman for blood. Soham says why will I take money from her and says do you know who is she. He asks who is she. He says he is doing it for humanity. Prashant gets happy and asks him to continue his good work. He goes to give blood. Soham watches Prashant giving blood to Ovi and cries.

Precap: Pari asks Pia not to take Aman’s name as she hates him and does not want to find or meet him. Savita says she did not to chawl since 20 years and is missing chawl. She informs about the time slot change from 15h April to 6.30 p.m.

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