Pavitra Rishta 3rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 3rd April 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 3rd April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Purvi n Ovi doing some household work like Cleaning the dinning table both are busy working,Savita says to Ovi that come with her to do kitchen work,She is in a way to go at a time looks for Pari she is sleeping then Ovi tells Purvi to change Pari’s clothes bcoz her hands were full of colour,Purvi agrees.Purvi goes inside to change Pari’s clothes Arjun is watching her from outside then he also goes inside n says that Mittal is searching evidence against Onir,he says i watched that CCTV Footage CD but Mittal didn’t send it. Purvi says if Mittal hasn’t send that CD who gave it you.

Purvi in Karanjkar House thinking of CD Case then Onir comes with a glass of milk n says to her drink it tells her that he is going to hospital for treating a patient then Purvi says,Onir i need to talk to you he says tell me.Purvi says Arjun got to know about the truth of baby,Onir gets shocked n he thinks that he’ll say to everybody but Purvi says Arjun will not say as i have told him not say anything to family.Onir says if Mittal had this CD then why he didn’t showed it in court,Purvi says Mittal is searching for the evidence so who send that to Arjun?

Punni in car thinking that what’s the matter i gave the cd to Arjun still he didn’t gave any reaction why?Then she reaches to OVT industries where DK is explaining the work to client after it he sees Punni there n asks her why is she here?Punni says i was just passing from here so thought if i could meet my cauligues she says if he doesn’t has any problem,DK says not at all.
Onir has come to meet Arjun there Punni sees him n hides in the corner,While Receponist says to Onir that you can meet Arjun.Onir comes at Arjun’s cabin,Arjun says i m glad that you came here hope you know everything but still i wanted to tell you something that Past 5-6 months ago before Purvi leaving Mumbai,Everything was going right but at the time of marriage Purvi told me to marry Ovi n live with her for whole life i did that bcoz i loved her as i tried to live a pleasure life with Ovi but everytime Purvi used to come near my eyes when i used work in office her face used to come near my eyes,at home too but i m happy that you accepted her at pregnancy stage n lots of time, i thanked you but you did alot of Purvi.

While Punni is listening all this n says that her work has been done Arjun has watched the CD,then Onir says I didn’t got the right time to express my feelings Arjun says its been several months now you should express those.Onir says i can’t say to her that i love her bcoz want her to be happy n will support everytime when its needed.Arjun goes to DK’s cabin DK says to look after Kapoor’s file as he wants Arjun to take a look then sign those papers.DK says Arjun you need to Canada for a deal but Arjun denies n says not this time dad pls arrange someone else,DK says he’ll take care of it.

Purvi receives a call from Arjun saying that she is behind all this drama,Purvi gets to know that she visited OVT industries,Arjun says she knows everything about the baby truth,While Punni has arrived to K House to meet Purvi but she hugs Sulochana n says she is here to meet her but Sulo says Manju has gone out.Punni says she can’t meet her aaji or what then she says that she did wrong with Purvi via scolding her for some misunderstanding but Sulo says that if anybody would had been in your place she would also have done the same then asks for Purvi,Sulochana says she is inside.
Purvi is on the phone talking to Arjun while Punni knocks the door n she opens,Purvi says to Arjun that Punni has come n cuts the call.
Punni says to Purvi you have started hiding the things from me,Purvi says what tai?She says that Baby Pari’s truth of yours as she is yours n Arjun’s daughter.Punni says you both won the case even DNA test were right but the test was of Arjun not of You n Ovi.Purvi says to her that Don’t say it to anybody in the house after listening all realtions will get broken,Punni says only on one deal.

Precap:Sulochana has come to D House where she has got down from auto but another auto comes fast n makes her fall down then Soham is there who has stopped that auto.

Update Credit to: gaurav

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