Pavitra Rishta 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 31st January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Purvi calling Pari and says I am missing you. She says, some girl came to asked for job. You did hotel management course. Pari says, work is my passion now. Purvi tells about that girl Priya/ Pia. She says you work very much and asks her to take care of herself. Pari says, I am missing you and asks her to come back. Purvi disconnects the call as she gets emotional. Purvi thinks, how will everyone react when they come to know of her marriage with RK. She gets tensed.

Ankita tells Sunanda that she is going home for the ritual. Sunanda says, Raunaq and Kinnari will be coming home and says who will make sweets for them. Ankita says, I prepared sweets for them. Shirish asks Sunanda to let her go. Naren says, you are here to receive Raunaq and Kinnari and there

is no one with Mansi. We will go there and come back fast. Sunanda agrees. Naren asks Ankita to come.

Everyone are enjoying at the bangles rituals. Soham looks at the ladies wearing the jewelleries and says it is artificial. Sonu says, I will wear bangles. Shashank’s mom asks her to dance. Some ladies talk about Ankita. One lady says, I am feeling bad for Mansi as she is not having Aayi. Shashank mom says, I am like her mom and goes to bring Mansi for the bangles rituals. Mansi is thinking about the tragedy. Shashank’s mom comes and says I will make you ready for the function. Mansi says, she can’t marry and can’t refuse to marry. She then thinks about Prashant, Sonu and Pranav and thinks to keep quiet for them. She tells Shashank’s aayi that she will get ready.

Arjun comes to Purvi and says I am trying to talk to you since morning. Purvi says, I don’t want to talk to you as you lied to me. She says, you lied that RK framed you in the drug case. She says, Chadda told me. Arjun says, we can’t trust on Chadda’s sayings. Purvi says, RK is going to be my husband. Arjun says, I was your husband once. Purvi says, I am so happy that you still remember that. But RK is going to be my future. Just like you moved on in life with Ovi 20 years ago, let me move on. Arjun says, RK is not the right guy. Priya comes and asks, what you will have in lunch. Arjun asks, who are you? Priya says, I am new chef. She asks Arjun, what he would like to have? Arjun says anything. Priya names the dishes and asks, what you would like to have? Arjun asks her name. She says, Priya Trivedi. Arjun orders continental dish. And Priya orders Indian thali. Arjun and Purvi get impressed with Priya. Priya says, don’t make your food wait for you. Priya looks at Arjun and Purvi’s marriage photos in her Tab.

Mansi sits for the bangles rituals. Priya/Pia comes to meet Ovi. Ovi is surprised and hugs her. She asks, what are you doing here. Pia says, when you called me yesterday, I was at the airport. She says, I got a job in my Dad’s company. She says I will work with Purvi maasi. Ovi asks, why you are doing this as we don’t talk with each other. Pia says, I want your relation to be fine with your parents and siblings. She says, you gave me every happiness and I hold myself responsible for your seperation with family. I will bring them closer to you. Ovi says, they will not accept me. Pia says, they will accept you. I will bring Dad and Maasi together. Ovi says, you don’t know anything. Pia says, I know Dad is not well and you both are hiding this from Maasi. She says, you sacrificed your life and I will bring you closer to your family. Pia says, her Dad is so charming but he didn’t recognise her. Pia asks Ovi not to tell Arjun about her. Pia says, now I will leave. Ovi asks her to take care of herself.

Ankita and Naren comes to the function. Ankita says sorry to Mansi for coming late. Mansi starts crying. Shashank’s mom says, we need 5 ladies for the bangles rasam. Naren offers to do the rasam. Ankita says, only married ladies can do this rasam. Naren says, I am part of a happy married life naa. I can do. He asks, you love me naa. Ankita says no and then says ofcourse. Naren says, Ahana will do the rasam. Naren blesses Mansi. Mansi sits still in shock. Shashank’s mom says, 5th married lady. Kinnari comes and says I came here to do the bangles rasam. She says, I came to give my best wishes. Everyone praises her. Kinnari tells Mansi that she will give her bangles and if she asks, she is ready to give her valuable thing. She tells in her ears that she knows everything. She says, I can’t tell anyone and asks her not to tell anything to anyone. She feels pity on her. Raunaq came with me to wish you. Raunaq eyes her. Mansi gets scared.

Mansi tells Ankita about the rape. Ankita is shocked. Mansi cries miserably.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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