Pavitra Rishta 31st December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 31st December 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 31st December 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Sunanda apologizing to Naren. She apologizes to Ankita and says, you must have married him because of your helplessness. Naren says we love each other. Sunanda says, you are Naren’s wife and that’s what matters to me. I want you to meet the guests as Naren’s wife. She asks her to wear a good dress, matching their status. Ankita is silent. Sunanda asks her to come soon. Naren says, Attu never appologizes to everyone and if she is saying sorry that means she really means. Sunanda comes to Nadkarnis and says, I will make you eat with my hand. Naina says, you have insulted us and then asking us to have food. Sunanda says, it happens in relations and says, you are our relatives. She asks Rushaali to get the thali for welcoming the new daughter in law. Rushaali

and Shirish are shocked and also Nadkarnis. Raunaq gets happy and thinks to inform Ankita.

Purvi is in her car and recalls Arjun loving words that he still loves her and didn’t think of anybody else in these 20 years. She recalls his fake betrayal act and Ovi words. Purvi cries…..benaam rishta ho bechain karta hain……plays……..She recalls the recent happenings and gets sad. She recalls Arjun’s words that he loves Ovi and wants to live with her. Teju calls her and asks for her favourite colour. Purvi doesn’t reply. Teju says, your favourite colour might be red and remembers Ovi and her shopping habit. Purvi says, I am coming soon.

Raunaq tells Ankita that you got ready for your husband’s second engagement and says, Attu should be applauded for her diplomatic thinking and says she agreed for Naren’s marriage with Kinnari. He says, Kinnari matches with our status and asks Ankita to go and sees herself. Naren tells Attu that he don’t want to marry Kinnari as he is already married. He tells Kinnari that I can’t marry you. Kinnari says, its ok as I don’t want to marry you. Naina asks, what meant by her words. We said yes as our status matches. Sunanda says, I told you that your daughter will become this house’s daughter in law, I didn’t say your daughter will marry Naren. Kinnari will marry Raunaq. Naren claps for her idea. Naina agrees for the marriage and says we didn’t see woman like you and praises her. Shirish tells Sunanda that we want to talk to you. Rushaali says, you said that girl is not having a good character then why you propose Raunaq marriage with her. Sunanda asks Rushaali to see Raunaq’s face in the mirror.

She says, I know everything about Raunaq. I know everything about his doings. I heard about Naren’s marriage but I didn’t believe as I was sure that my brother and bhabhi would invite me. But I was wrong. I will make Raunaq marry her. She says, if you don’t agree with me then you know about its consequences. She asks Rushaali to asks Raunaq to come. Kinnari tells her Dad that Raunaq is fine. Her Dad says, he is a good guy and mentally stable and asks her not to do any drama else….Raunaq comes and tells Naren that your first marriage is a mistake. Naren gives him ring and asks him to make Kinnari wear it. Naren says, you will go mad now as you are getting married. Raunaq is shocked and trapped. He asks his parents, how could Attu do this? Rushaali says, she can change the will in a minute then everything will be finished. Raunaq says, how can I marry her?

Sunanda asks Kinnari to come. And also asks Ankita to come. She says, I did bad with you as I thought you are his nurse. But the reality is that, you are his wife. You will get every right being elder bahu of the house and asks her to give the shagun thaal to Kinnari. Ankita gives the thali to Kinnari and congrats her. While Naren takes their snips.

Raunaq says, no one can force me. I have my own choices and I will never ever compromise with them. Sunanda comes and says, Raunaq is saying right. I complete agree with him. She says, it is right to say yes/no. Shirish asks, what we will tell to Nadkarnis. Sunanda says, I will make them understand. Raunaq doesn’t need his parents property or Nadkarnis 300 crore property. Raunaq asks, what are you saying. Sunanda says, I know you can stand on your own feet. She says, as we don’t know about Naren’s mental condition, I will name everything on his name. Raunaq agrees for the marriage and asks her not to cancel the engagement. Sunanda asks, are you sure. Raunaq says, yes. Sunanda tells Rushaali that you gave too much freedom to your kids. I will make everyone get back on the right path.

Purvi is crying and packing her stuff. She gets Mishra’s call and says I am leaving for Canada. Her friend asks, what you will say to aayi and baba. Purvi says, I don’t know. Sheetal says, you have to say something. You will be pained if you delay more. Purvi says, they will break down but I will tell them. She cries. Sheetal asks her to take care. Purvi says, I am trying. I know I loves him and will always love him.


Naren is making Ankita wear the gold bangles as they were sitting in some jeweller’s shop.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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