Pavitra Rishta 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 30th September 2013 Written Update

Episode begins at Kirloskar House
Purvi comes into the bedroom at night. Arjun is playing with Pari, shes pulling his hair and hes saying, Ouch, let go of my hair…but shes pulling hard.
Purvi calls his name hesitantly, Arjun, listen…but he doesn’t even look at her, he kisses Pari and puts her on the bed, then turns off the bedside light and closes his eyes.
Purvi looks at him sadly and lies down on the other side of Pari. His face is turned away from her, she cries and looks at him, then turns away, shedding silent tears.
Arjun opens his eyes and looks at a photo of himself and Purvi on the bedside table.

Next morning at Deshmukh chawl
Manav cheerfully serves tea to his wife and

future bahu.
Gauri asks him if he made the tea himself, he says, Of course, who else will make it? This is our routine, every morning I make tea for Archana, just like this! Then we sit and talk in a relaxed manner. This morning you are here so I included u in my routine.
Gauri smiles and tells Archana that shes very lucky that she has a husband like Manav, truly their relationship is a sacred one, a pavitra rishta.
Archana smiles and looks at Manav. Then she tells Gauri when she gets married to Sachin, he will also make tea for her every morning.
Gauri sips the tea and says, Wow, Baba, tea is very good. Then she tells Archu she will leave for the hospital and when her work is done, she will return to D chawl. Then they will go to her home together.
Archana says, No, you cannot go anywhere! Until ur wedding takes place, you wont go anywhere. Manav, please tell her… Manav agrees with Archana.
Gauri protests that her work is also important but Archana doesn’t listen, she says, You cannot go to work alone, that boy is still outside and he can do anything with you and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you! Manav, please tell her not to go to work.
Archu tells Gauri to stay home for now and after the marriage she can do whatever she wants. Gauri looks upset but doesn’t argue anymore.
A neighboring couple come into D house and give sweets to Archu and Manav as their child has passed graduation exams and it would not have been possible if ArMaan had not paid the fees for their child. They cannot thank them enough, ArMaan are like God to them.
Archana says, No no we are not God! Let us remain humans, please.
Manav agrees, Archana is right, let us remain humans. Bappa has given us a lot, more than we need, from that we spent a little amount on your son! And the success your son achieved is because of his hard work. Please congratulate him on our behalf! And what is he planning for his future? Further studies or a job? Ask him to come meet me to discuss that.
The couple agree, they give the sweets to ArMaan and leave.
Next scene: Archana is going in a car. She suddenly notices a guy with his head covered with same scarf as Soham used. She says, Soham?
The guy disappears into a marketplace.
She stops the car and goes searching for him. She follows the scarf covered guy to a place where 3-4 other ruffians are waiting and the guy sits down to talk to them.
Archana remembers Soham saying, Let the wedding preparations continue like this, but at the wedding mandap I will sit in the bridegroom’s place instead of Sachin!
Archana remembers all the yelling and slapping at the sagai, she recalls Soham grabbing Gauri’s hand cruelly at the mehendi, herself yelling at him to let Gauri go.
She observes the scarf covered guy carefully. She goes to the police station and tells the inspector she has seen Soham somewhere and he needs to come quickly or Soham will escape.
Police go there and Soham runs hearing the sirens. But police manage to catch him and take him away while Archu watches sadly. (they don’t show Soham’s face when hes being arrested)
Archana is in the car, shes crying, remembering all the scenes of Soham as a child, performing Puja sitting on her lap, Archu cuddling little Soham on the bed, putting powder on him, dressing him up.
She asks the driver to stop at a temple and goes up to Goddess Kali.
She prays to Ma Kali, Mother, you saw what I did today. I sent my own child to jail today! I know he was wrong and needed to be punished but still I am suffering a lot. In the eyes of the world, I may be right but I am a Mother! Im feeling a lot of pain, Im broken inside! Ayi, I think its my fault as I tried to reform him but I could not give him the trust or the values. Its my fault, I am guilty for everything! Till today I devoted my life to my children but today I lost one of my kids. With my own hands, I…Ayi, I have one request, if I get one more chance, I promise to make Soham into a good human being. If possible, please give me another chance! Today I am defeated, Mother, I am defeated!
Archana cries heartbroken, while Jai Kali mantra plays in the background.
Next scene: Deshmukh chawl
Teju and Savita are looking at albums. Savita takes the album from Teju’s hand and says why are u touching these, don’t take that one either. What do u want?
Teju says That one, she tries to take it but Savita tells her not to pull it as she will tear it, because shes always in a hurry. Manav smiles looking at them arguing.
Teju protests, Why would I tear photos? Savita says, Don’t argue! I don’t want to hear it!
She gives Teju a photo, Teju says, this is Sachin Dada’s childhood photo! Aji, I have an idea, we will take all Dada’s photos from childhood to present time and set them all in a frame and gift that to him on the wedding day! What say? Original gift, Haan?
Savita laughs in agreement. Ovi yells from inside, Teju, did u bring the earrings for me that I had asked for?
Teju says, Yes, I brought it! Check in ur red bag!
Ovi comes out angrily complaining, I searched everywhere, theyre not there! Tell me the truth now, you forgot, isn’t it?
Sachin comes out of his room, saying, Oh ho, why are u two fighting? What happened?
Teju says, Oh its nothing! Ovi just looks for an excuse to fight!
Ovi says, Teju, come with me inside and tell me where u put the earrings!
Teju says, Im busy with something now, let me do this, I will look for ur earrings later!
Ovi complains to Manav, Baba look what shes doing…
At that moment, Archana enters the house with a sad face. Ovi starts to complain to her abt Teju, Savita also joins in, Hey Archu, I told ur daughter to do something but she doesn’t listen and she didn’t do the job till now!
Archana walks like a robot and sits down on the couch. Manav sees her tragic face and asks her what happened, if she was alright?
Savita asks, Archu, where is ur attention? Manav asks her to say something.
Archu says, He has been caught!
Everyone is shocked. Archu cries.

Next scene: DK house.
Purvi comes into her bedroom, wiping her face with a towel. She touches her stomach.
Arjun is sitting on a couch, doing office work. Purvi looks at him, her hands on her stomach. She thinks to herself: Arjun, I know you are angry with me but when u hear this good news, your anger will transform into happiness.
She goes up to him and says, Arjun I have to tell u something…
Arjun, without looking at her, says hes busy and can they talk later?
Purvi says, But, I wanted to tell u…
Arjun interrupts her, Is it something urgent? Hmm?
She says, No, we will talk later.. Purvi asks Arjun if she can bring anything for him?
He stops her, saying he will manage…
Purvi feels bad at his snub and leaves. She turns around and looks sadly at him. Arjun keeps on working without looking up.
Next scene: Deshmukh chawl at night
Archana and Manav are sitting on the bed, she tells him, Police took Soham away!
I sent him to prison. A mother’s heart is like this only, I was helping the police search for him until now, but today when police was taking him away, I was feeling very sad!
Manav comforts her, Archana, I know what ur going through, but we have to go through this! We still want to give Soham a good upbringing, we want to bring him on the right path. Just take this as a part of his learning. We are all sad abt his arrest! I just hope that Soham realizes his mistakes after the arrest. Soham will learn a lesson and he may try to change himself for the better.
Archu still crying, Manav comforts her with his hand, she lays her head on his shoulder.


Morning time in D chawl. Teju serves everyone Kandey Pohey, saying she made it herself.
Sachin teases her hoping he wont have to call the doctor after eating her kandey pohey. Teju looks at him, he says hes just kidding.
Teju says, No you don’t have to call the doctor, anyway one doctor IS coming, ur future wife, Gauri! Now u have kandey pohey made by her only! Nowadays u remember doctors all the time, doctor is coming here naa..
Sachin’s mobile rings, Ovi picks it up and says its from some unknown number. Sachin answers the phone, he gets up and goes outside saying network connection was bad.
Once outside he tells the guy on the phone, How many times I have told u not to call me but u don’t listen! I told u whatever we do in this case, we have to do it carefully.
The guy says, Sachin Saab, as it is u are not giving us proper clearance, on top of that all these legal formalities!
Sachin angrily tells the guy, Yes I didn’t give u clearance. Im a lawyer and I know better than you, whats right and whats wrong, understand?
Gauri was approaching Sachin and she looks worried. Sachin quickly hangs up when he sees her, she asks him what the matter was. Why did he look so tense? Was there a problem?
Sachin forces a smile, Its nothing, I was just talking to a client abt a case. Its rather urgent, I will talk to u shortly, u go inside, Im coming…
Gauri leaves. Sachin resumes phone conversation, saying, Look, I have signed the papers, that means I want to do this deal! Im arranging the cash, u complete paperwork. I will call u at night and tell where and when I will give u the money. Understand?
The guy agrees, Sachin tells him not to call anymore.
Teju is playing games on her mobile, Savita snatches it out of her hand, scolding her that she plays all day with that and doesn’t do any jobs around the house, it’s a wedding house, theres so much to do, doesn’t she know that?
Teju tries to take the mobile back but Savita hides it. Teju yells asking for it but Savita says Absolutely not and walks off. Gauri comes to Teju with a stack of clothes, tells her, Teju, where shd I keep these clothes?
Teju smiles, Sachin Dada’s clothes? Give me, I will keep them! Gauri says, No no, just tell me where and I will keep them.
Teju teases, Oh so theyre Dada’s clothes so u want to put them away, Alright, take them…anyway u will have to take care of his things in future, u have to know whats in his room, where to keep everything …as it is u have made a place for urself in his heart, now make a place in his almari too! You have to share his almari also..
Gauri protests, Teju please… Teju says, Am I saying anything wrong, its that almari…shd I come with you and help u?
Gauri goes into Sachin’s room, saying, No Teju. She opens the almari, there are some legal papers and file there. She moves them aside, saying is this a place for keeping files? She puts the clothes away in the almari, then notices the papers coming out of the file so she tries to organize them, when her eyes fall on the papers. She starts reading them in consternation. Sachin comes into the room for something, he sees Gauri reading the legal papers.
He asks, Gauri, ur here in my room?
Gauri turns around and asks, Sachin, what is all this?
Sachin takes the file from her, saying, Leave it, u don’t have to know about this..
Gauri protests, Sachin, how can u do this?
Sachin says, Yes, I have done this! I have taken this decision after a lot of thought.
Gauri says, I am going to be a part of ur life, u cannot avoid the issue saying I shd not worry abt this, leave it…why did u do this?
Sachin tells her, Gauri, this is to secure our future!
Gauri says, Sachin, now Im also going to be a part of ur future, right? How can u separate ur future from that of ur family? And they don’t even know abt this!
Sachin tells her, Gauri please, nobody shd know abt this now! I will tell everyone when the right moment comes.
Archana comes into the room, looking curiously at Gauri and Sachin. Sachin looks nervous.
She asks, What happened? Why are u two fighting?
Sachin says, Its nothing…we were just talking..
Archana takes the file from his hand and looks at it. Sachin looks guilty. Archana reads the papers in the file, looks at Sachin, then tells him coldly to come outside. Sachin tries to protest,
Archana goes to the living room where Manav was sitting with Ovi and Teju, Savita and Damo having tea. Archu tells them she has to talk to them. Savita asks her if everything was alright.
Archu says, no Ayi, nothing was alright until now but if u all agree with my decision then everything will be fine. I have made a decision, that after marriage, Sachin will live separately from us. And I have booked a flat for them too.
Savita, Manav all look shocked.
Archana goes to Gauri and tells hr not to be sad. Sooner or later, Sachin would have to set up his own household then why not now? Sachin would have to get used to living away from us, from his family. And modern day children need their privacy too naa?
Savita gets mad, What nonsense are u talking? How could u take such a big decision by urself? And I don’t accept my grandson staying away from me!
Archu tells her, Im doing this for Sachin’s welfare only. How long will he live with us like this, our family always has some problem or other! How long will he go on getting involved in our troubles and why?
Savita gets up, Look here, Archana, doesn’t matter how many problems we face, our family has always been together and will always be! Do u understand? How could u take such a big decision alone? Whole family shd discuss this and find a solution! This is a house of a future wedding, weddings shd join families, not break them!
Archu looks at her tearfully.

Gauri is telling Sachin, Im sorry, Sachin, I don’t want to be divided in two parts. If u still don’t change ur decision, then its better that we don’t get married at all!
Sachin looks shocked and angry, all others look at Gauri with shock

Update Credit to: Pallavi

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