Pavitra Rishta 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 30th April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Shekhar telling Ankita and Naren that he thinks Pari is right and should marry him only when she is ready. He does not want to keep hope. He says he has a partnership with her, so does not want to keep it personally.’

Pari wakes up from her sleep in the midnight remembers Ankita’s words that she should search Ahem and rethink, until her mind is cleared, she cannot move ahead in life. She then remembers Archana’s words that she cannot see her suffering.

Shekhar comes to Pari’s house in the morning and says he came to take signatures from her to submit them in court. She says he did good thing as court is very far from her house. He says with yesterday’s event, our business should not be affected. She says okay and asks him to come inside. Sulochana sees Shekhar and asks why is he here. He say he came to take signatures from Pari. Sulochana asks him to have breakfast and go. He says he will have it some other day. He asks Pari to bring her ID proof. She goes inside. Sulochana gets unconscious and falls down while she is praying god. Shekhar and Pari see her and catch her before she falls. Pari calls whole family. They take her to the hospital.

Nurse brings medicine slip and asks Manav to bring the medicine. Shekhar takes the slip and says he will bring it. Savita cries and asks Manav to check with doctor what happened to Sulochana. Manav tries to console her and asks her not to cry. Doctor comes out and says he has to do some more tests to know the cause of Sulochana’s illness. Nurse comes and asks doctor to attend Sulochana as her BP is falling. Shekhar comes back with medicines and gives them to nurse. Manav thanks Shekhar for helping his family. He says he thinks them as his family, so not to thank him. Pari comes and says thanks to Shekhar and then asks to forgive her for insulting him in front of his parents. He says she did right in that situation as it was her important decision of her life. He says we can be friends. She says if we are friends, then he should listen her and go to his office. Shekhar agrees and goes.

Doctor informs Manav and Archana that Sulcohana has nerve inflammation in her brain and says he has given her mild medicines due to her age and will need surgery if her condition deteriorates. He asks Archana to take care of Sulochana as Sulochana used to take care of her in her childhood.

Mansi and Shashank are preparing sandwiches when Sonu comes and inforrms that Sulochana fell unconscious and her family took her to hospital. Mansi asks Shashank to call and check. Just then he get a call from his office that a building has fallen and to cover a story. He gets another call saying his parent’s society building has fallen. Shashank gets tensed and tries to call his parents, but does not get reply.

Shekhar informs Ankita and Naren about Sulochana’s condition and she being in hospital.

Precap: Soham disguised as ward boy cries touching Sulochana’s feet. Sulochana in her sleep calls Soham’s name..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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