Pavitra Rishta 2nd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 2nd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

At the court

Naren, Ankita, Pari and Shekhar are in the courtroom. Naren says to Pari, Ahana, you are lying to me, you don’t love me. This girl, however she was, she’s honest, she’s telling me the truth about why she married me and why she did the act of loving me. She wanted money, she needed it. But what was your helplessness? Tell me, why are you marrying Shekhar? You love me but you’re marrying Shekhar. What’s the reason for that? Tell me, you marry those who you love, who do you love, me or Shekhar? We are together even after so many years, that means we love each other, you thought that I cheated you, you could have moved on, you would have found a good boy but you couldn’t because you only love me. Just say once that you don’t love me, I’ll leave. Say that in front of everyone, I’ll leave. Shekhar says Pari I know Naren since childhood, he’s a very good friend of mine, he got whatever he wanted in life. He’s very committed, he handled a big software company, solved many problems in hours, he loves you. And about Ankita, she has said clearly that she doesn’t love Naren. The decision is in your hands Pari, you have to decide who you want to live with. I know Pari, I have supported you a lot but you shouldn’t marry me because of that. If you love Naren then please go ahead and do that. Love is necessary for a marriage. Pari I know we decided together to marry, maybe I began to love you but if you can’t love me as much as you love Naren, there is no use in advancing the relationship. Pari I am here and so is Naren, the decision is in your hands, don’t be tense, say what’s in your heart and say who you love. Pari looks emotional, and doesn’t say anything.

At the court

Shekhar says your silence has given me the answer Pari. Shekhar goes to Naren and he gives Naren’s hand in Pari’s. Shekhar leaves. Naren and Pari eventually hug each other. Ankita looks away in sadness. Pari says Ankita, you’re crying? Ankita wipes her tear and looks to Pari and says firmly, no, something got in my eye. And anyone would cry to see the love you 2 have and I really hope I get someone who loves me as much, I’ll get someone now that I have so much money. Ok I’ll leave now, all the best. Ankita is about to leave, she looks back and she sees Pari and Naren in a tight hug, she looks very sad and emotional to see this. Pari and Naren are hugging each other with their eyes closed, when they open their eyes Ankita says Naren sir.Ankita walks up to Naren and gives him her mangalsutra and says there is no need for that now. Ankita leaves.

In a taxi

Ankita is in a taxi, she thinks to herself, I took such a big step in separating myself from you, I don’t know Naren sir, if I’ll be able to live without you or not but what I did was for your happiness and Pari’s too because I know she loves you. I don’t know if my child will get a father’s name or not but they’ll come into the world, I’ll give birth to them. I want you to stay happy wherever you are. I miss you Naren sir.

Deshmukh House

The Deshmukh Family is in the main room. Archana slaps Pari. Archana says to Pari, you want to settle in your life by ruining other people’s. Is this what I taught you Pari? You know Manav and I did Ankita’s kanyadan together, I can’t even think that about her. We arranged for her wedding and I won’t let you ruin her life. Pari says what marriage? Which marriage aaji, which relationship wasn’t ever there, how can it be broken? Ankita and Naren’s relationship was fake, I love Naren sir. Archana says Pari I respect your love, I know you love Naren but I understand Ankita, she’s not wrong. I’ve seen her love Naren, the same way I love Manav. I have seen the Pavitra Rishta she has with Naren. Pari I don’t accept that she had a contract marriage. Pari says you trust that Ankita over your real daughter? Ok then go and ask her what the truth is. She’ll tell you what she told me, you’ll then understand what a liar she is! Archana says she can’t cheat, I don’t accept it. Archana leaves.

Karmarkar House

Rushali, Shirish and Sunanda are in the main room. Rushali says to Shirish, Shirish try to find out, he left the house so angrily. What if he does something risky? Shirish says relax Rushali, you’re getting worried unnecessarily. Naren has been fully cured. Sunanda says exactly Rushali, Naren is cured and he won’t do any such thing. Naren comes in the house and says finally. Rushali says Naren. Naren says Ankita said the truth in front of everyone. Ahana was going to marry Shekhar but Ankita came at the right time and said that she only married me for money. Sunanda says excuse me? What truth, what did Ankita say? Naren says Attu mom will explain you, I’m going up it’s late. Naren leaves. Rushali says she can do anything tai, anything. And here is the proof. Rushali shows Sunanda the signatures that Ankita was cheated into signing by Rushali, Rushali says she only married Naren for money. If she was fulfilling the relationship then it was only for money tai just look at the papers. Sunanda looks at the papers confused. Rushali says now do you believe it? She’s just a fabulous actress tai. Very believable, she did her role very good. She just had one intention, to earn money and she earned lots of money. Now it’s finished, why should we talk about her? I’m just happy that everything is finished, my son is ok and he can marry Pari. I’m just happy, that’s it. Rushali leaves the room, Shirish follows. Sunanda looks very confused and disturbed.

Karmarkar House

Rushali is walking upstairs, Shirish says Rushali! Shirish goes to Rushali and says now what the hell was that? You told such a big lie to tai and Naren, Ankita didn’t sign on any papers! Rushali says quietly, Shirish please stay quiet. What if Naren hears it, if you want your son’s happiness then keep the project that I have made. Shirish says what do you mean? Rushali says Ankita didn’t sign on any such papers, I cheated her into signing those papers. Rushali tells Shirish when she made Ankita sign the papers and says it was very necessary, if we didn’t have those papers and Ankita didn’t sign them then Pari would never accept coming back into Naren’s life. If that happens you know what will happen? Naren won’t tolerate it Shirish, we’ll lose him, we’ll lose Naren again, I can’t take that. Ankita will have to leave Naren’s life so Pari can enter his life. For me only my son’s happiness is important to me, that’s it. Also I’ haven’t forgiven Ankita, due to her my Raunaq is in jail and you know how much we got ruined, how much loss our business went through. Once I got the papers, everything else is easy Shirish, I know Ankita loves Naren and I supported her feelings, that’s it, my work is done. Shirish says great, and what if Naren gets to know about your plan? Rushali says he won’t find out and you will make sure of that Shirish, please. Rushali leaves.

Mansi’s house

Mansi, Ankita and Archana are at Mansi’s house. Archana says to Ankita, say the truth Ankita, what is all this? Why did you say that you married only for money? I know this isn’t the truth but I want to hear it from you. Ankita I’ve seen the world and I know you, I did your kanyadan and I have the full right to know what the truth is, I don’t accept that you married for money but please tell me the truth. No one’s here, please tell me Ankita. Mansi says tai actually. Archana says one second, today I’ve come to talk to my daughter. I don’t want someone to speak for her please, I want to talk to her. Mansi leaves. Ankita says I love Naren a lot, a lot, I can’t live without him. I can die for him and I’ll do as he says, if his happiness is with Pari then I can give that to him. Ankita changes her emotional mood to more blunt and says how did you like my acting? See if this makes you feel at ease then I said it for you but Archana ji it’s not the truth, I don’t love Naren. But Archana ji not everything that makes us happy is true. Archana says Ankita? Ankita says yes Archana ji if you like my acting then I can come up of more lines to act. Look Archana ji whatever I did was my helplessness, I wanted to run my home, that’s it. That’s why I did all this. Archana says Ankita I’ve been through poverty and been through what you are going through but this doesn’t mean I’ll stop loving. I loved Manav and. Ankita says Archana ji one second, I want love in my life too and I want to stay happy but I want to love the person who’s decent who is like me and normal like me. I can’t love a madman.

Mansi’s house

Archana says why are you doing all this? Ankita says I don’t love Naren. Archana says that’s not true Ankita, my heart says something is wrong. Something is wrong which you don’t want to tell me, I don’t know what it is but I feel you are deliberately going away from Naren’s life, and if you’re really doing all this for Naren’s happiness then I am proud of you but if you did this marriage only for money then you will fall down in my eyes. So tell me the truth. Ankita says I married only for money, I needed money and that’s the truth. I wanted to see my sibling’s future, I wanted them to be happy. I was tired of running around all day, I was tired and I wanted to live happy too and live my life happily. Naren proposed me and I accepted it because I thought he had lots of money and could fulfill my wishes and that’s why I took such a big step. One way my wishes were being fulfilled and also Naren’s treatment was going on and that’s it. Ankita turns around and says I should have told you all of this earlier but you got so emotional in my wedding that I couldn’t say anything. I’m sorry if you were troubled because of me. Archana says something is not right Ankita, Archana leaves. Ankita is crying.

Deshmukh House

Pia and Pari are in their room. Pia says I don’t believe this, we sometimes make mistakes in indentifying people. What did we think about Ankita and see what she turned out as. You know aai is so upset at all this. Pari says she was my friend, I was so close to her but I couldn’t identify her so who else would? But you know what the biggest sadness is? That I was sacrificing my love for a girl like this, you know Pia how I kept Naren away from me, his health was bad and that’s why I didn’t go near him. Just for Ankita and she? Pia says Pari relax, calm down. Sit down, we won’t talk about her, we’ll talk about you. Tell me what have you thought, what will you do in the future? Pari says in the future? In the future I want to marry Naren. Pia says but you haven’t told him anything yet, he proposed you but you didn’t reply to it. Pari says Pia I didn’t marry Shekhar, that’s my answer. Pia says yes but it’s not enough, you’ll have to express your feelings. You guys have had so many misunderstandings, you’ll have to clear that. Pari says you’re right, I’ll go right now. Pia says relax, don’t get so excited. It’s so late at night, you should go tomorrow. Pari smiles and says yes I’ll go tomorrow morning.

Shekhar’s house

Shekhar and his parents are at their home. Shekhar’s mom says so Pari refused to marry? Shekhar says mom sometimes a person is very quiet and they still say it a lot, Pari never told me that she loved Naren or that she wants to live with him. In her eyes it shows and Naren loves her a too. When those 2 love each other a lot then I am no one to come in between and that’s why I should go. Both of them are my good friends and the most true thing is none of them are at fault. Shekhar’s dad says but Shekhar Pari also. How many times will she play with your feelings? If she decides once then we will know what to do. Shekhar says no baba this is not Pari’s fault, circumstances are such that Pari has to make this decision. Pari has always done what she felt is right. I have no right on her decision. Shekhar’s mom says and Ankita, what about her? As much as I have seen her and understood her, she loves Naren a lot and then all of a sudden? Shekhar thinks to himself, I’m also confused at Ankita’s behavior, there is something that Ankita is hiding from me. Shekhar looks confused.

Precap: Naren, Rushali and Kinnari are at their house. Mansi and Shashank are over visiting. Mansi says I’m the person who your brother. I’m the girl who my sister gave justice to, she filed a case against Raunaq for me and do you know who stood with tai at that time? You. Naren looks angry.

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