Pavitra Rishta 2nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 2nd April 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 2nd April 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with Archana doing the Gudi Parwa’s puja. All the family members look smilingly. Archana explains to Pushti about the importance of the Gudi Parwa’s puja. She gives prasad to all the family members. Pia takes Savita and Sulochana’s photo, then take everyone’s photos. Archana asks Savita about her family attending the puja. Savita says, it is Pia’s miracle.

Pia comes to Pari and says Happy Gudi Parwa. She gives her prasad. She says, I was thinking about Aman. I think we can search him. There might a way to him. He might have told his fake name but his face will be the same. Pari says, I searched for him everywhere but I didn’t find him. I searched on the net too. When I went to his college, I came to know that he don’t study there. He cheated me in every way. I don’t want to talk about him. I don’t want to search him. He means nothing to me.

Naren tries to recall Aman. He says, who is he? He might have met me in London. He starts searching. Pia sees Aman’s photo and it is Naren. Pia says, I won’t accept defeat. I saw him somewhere. I promise that I will return your happiness. Naren gets some letters. It is written Ahana plus Aman forever. He asks Ankita to remember who is Aman. Ankita is shocked. She says, he is our friend. He went from our life. Naren says, I didn’t recall him. Ankita asks, who is important for you, me or Aman. Naren says sorry. Ankita reminds him to take her to Soham’s house. Ankita and Naren leaves.

Pari is working on the laptop and thinks of Pia’s words. She hears music in the hall. Pia and Pushti dance on the marathi song. Everyone are enjoying their dance. Pari comes outside and looks at them. Pia misses her mom and says I missed this moments like mom. She thanks God. Pari leaves. Pia says, I will find Aman anyhow.

Ankita and Naren come to Soham’s house and greets everyone. Shashank gives prasad to Mansi. Mansi eats it shyly. Ankita looks smilingly. Mansi asks Shashank to go.

Mansi tells Ankita that they have decided to start their family and are moving ahead in life. Ankita is happy and hugs Mansi. Mansi credits Ankita for everyone’s happiness. Naren asks Ankita to make Lauke Ki Sabki. Ankita says, it is nearly ready.

Soham asks someone to give the money. He sees Varun Dhawan giving autographs and steals his wallet. He gives the wallet to the shopkeeper but the wallet is empty. Varun Dhawan comes to the shop and take out Soham’s wallet. Soham is surprised that his wallet is stolen by the hero. Soham calls Naren and says hero has taken my money. Please come and take me. I don’t have money. Varun comes to promote his film Main Tera Hero. Ankita and Naren come there. Naren asks Varun to return his father in law’s wallet.

Varun identifies Naren and says we met in London. You were with that girl. Varun says, she is not Ahana. Soham takes Naren to the side. Ankita says sorry to Varun and says Naren’s mental condition is not alright. She tells everything. Varun says, I didn’t know this. Ankita says, you have seen Ahana. Can you tell me about her. Varun says, she was tall and bubbly. I will recognize her if she comes infront of me. Ankita says, Ahana is not alive.

Varun says, I am sure that Naren will be out of the trauma soon and you will get him out. You are a hero in his life. I am sure that you will succeed. Ankita wishes him good luck for his film. Varun gives ticket to Soham. Soham is shocked that he took away 200 Rs.

Pushti looks at the food and gets excited. Manav says, this food is not for you. Your food will be decided by me. Archana asks Manav not to tease Pushti and asks her to eat whatever she likes. She tells Pia that food seems to be nice. Neena says, food is authentic marathi food. She says, investors are going to come naa. Manav and Archana look puzzled.

It seems Ovi had an accident. Soham lifts her from the road and sit in the taxi for going to the hospital. He cries hugging her.

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