Pavitra Rishta 2nd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 2nd April 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 2nd April 2013 Written Update

Holi is being celebrated .Purvi is standing alone when Soham ( his face totally covered in colours ) puts holi clour on her and wishes her happy holi. He tells her that he is Soham and has come to wish her .Purvi is extremely happy to see him there but Soham tells her to be quiet or else the rest of the family will call the police and send him to jail again .
Arjun is watching Purvi from a distance .He wants to talk to her . He is about to go to her but Purvi runs to Onir and hugs him as she is very happy after seeing Soham .
Onir feels happy with this sudden affection from Purvi and hugs her back . Purvi realizes that she is hugging him and then she pulls herself back …
Arjun is watching all this .

Mital and Punni arrive in his car to join the rest of the family .Vinod and Manju greet them but Savita and Sulochna avoid them . Mital tells Punni that the only reason why he is here is so that Punni can stay close to her Aaji and get her singatures o nthe porperty papers .He tells Punni to go and be all nice to Sulochna .Punni goes and takes blessings from Sulochna and Savita .They wish her but then they avoid her and go somewhere else .

Arjun was standing with Ovi and Savita and looking at Pari ( who is in Ovi’s arms ) when he sees Purvi standing alone ..He decides that now the time has come for him to ask some questions …

Arjun drags Purvi to the roof top where he can be alone with her .Purvi is shocked at the way he is behaving and asks him why he bought her here .
Arjun asks her if the DNA test was accurate and Purvi answers ‘ of course it was and he is Pari’s daddy ‘ .Now Arjun asks , ” who is Pari’s mother ? ”
Purvi is silent so Arjun repeats his question, ‘ Who is Pari’s mother , you or Ovi ?’ When Purvi still does not answer , Arjun screams at Purvi very loudly to answer him .
The way he holds her arms and shakes her to give him an answer , Purvi gets scared …He is in a pretty bad mood
A scared Purvi starts crying and tells him to stop hurting her ..
.Arjun sarcastically remarks , if he is the one who is hurting her ?
Again he questions ‘ Is Pari our daughter ? ”

Purvi lies to Arjun that obviously Ovi is the mother as he is Pari’s dad .
Arjun then asks Purvi why she is always running after Pari whenever Pari cries and why she is always so sttracted to the baby .
Purvi tries to walk away saying that she does not have to answer these questions but Arjun does not lets her walk away .He tells her firmly that she owes him to tell the truth and it is important that he knows these answers .
He tells her that he has seen the CCTV footage where she and Onir have talked about Pari being his and Purvi’s daughter but wants to hear this from Purvi ..
he again yells at Purvi to tell him the truth and finally Purvi breaks down and tells him that Pari is indeed his and Purvi’s daughter …

Arjun is looking very shaken up .He asks Purvi why she did this tohim ? Has he ever wronged her , ever hurt her ? So why is she treating him this way .he tells her that he has d9one everything the way she told him to but still she was hiding something as big as this from him …
Purvi tells him that she did not tell him because she wnated to save his marriage with Ovi and that is why she went to Kolkota where Onir came in her life and he accepted her with her past .
Then the accident happened and Ovi lost her child and she decided to give her baby to Ovi .She says that she gave Pari to Ovi to save Ovi or else Ovi would have gone in depression .
Arjun wants to know why she is doing so many sacrifices and she says that she is doing this for her family and no one should ever know the truth ..

Arjun says that he cannot let her sacrifice anymore and he is going to tell Ovi the truth or else Ovi will never let Pari be close to Purvi but Purvi says that Ovi will always love Pari and he too will be there with Pari .She strictly tells him that he is not to tell the truth to anyone and then she runs away leaving a shocked and confused Arjun just holding his head …

Holi function is over now .The Deshmukh family is now relaxing in their home .Ovi is holding Pari. Looking at Ovi and Pari , Purvi thinks that now Pari has spend her first holi with Ovi and Ovi looks so happy and so does the rest of the family .This is what Purvi always wanted and that is why she gave up Pari to Ovi .Arjun is also standing , he is looking so emotional and wants to tell Ovi the truth as he cannot see Purvi sacrifice her happiness any more .He goes to Ovi but when he sees her with Pari in her arms , he just cannot tell her the truth .he is afraid that the truth will totally shatter her .
Onir can see that Purvi is looking very tense ..Both Onir and Purvi are about to leave but Manav stops them and tells them to have dinner first .Savita also tells Punni ( who is about to go down as Mital is waiting for her ) to have dinner first and then go …

Now Arjun wants to know who send him the CD. He thinks it could be Mital .Arjun goes down to talk to Mital …

Mital is waiting down near his car .Arjun goes to him and tells him to take it easy and stop trying to put Onir behind bars as Onir has been proven innocent .
Mital says that Onir is not innocent and he had the proof in a CD but Onir broke that CD .Still Mital is very sure that he will prove Onir guilty one day as it was because of Onir that Mital had to go to jail ..Arjun is looking very worried now …

Precap : Purvi is telling Onir that their worst fears have come true and Arjun knows that the truth that Pari is his and Purvi’s child .Onir looks shocked…..

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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