Pavitra Rishta 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kinnari asking Ashi to eat food. Ashi refuses to eat anything. Kinnari tells her that she doesn’t have patience and says let it be. Pari comes and says her head is paining and asks her to bring the tablet. Kinnari tells her that Ashi is not eating and waiting for Naren. She goes inside. Pari scolds Ashi and tells her that Naren is in the office. Kinnari brings the medicines and gives to Pari. Pari takes the tablet and goes inside. Ashi asks Pari to comb her hair. Pari asks Kinnari to braid her hair. Ashi tells Vaishnavi and Ankita that her Dada went to office early. Ankita says, meeting was late today. She asks Prashant. Prashant tells her that Naren is not in the office. Ankita wonders where is Naren then. She gets a call. She tells Prashant that Naren is in Jail shocking them. He has accepted his crime. Ankita thinks he accepted it because of you sayings. Pari accuses Ankita and tells her that she will prove that Naren did this under your influence.

Pari comes to meet Naren and asks him to take the statement back. She reminds him that case will be reopened and police will reach her. Naren says, I am doing this as it is right. Pari says, you are doing this as you are upset with me. Naren says, I am at peace after surrending to the Police. Pari asks him to come back and do as she says. Naren says, you can’t bear that Ankita is ahead of you and I can’t bear my guilt. We both are in pain. I am happy that Ankita is happy and she got justice. Pari says, it means you are doing this for Ankita’s peace. Naren says, I am doing this for my peace.

Ankita comes to the Police station to meet Naren. She gets sad looking at him. Naren asks, are you happy now that I have accepted my crime and got justice for Ranvijay. You were right. I should have accepted it long back. I am feeling relief now. Ankita asks him, did you really do the accident. I can’t believe. Naren asks, do you belief me? Ankita leaves. She thinks her duty has won but love failed.

Pari calls the lawyer and says she wants to talk to him regarding the case. Rushaali comes and tells Pari, how can you be so calm as Naren is in jail. Pari says, I am tensed. She tells her that she didn’t ask him to confess the crime. Rushaali reminds her that the accident was done by her. Pari closes the door. Rushaali tells her that you would have surrender to the police and get Naren freed. She tells her that Naren is her son and you are my daughter in law. Pari asks, do you want me to face the punishment. Rushaali says ofcourse. Pari says, your son don’t want me to get jailed. If you try to get me punish then you have to face him. She tells her that she is going to meet the lawyer to get Naren freed. Rushaali thinks how can she be so casual.

Ankita tells a story to Ashi. Ashi says, she is waiting for her Dada. Pari comes and asks Ashi to sleep. Ankita asks Pari not to tell anything to Ashi. Pari tells Ashi that Ankita sent Naren to Jail. Ankita tries to stop her. Ashi says, Mumma can’t put my dada in jail and asks Ankita to say. Pari asks Ankita to answer Ashi. Ankita tells her that your dada won’t come today. Ashi gets angry and says you are very bad. Pari tells Ankita that she told Ashi as she wants Ashi to hate her. Ankita says, I really can’t believe that you are Manav and Archana’s grand daughter. Pari says, she is very bad and will not leave her. Vaishnavi comes and tells Ankita that Ashi is not talking to her. Ankita asks her to sleep.

Savita gives tea to Manav. Manav says, you knows when I want it. Savita says, I know that you are tensed about Naren and Pari. Manav says, I am really worried. Savita says, let Naren bear the punishment. If anything happens to Ranvijay then Naren might get life imprisonment or death sentence. Rushaali hears it and gets tensed. Manav tells Savita that the case will be solved soon as Naren took the blame. He feels bad about him. Rushaali gets shocked. She thinks she won’t let it happen as Pari did the accident.

Ankita comes to Ranvijay and tells him that Naren has accepted his crime and is in jail. She says, she brought sweets for him. You got justice today. I can tell your family that the guilty is punished. Naren sir is in jail. I am feeling as something wrong is happening. She tells that she doesn’t know what is happening. Something is bothering her. She asks him to say something. Rushaali calls Ankita and tells that she wants to tell something about Ranvijay’s accident. She disconnects the call. Ankita comes home. Rushaali keeps something outside the door and goes. Ankita opens the door and finds the envelope containing the CD. She sees the recording and gets shocked.

Pari tells Ankita that she don’t think Ranvijay will get out of coma or not and asks do you need a child from my husband. Ankita slaps her hard.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. omg way to go ankita love that precap u slap that mad woman pari lol

  2. oh my god ! FINALLY pari will be going to jail and rushali or what ever will accept ankita as her daughter in law but i am worry about ashi will she forgive ankita . i hope so because she will thank ankita that pari is out of her like

  3. Imagine this show started to go very well now that it’s on its way out! Will miss even Pari…..I Love To hate her!

  4. both are b*t*hes Ankita to try snatch and act smart infront of every one to get attention
    Pari lost alot because of half brain man Narren her unborn child

  5. writerji is in ruber factory this show started at 2009 ,now 2014 ruber long

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