Pavitra Rishta 29th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 29th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rushaali showing contract papers to Ankita and says according to this contract when Naren gets well. This contract will lapse and you will be no longer his wife. We will give you good bonus. Ankita asks her to stop it. She says, I married him for money, but now I loves him. She says, you cheated me. She says, one day will come when Naren will recognize her. Rushaali says, Naren doesn’t love you and why can’t you understand he can’t be happy with you. His love is Pari and his happiness lies with her.

She emotionally blackmails her and asks her to leave Naren for Pari. She asks her to sacrifice her love for Pari. Ankita refuses to sacrifice. Rushaali says, Naren used to love you, but he didn’t see you like that. Ankita is teary eyed. Rushaali asks, what do you want. Do you want him to get mad and love you. She says, if the answer is yes then you are a selfish girl. You are hoping that Naren will come back to you. She asks her to leave Naren. Let him be with Pari. She asks her to leave before Naren comes down.

Doctor tells Ankita that I came to discuss Naren’s case with you. He says, I know you loves him so much. And says his brain has gone through so many traumas. He was critical, and thanks to Pari he got well. He says, he can’t bear any shock and can get mad if he didn’t get what he wants. He asks her to listen and implement his demands. Ankita gets tensed.

Shashank tells Mansi to sleep with Ankita. Ankita asks, what happened to you. Shashank says, Mannu is fine. Mansi smiles. Shashank says, you are going to be Maasi. Ankita gets happy. She asks Mansi, why you didn’t tell me. She hugs her and says congrats. Ankita was about to tell her about her pregnancy, but stops. In the night, Ankita thinks I can’t tell anyone that I am pregnant.

Mansi thinks of Shashank’s mom words that may be this child is of Raunaq. Mansi and Ankita turn towards each other. Mansi thinks, she shall not trouble Ankita. She says, I know you are tensed. Believe me Naren jiju will be yours and we are with you. Ankita asks her to sleep.

Naren comes to the Chawl to meet Pari. He asks Ahana to open the door. Pari closes the windows. Naren asks her to talk to him. He knocks on the door and asks Pari to pick his call. Ankita and Mansi wake up too hearing Naren’s voice. Naren says I won’t go from here. They look at him from their window. Naren sits outside her house. Ankita feels bad and cries. He sleeps there. Ankita cries looking at him. Manzilein Ruswa plays…………………….. Pari looks at him too. Ankita takes blanket and goes to cover him.

Pari looks at them. Ankita thinks she is related to him and nothing can change her love. She says I love you. Pari thinks I can’t compare myself with Ankita. In the morning Naren wakes up. Ankita is fetching water from the tap water and looks at Naren. He wakes up and thinks of Ahana. Pari asks him to go. Naren says, tell me that you loves me. Pari says, I don’t love you. Naren asks, then who covered me with blanket. Pari says ankita. She says, Ankita is your wife. Naren is stunned. She says, she deserves you. Naren looks at Ankita and leaves.

Ankita goes to her house and thinks of Naren’s words that their marriage was a fraud. She says, why you are hurting me. You said that I am not your wife. How can you forget your promise. She says, what about our relation. We are husband and wife and staying as strangers. What about our child. Where to go?

Rushaali comes to Naren and says this is not done. You spend a night in the chawl. She says, you are Naren Karmarkar. Naren says, Pari is important for me. She didn’t come to meet me even once. Rushaali asks him to have breakfast. Naren says, I am not hungry.

Pia comes to Pari. She asks are you sure that you are doing the right thing. Pia says, this family is ours. You can’t marry Shekhar without their knowledge. Pari says, this is my helplessness. I have to marry Shekhar soon. Naren will accept ankita then. Pia says, I don’t think that naren loves Ankita. Pari says, but Ankita loves him. Pari says, Ankita’s love is more than her’s. She accepted Naren when Naren was unwell mentally. She says, her love is very selfless. They are married and marriage can’t be broken like that. Pia says, I can understand, but will you be happy with compromising.

Pari says, I will be as I know Shekhar is my good friend and he will keep me happy. She says, Shekhar knows about my past and wants to accept me. Pia says, just think about it once. Archana asks, what are you talking? Pia says, she is coming with you to my restaurant for a seminar. Archana says it is good and asks them to enjoy. Pari hugs Archana and thinks please forgive me. Archana asks what happened. Pari says, nothing.

Shekhar’s mom calls Naren and tells him that Shekhar is getting married to Pari Deshmukh in court. Naren gets shocked.

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  1. seems moral does not play a part in this serial

    1. Since when did it ever?

  2. crap, annoying and dragging why cant Ankita just open her mouth and say she is pregnant to anyone instead of her to cry all the time I am fed up with Ankita crap

  3. Another love triangle. No morals nowadays. Ekta please dont you have another story line. U r a sadist.

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