Pavitra Rishta 29th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 29th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naren’s Room

Archana tells Pari to stop blaming Naren as he would never hurt his child deliberately .She says that in this moment of grief , Pari and Naren should support each other instead of Pari blaming him .
Pari says that she is unable to do this as she feels empty inside .
Archana tells Pari that she has to have faith in God and one day God will listen to her and give her a child .
Pari calls herslef an unlucky person who always had to struggle for happiness .She says that she never got her father’s love in her childhood and then after meeting Naren she seperated from him for one a half year ..Then they fought the whole world and got married and now this tragedy happened in her life . She says that being a mother is the biggest happiness and she cannot have

that .
Archana tells Pari how she lost her first child because Manav could not even afford proper medicines for her but now she has a lovely family and all has been sorted out .
She tells Pari not to lose hope .
Manav also comes in and tells Pari to listen to her Aaji .
Pari wants to join work in Manav’s compnay as she really wants to get out of the house .
Both Manav and Archana think that this is a good idea .
Manav gets a call from Prashant . He gives Manav the happy news that Mansi had a baby girl .
Manav congratulates Prashant as he is now a Mama .Then Manav gives the news to Archana ..Pari gets sad to hear this and Archana hugs her …

It is late night and Pari is in bed .
Naren brings dinner for her as she did not eat .He tries to feed her with his hands but she tells him that she does not wish to eat and is sleepy .
Naren apologizes to her for his mistakes , he blames himself for her situation but he says that he did not do anything deliberately …he is about to say more but an angry Pari cuts him off and says that she wants to sleep .
She turns her face away from him and goes to sleep ..A very depressed Naren takes the dinner away and tries to sleep as well..he sees a little toy car in the room and that makes him even more depressed ..

Naren has a dream .He dreams of a little baby in the nursery of his house ( the nursery hat he had decorated for his child ) .He looks happy to see the baby but then the baby disappears .
Naren wakes up and is feeling helpless and sad .

Viashnavi’s Room

Ankita is trying to put Vaishu to sleep . She wants to know more about Naren Uncle .Ankita tells her that Naren Uncle used to love Cactus plants …
Ranvijay comes in and tells Vaishanvi to go to sleep .
Vaishanvi tells him that she now wants to know about her mother .
Ranvijay comes in the room and sits on the bed next to his daughter ..
He tells her that her mother was just as beautiful as her and she was also stubborn . A smile comes on Ranvijay’s face as he talks about his late wife .
Ankita too listens with interest smiling the way he lovingly described Divya .
He tells Vaishu that her mother used to fight with him for so many things but he was her life and she loved him a lot .
She used to get ready every evening and then wait for her husband and would just talk about him all day .
Little Vaishu goes to sleep .
Ankita tells Ranvijay that she had never heard of him talking about his late wife . She says that it is lovely feeling to talk about the person who you love .
Ranvijay says the he too never heard her talk about her husband ..He then says that talking about past will only give you pain because the person who has left your life is never coming back …thinking about this will only hurt you eventually .
Ankita says that sometimes it is not just death but situations that seperate two people and it is impossible to get back what you had .She tells him that all she has is memories of Naren …
She tells him about her siblings …their names and also tells him that her sister was expecting a baby when she left her …
Ranvijay gives her a smile and tells her that she should also sleep as it is late …

Hospital Room

Mansi’s little daughter is a cradle .She is such a cute chubby little baby .
Her family is there to congratulate Mansi , Shashank proudly looks at his daughter and tells Mansi that the little one is a replica of her mother ..
Archana kisses the baby .
Sulochna tells the proud parents that they have Lakshmi in their house now .
Mansi looks beautiful and very happy but then she talks about Ankita and how much she misses having her sister with her today .
Teju suggests that they should celebrate this event along with Manav and Archana’s anniverary tomorrow .
Mansi asks about Pari and how Pari is doing after the miscarriage .
Archana tells her that Pari is trying to cope with the tragedy .
Prashant says that this had to happen …as Pari took away the father of Ankita’s baby , God took away Pari’s baby .
Mansi shouts at Prashant .
There is an awkward silence .Archana tells Mansi to come for the celebratin as she would be discharged by tomorrow .

Manav and Archana’s room .

Archana is getting ready for the anniversary .She is wearing a lovely red saree . Manav says that she is getting more beautiful with each passing day .
Archana says that he too is looking handsome and she keeps hearing how he is always surrounded with girls in his office and she gets jealous ..
Manav says that the girls are there but they don’t stick around for long …
They both have a good laugh .
Archana lovingly teases him that even now he cannot fix his tie properly .He says that he deliberately doesn’t so that she will do it for him . He tells her that he always wants to be with her and wants to even die looking at her ..
Archana tells him off for talking like this .
He tells her that he has some special moments planned for him for tonights occasion …

Manav and Archana enter the hall where their anniversary part has been planned .The whole family greets them .
Naren and Pari also come .
Manav and Archana take ashirwaad from Sulochna and Savita .
Mansi comes in with her baby and she sits down .
Pari looks on Mansi’s baby sadly …Naren too is looking at them .
Pari takes the baby in her arms and then gives it back to Mansi and tells her that the baby is lovely . She also congratulates Shashank .
Shashank tells her that he is sorry to hear about her loss…

Pari tells Mansi that she knows that Mansi feel that Ankita has suffered because of Pari and she had to leave the city because of her that Pari took Ankita’s happiness and what not but in real it is Pari whose life has been ruined …
Pari says that she wonders who cursed her , your sister ( Ankita ) or you ?
Mansi looks disturbed to hear this but she keeps quiet .
Rushali takes Pari away and tells her to stop wasting her time in this kind of a conversation and to go and talk to Manav about convincing some investors to invest in Naren’s business as the investment could be worth millions ..
Pari says that she will talk to Manav .

Manav makes a speech .He first welcomes the little one and then thanks Archana for being a loving and supportive wife to him for so many years .He says that today he wants to give Archana a very special gift .

Precap : Pari is talking to Manav that he should convince the investors to invest in Naren’s company .Manav questions Naren that he did not tell Pari anything >
Pari wants to know what did Naren did not tell her ?

Update Credit to: Tanyaz

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  1. 1st and congrats mansi

  2. i am so happy for Mansi but i wish ankita can have that same happiness

  3. Pri is just a Crazy as Naren. They deserve each other. Two Nuts!

  4. Pari and Naren deserves what they have and that crazy Naren should suffer more and I hope Ankita life chage for the better when she gets her baby and forget that mad ass NAren

  5. Hi! I have four things on my mind.
    1. Congrats to mansi!
    2. Ankita should forget naren as he had forgotten her (can I get a amen to that?)
    3. Congrats to manav and archana on their anniversary.
    4. Ha ha ha serves naren and pari right! For once the writers put a little bit of sense to this serial! (CAN I GET A THANK U)

  6. Hi Nalini are you still at the Books, girl take a break and have your dinner the time is11.20 pm 1st pari is so darn rude now she trying to tell Mansi that some one wish her bad, if that is way she think let it be, naren should shave off the hair on his face his nose is showing to big Good Luck to daddy and mommy also baby Mansi ,To Grand Ma and Grand Pa Happy Happy Anniversary. pari give naren bad luck now he is a looser she lost his baby he is loosing all his clients, now rushaali that mother in law is trying to tell pari dont waste time talking to Mansi , she must ask Manav to help naren to get back some business. she just a user that darn rushaal..GOOD NIGHT. Is the same thing she did Ankita get her married to the darn mad man and then when the mad man get better she then wrote her a cheque and say it was a business deal .

  7. whatever twist they wish to put to this i just want rushali be dealt with and exposed,i wish ankita and naren get back toghethersome one should find ankita and tell achana

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