Pavitra Rishta 29th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 29th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ashi and Vaishnavi fighting while playing. Ashi goes to her home. Vaishnavi then goes to a sweet shop and then sees a lady fighting with shopkeeper for keeping stale sweets, gives him half money and leaves. Vaishnavi thinks of teaching her a lesson, goes and clashed with her and falls. People gather and ask Lady to take her to the hospital. Lady says she is her neighbour and will take care. She gives her money and asks her to buy chocs. Lady is Kinnari’s mom, she meets her and tells her about the incident. She says girl is Vaisnavi who came with Ankita. Lady says she would have not given her money if she knew about it and asks her to come with her instead of staying in a chawl. Kinnari says she cannot come as she is helping Pari who wants Ankita get out and once she Ankita is out, Manav’s property will be Pari’s, then she can also enjoy the luxuries. She asks her to give some money till then. Lady says she is shameless to ask money after marriage. Kinnari says she needs 20 k for shopping. Lady agrees hesitantly. Kinnari asks her to given an idea to send Ankita back to Banaras. Lady says she should force Vaishnavi go back to Banaras, then Ankita will go behind her. She asks her to divert Ankita’s attention from company towards Vaishanvi, she herself will leave the company.

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Mansi serves food to Manav and Teju. She asks about Vaishnavi. Manav says she has gone out. Teju says she sent her to bring salt. Kinnari and her mom joins Manav for lunch. Mom asks about Ankita and Archana and then says she is happy that Kinnari is staying with you people. She praises Manav for helping Kinnari and Karmarkar family and thanks him, says she says repay him by making Kinnari work for his company and starts buttering him and says he is looking lean, asks Kinnari to take care of Manav. She eats food and praises Mansi for preparing tasty food, says Kinnari to learn it from Mansi. Neighbour drops Vaishnavi and says she forgot house, so he brought her here. Kinnari says Vaishnavi misbehaved with her mom. Vaishnavi says the whole incident happened. Manav asks her to apologize mom and says lady she should not have done that. Vaishanvi asks Mansi to add more salt in food. Ashi says she likes less salt. Mansi says even Ankita likes less sat. Vaishnavi and Ashi start arguing that Ankita loves more. Manav asks how did she forgot house address. Mom says usually village people forget addresses. Vaishnavi says she will remember from now on. Mom says Kinnari that she should teach this kid lesson. Pari comes home and Manav asks her to have food. She says she is busy and gets in. Teju says she is still angry about Ankita becoming MD.

Vaishnavi asks Mansi about Ankita. Ankita says she will come tomorrow. Vaishnavi says she will play with doll till then. Kinnari comes there and Teju asks if she came to cut vegetables. Kinnari says no and says she can take kids out. She says she hates them, but then says she loves them a lot. Mansi hesitates to send kids with her, but agrees on Teju’s insistence. Kinnari’s mom asks her to do her work carefully.

Kinnari takes kids to a park and they start playing. They ask her to buy balloon. She scolds them, but then buys them balloons. She thinks of executing her mom’s plan and thinks what if someone sees her. She asks Vaishnavi to come with her and takes her to a swinger. While vaishnavi is busy playing, she gets kids icecream and tries to take them home witout Vaishnavi when Naren comes there. She gets tensed and thinks what to answer if he asks about Vaishnavi. Naren takes kids home leaving Vaishnavi in a park.

Precap: Manav says both Ankita and Pari are his grandaughters and if he pleases one, another will get angry. He then promotes Neeli Chatri Wale serial.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. another boring episode

  2. this show is getting really boring i wonder when it will end

  3. i might get grey hair waiting on the end to come for God sake please end this show i have been watching for 7 years now i am getting tired

  4. Boring. Boring Borrrring

  5. I don’t have a problem with this show ,but I think they should learn new ideas because its getting boring

  6. This is so slow , show goes from one thing to the other. Where is Soham? When will his story finish? Who writes this crap? Fire them!

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