Pavitra Rishta 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 28th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Arjun coming to Purvi’s hotel room. Purvi opens the door and asks, why he is here? She says I don’t want to talk to you. Arjun says I want to talk to you, you have to answer me and you can’t leave like this. Purvi says, what is the use of talk now. Arjun says he wants to talk to her regarding their daughter Pari. I didn’t see her since 20 years so I want to know about her. Purvi says she is stubborn like you. Arjun says how is she? Pari says she is like her. Arjun says he saw her photo and says her nose is good like you. Purvi is packing her stuff, Arjun holds his hand and asks, did you like my nose. Purvi says yes, I liked it once. Purvi says she likes him because of his nose. Arjun asks Purvi to tell more about Pari as she started work very early. Purvi says she is focussed on work unlike you. Arjun says I loved only you since 20 years and you are telling I am not focussed. Nothing have changed, me or my love. He asks her, whether she will meet him before going. Purvi says she wants to go away from him as he didn’t talk to them over the years. She says you may have given us a good life. She says she will be happy in Canada and may forget him. Arjun says it means you won’t stay here. Purvi says she is going back to Canada after the conference. Arjun is heart broken and leaves. Purvi tells that she can’t go back to his life again.

Manav, Archana, Sulochana, Savita, and Teju come to their old Chawl. Old neighbours greets them and Savita recalls the past moments of them in Chawl. Soham tells his friend that he will have free food in the wedding today. Savita sees him from backside but didn’t recognise him. Savita tells Teju that they will dance too. Soham is dancing with handkerchief on his face. Savita praises him and recalls the old moments. Savita promotes Zee Rishtey Awards. Naren asks his driver to drive fast and says he is going with Ahana to take God’s blessings. Ankita is waiting for Naren outside the temple. Naren calls her and says he will reach in 15-20 mins because of traffic jam. He asks her to go inside when aarti starts and take the prasad for him. Ankita says she will pray on behalf of him.

Ankita enters the temple, while Archana and Sulochana enters the temple from the other gate. Everyone are praying while the aarti is going on. Archana says she will do the parikrama. Ankita is also doing the parikrama. Sulochana sees Ankita and Archana doing the parikrama and wonders what she is seeing? After Archana comes, Sulochana signs her to see Ankita. Archana is shocked to see her lookalike and thinks she is Ankita. She recalls Purvi’s words. Archana calls Ankita by her name and Ankita is also shocked to see her.

Ankita recognises her as Archana Deshmukh. Archana asks do you know me? Ankita says she works for Arjun’s company and once saw her photo in the company profile. She says she is happy to see her. Ankita says you looks exactly like me. When Purvi maam saw me, she was shocked. Archana says you looks like me. Sulochana says you have some relation with us. Ankita says Arjun says the same but it isn’t. Archana blesses her. Ankita thanks her and takes their blessings. She gets Naren’s call but the call gets disconnects. Archana asks, shall we drop you? Ankita says she will go. Naren comes there and sees Archana and Ankita. He gets surprised. Ankita says she is actually related to Arjun sir family. Naren says it is very strange that her face looks like you. Naren tells them that Arjun is like his family. He invites them for their marriage. Ankita leaves with Naren while Archana and Sulochana looks at them smilingly.

Ankita tells Mansi that it is not good as Deshmukh family is taking up their responsibility. It seems strange and I don’t want them to take our responsibilty forcibly..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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