Pavitra Rishta 28th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 28th March 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 28th March 2013 Written Update

episode begins with…Punni watching the cctv footage of purvi and onir talking at the hospital.. she copies the files and says she wont make a mistake like mittal , and will keep copies n use it as n when she desires and with the help of this she will get what she wants..

at the hospital soham n purvi talking, purvi tells soham that he can come back home, she goes on to say, it is very evident that he has changed and that he is repenting for what he has done, he leaves but purvi stops him n says he has to come back home, he declines, but purvi insists n says one day or the other he has to return home, soham is worried abt manav, but purvi assures him and tells him to trust his sister.

at the D house, savita ajee tells evry1 to gather for prayer, they then notice purvi, purvi brings soham into the D house, saying that there is another person who will now pray along with them for archana’s recovery. everybody is shocked and not very happy with it.

manav is furious, asks her why she has brot him here, he is the reason archu is in a coma.. there is no place for him in this house, purvi says soham has changed, he even met ayee at the hospital.. manav gets wild, holds soham by the collar n asks him how dare he visit her at the hospital, soham says she is my ayee n wanted to know if she was ok.. manav’s temper rises, he tells him not to call archu ayee.. and that he is only balan’s son.. when archu left no stone unturned to change him and make him her son, he turned away.. and so he doesn’t deserve to be in this house now.. even sachin scolds soham n when purvi interves, sachin scolds her as well.. a sad savita tearfully tells soham to leave.. purvi says that soham desrves a second chance, but manav scolds her and says he didnt expect her to do this, she also is doing wrong to archu coz soham is the reason she is in a coma.

manav goes to his room, sachin consoles n calms him.. sunny then comes there n gives him tea saying teju had told him that manav prefers tea in stressful situations.. he then goes on to say soham must really be repenting n needs a family. he then says how he doesn’t miss his family coz he has such a great family here. manav then goes to savita to talk abt teju n sunny.. he then syas he doesn’t want history to repeat.. and what hapnd to him n archu shud not happen to them.. and that 2 lovers shud not be separated..

on the other end balan is waiting for soham to get out for jail, so that he can take him back to their village.

soham is waiting outside varsha’s house at the chawl.. she returns from work n is delighted to see him,.. they get into the house.. he tells her he met archana, and then the incident at the D house.. soham says he just went for purvi’s sake, varsha tells him, that eventually he will win their hearts.. he then questions her, why she is living right in front of K house.. she says she is in same state as he is and sulo didnt accept her.. she then tells him she is working now, and soham says he has applied for work too.. he asks her if she bailed him out of jail.. varsha says she didnt, could be balan, but soham says its not him.. they both wonder who it could be…

PRECAP: sulo telling purvi that she(varsha) will have to work hard n do the right things if she has to get back into their family.

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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