Pavitra Rishta 28th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 28th August 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 28th August 2013 Written Update

archana talking to manav..he tells her the best moment of his life was when he fell in love with her..and she says all her happiness is only thro him.. the doc comes n tells them that manav can be discharged n asks archu to accompany him so that he explains abt d meds..
soham confronts Gauri and asks her why she never mentioned abt sandeep.. he is angry that she didnt share this with him.. he says she has always helped him n now is not giving him a chance to help her. she says she didnt want him to get all worked up n become vishnu again.. soham says he will never become vishnu n that person is dead.. archu overhears n is happy..

gauri then tells him to stay out of trouble n not worry abt her.. soham then thinks to himself, that thats the whole problem, hge cannot stay

from her he always wants to see her happy n worries for her coz… coz… he loves her, he then says ‘arey mujhe tho pyaar hogaya chori se’ (im in love with the girl) and smiles

doc explains to archu that manav shud be given meds n any voilence happens he has to be brot to d hospital..

arjun calls the office n finds out that purvi did not conduct the meeting..
he gets home, purvi is with pari.. arjun comes there angry.. purvi enquires abt the meeting n arjun says, u r asking me? she is confused.. arjun is irritated n says she was supposed to handle d meeting n she didnt.. purvi says she had to pick up meds for baba.. arjun says its also important to take care of baba’s company n says he will handle meetings henceforth.
purvi is with pari n is getting her dressed.. pari has to be at ajees house.. she recalls arjun’s words n thinks that coz nof her carelessness the company had to incur losses, on the other side arjun thinks he shouldn’t have yelled at her.. both decide to apologize..
purvi comes to arjun.. both of them blurt.. im sorry.. and again together try to explain..then smile.. arjun says he is sorry, purvi also says she is sorry n that she took d meeting lightly.. both hug n make up.. purvi says they r friends first n will not quarrel like that anymore.. and hug..

manav reaches home.. all janamashtami prep going on.. savita welcomes him, n everyone is happy to see him.. archu tells manav that she wants soham to do the pooja as it his first pooja. sachin looks at them, and gets annoyed as everyone is talking abt soham.
lord krishna’s pooja is done by all the family menbers by pulling d cradle.. arjun n purvi also join n ovi takes pari…

next day at the hospital, soham comes to collect some reports.. he meets onir there.. soham invites onir home n tells him to join them for d ‘handi’ breaking.. onir passes n says he has he has work at the hospital n leaves.. soham wonders if gauri also has work, he wishes she could see him at the handi breaking func.. he asks abt her n gets to knw she is on leave n he is happy..

sandeep gets a call from mittal that sachin will be meeting him..(also some other doc comes to tell him abt d discharge, he is disappointed dat gauri is not there) sachin comes n soham sees him shaking hands with sandeep..
a ward boy comes n gives soham d reports..

at d chawl.. they are fixing the pot very high n everyone is looking.. arjun looks n tells purvi how things were diff a yr back.. he was competing for d handi n trying to prove he is a able suitor for purvi.. she als adds that abt his working in d garage n he recalls how she used to get food for him… soham gets there n asks abt sachin.. purvi gives him a gift box.. it has a small lord krishna idol.. she says it was on this day she had first met him.. soham gets embarrassed, coz he had abducted her then.. he apologizes, purvi says its fine n says he had been good to her even then n they hug.. arjun wishes him luck for the pot breakingm n says he had a tough time last yr..

soham then goes looking for sachin, he tells sachin that he saw him with sandeep n his father.. n tells him to be cautious with them.. sachin says never to judge a person in haste n that they r his clients.. scene faces on sachin’s face..

PRECAP: gauri is at the chawl with her brother.. he insists on joining soham.. gauri stops him, but soham tells him to sit on his shoulders n that they’l climb together.. gauri is worried.n soham sees them..

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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