Pavitra Rishta 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 27th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Archana asking Manav to book tickets for her to Mumbai. Manav asks, is everything fine? Purvi is fine naa. Archana says she is not fine and her circumstance also is not fine. She is going through the same path which we went through. 20 years back Arjun and purvi got seperated and we didn’t take the initiative to know about it. She says we did a mistake to not know it. Manav says but Arjun is with Ovi. Archana says Arjun didn’t betrayed Purvi. He is innocent. He has been lonely all along. She cries and blames herself. She says Purvi called her and she was crying a lot. She needs Arjun and she is very pained. I want her to be happy and didn’t want her destiny to be like her. Manav says they will go to Mumbai and unite her love back to our daughter. Pari overhears everything. Archana hugs Manav.

Prashant tells Ankita that he got admission in the university. Ankita asks, did you got scholarship. Prashant says Rushaali madam paid the feels and made this possible. Mansi comes and says someone repaid their loan and says shop keeper gave her one month’s stuff. she says she got admission in some institute and says she is excited to work with the designer. Prashant and Mansi gives the credit to Jiju Naren. Prashant says you are lucky to have him. Jiju thinks about us unlike other rich people. Mansi says he loves us and that’s why he is fulfilling the responsibility of tayi. Ankita thinks whether she took the right decision. Ankita sees her siblings happy while they were enjoying the variety of dishes. She thinks they are happy for the first time.Prashant asks for sweets, Mansi asks them to finish dinner first. Shashank comes and says he will have sweets after knowing the good news. He says may be this happiness is for Ankita’s engagement. Prashant tells him that he got admission in the college. Shashank congrats him.

Shashank asks for Ankita and goes to the kitchen. Shashank tells her that he got the news about her engagement from the newspaper. he says atleast I think we are still friends. Ankita says she loves her would be husband Naren. Shashank is hurt but congratulates her. Ankita thanks him. Ankita goes to talk to him but he had already left. Ankita calls Rushaali and asks her to get her marriage done fast. Rushaali gets happy and says she will take out the mahurat. Rushaali asks Raunaq to take care of Naren’s sherwani and shoes.

Teju tells Archana that she will come with her. Neena tells Sachin to stay back. Savita says they will come to India. Archana asks Pari to come. Pari says she will not go and will not allow her mum to go back to Arjun. Archana says she is my daughter and I will unite them. Archana says she will be happy with Arjun. Pari says she suffered a lot and doesn’t want her to suffer anymore. Archana says she will be happy. pari says he will come and hurt her again. He don’t deserve her. Archana says Arjun is living alone since 20 years. he deserve his wife and daughter’s love. I know the truth now and will unite them.

Naren comes to Ankita’s neighbourhood and asks about Ahana. The shopkeeper says she don’t stay here. Mansi and sonu see and greets him. Ankita comes, Naren looks at her and says I came to give you something. Car comes, Ankita says you want to give me car. Naren says no and takes out the BMW plate and sits on his knees. He proposes her and asks her will you be my wife? Ankita smiles at his weird style of proposing her. Naren says this car is for test drive. He gives the cactus plant and says he got it for her. Naren asks, where is your ring. Ankita says it is inside, I will wear it. Rushaali calls Ankita and asks about Naren. Ankita says he left just now and will be reaching home soon. Rushaali thanks her and disconnects the call.

Purvi comes to her hotel and sees Arjun waiting in the lounge. She goes to him.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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