Pavitra Rishta 27th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 27th March 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 27th March 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Onir talking to a person saying that he’ll visit the hospital after that he sees Purvi is crying n tells that men to go while Arjun comes running behind her says he is sorry for Ovi’s behaviour then Purvi cuts him n says no i m became to harsh on her,Purvi says Arjun i have request for you that pls take care of My… n stops after she says take care of Pari bcoz You n Ovi are very lucky to have her.
Arjun says yes i do will take care of her n i know that you have lost your child if anybody would have been in ur’s place she could had done the same then Purvi goes n Ovi is looking all this from far.
Scene shifts to Varsha where Balan is knocking her house’s door very hardly she opens n says to go closes it but Balan again tries to knock it then Chawl people says Who is this Drunk Man? n Whats he doing here?then he says i m Balan n i can do anything Sulochana sees it goes there,While Varsha says i m living my life peacefully so pls go from here then Balan says i have came here to make my bills proper,Varsha says i m not your anything now so don’t interfere in my life again then Balan takes her hand n starts walking,Sulochana comes says Leave her hand but Balan doesn’t then she screams after it Balan leaves her hand n tells him to leave.Sulochana is going then Varsha says thank you to her Sulochana says You go from here n pls let us live our life peacefully with no more Badnami of the family then she says what happened its gone n i don’t want my family suffer more bcoz of you.

Onir is shivering n talking while sleeping Purvi overhears this turns on the light sees him goes near to check out what happened then she sees Onir’s eyes are red n checks him that he has high fever tells him to go n sleep on bed but he hesitates to go then Purvi makes him stand up n puts him sleep on bed then she starts saying that when i was pregnant you took more care of me but when i m trying to help you,You’re running away from me why Onir?then Onir says just bcoz i helped you for that sake you are helping me then she looks weird.
Purvi says leave that i m bringing some watered banded to keep on your head so stay here but Onir tries to get up,Purvi comes n says why are you going?Onir replies that i want to sleep on floor but Purvi says no sleep on bed,Onir says where will you sleep then she says i’ll sleep when you will get better.Purvi checks the temperature n looks at him nodes her head then song plays.Next Morning Purvi is sleeping beside Onir n tries to get her Saree’s Pallu out of his hand but she can’t then Onir wakes n get that Pallu out.
Scene shifts to jail where Soham is thinking that did Manav filed a case against him for second time but Police officer takes him out n says You have got Bailed then he asks who bailed him but Advocate doesn’t answers n soham is left alone.

Ovi has come to Deshmukh House n she sees that Teju is screaming for high rates of vegetables then Teju asks hows the Cauliflower rate?then seller says 25 rupees kilo,Teju screams more bcoz it was to higher Ovi goes near her n says you will not change na then Teju says how do you are here Ovi says that she came do the routine check up of Pari then Teju goes on saying that smile pari show me your teeth then Ovi says she doesn’t have it yet,Teju says when you will have teeth na that time we’ll eat panipuri,vadapav n other stuff but Ovi is confused while teju asks her what happened?she replies the scene where she had behave rudely with Arjun n Purvi then Teju says its ok.
Soham has arrived in hospital where he asks nurse that he has to meet Archana Deshmukh then nurse says no outsiders are allowed then Soham says i m a son of her,He goes near Archu n says m sorry aai for what i did with you,i didn’t wanted to shoot you,Aai pls listen to me pls.I remember that when i shot you,Now i should go otherwise anybody will see me here n Purvi is looking all this from behind she is crying.

Precap: Purvi has arrived to D house where she says i have brought some one who will pray for aai he is our family member n everybody sees that its Soham

Update Credit to: gaurav_ankita08

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