Pavitra Rishta 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 26th September 2013 Written Update

Arjun’s house

Arjun, Purvi and DK are in the dining room. Soham is hiding in a corner. Purvi is serving them food. Arjun is holding Pari and Arjun is asking DK how his meeting went. DK says the meeting was good. DK saw the marketing manager of the company and he is asking Arjun about the details. Purvi had not gotten DK a plate, DK says Purvi? Purvi says I’m so sorry I will get you a plate. Purvi is getting DK a plate but she is not very focused. Arjun asks Purvi what she is doing. DK tells Purvi that it’s ok and I understand, he tells Purvi not to worry and says I have talked to the commissioner and he has said that they will find Soham very soon. Soham hears this and looks worried. The house butler(Nandu Kaka) is walking into the store room and comes

out with a box. Purvi sees this and thinks to herself, the store room door was locked, so where is dada? Soham is hiding in the corner and disappears. Arjun is holding Pari, and Purvi walks over to Arjun and she tells him to give her Pari as it is her bedtime now. Arjun says she does not want to sleep and Purvi says she will give us a hard time later if we don’t put her to sleep, I will put her to sleep right now. Purvi leaves and DK is asking Arjun to look into a file. Purvi comes back and she says to DK, baba, would you like anything more to eat? DK says no I’m done, thank you. DK stands up and says to Arjun, so I’ll see you around. Arjun says bye dad. DK smiles and strokes Purvi. Purvi says good night to DK and DK says good night to Purvi. DK leaves. Arjun is getting ready to put the plates in so that he can wash them but Purvi says she will do it, she insists but Arjun says this way I can spend time with you and I can wash the dishes, I’m good at it. Arjun leaves. Purvi goes to a room and sees Soham there. Purvi says dada how long have you been here for? Soham says ever since you told me to hide in the bedroom but it was locked. Purvi says I was about to open it but Arjun and Dad came. Soham says yes even I saw that and I tried to go but DK ji had come. Purvi tells Soham to wait here and she will bring the keys for this room. Purvi tells him to wait here and don’t go anywhere. Purvi quickly goes to the kitchen and looks for a key.

Arjun’s house

Arjun is coming in the kitchen. Purvi looks worried and Arjun says to Purvi, now you will lie to me? Purvi says Arjun, when did I lie? Arjun says you lied to me, you said you would eat but there is so much food left here, you did not eat, why not? Purvi says why would I lie to you. Arjun tells Purvi to at least eat a little bit. Purvi smiles and says no I am not hungry. Arjun says sure? Purvi says yes. Arjun says ok, Purvi tells Arjun to go and that she will put all the food away. Arjun strokes Purvi and leaves. Purvi looks worried and says I’m sorry. Purvi is organizing things in the kitchen and she goes to the living room. She looks in the small room where Soham was before and says Soham dada. Soham is not in the small room. Purvi is looking around in the living room and says where did he go? Soham is hiding down below near a chair. Soham says softly, Purvi! Purvi sees Soham and gives him his food and keys. Purvi tells him to go. Soham smiles at Purvi and he strokes her face and leaves. Soham unlocks the door to the store room where he’s to stay at and goes inside. It is very dark in the store room. Soham gets settled in the store room and starts eating his food that Purvi gave him.

Arjun and Purvi’s bedroom

It is nighttime. Arjun, Purvi and Pari are sleeping. Arjun wakes up and turns on the 2 lamps, one on each side of the bed. He takes a drink from his bottle and leaves the room. Pari has woken up and Purvi wakes up too. Purvi sees Arjun is not there and she sits up. Purvi says where is Arjun?

Arjun’s house

Arjun is in the living room of the house walking and Soham is in the store room. Soham is sleeping and he accidentally drops the food plates that were on his bedside to the floor. Soham wakes up and gets alert. Arjun hears this and he says, Purvi. In the store room, Soham is looking very tense. Arjun calls for Kaka but Purvi has already come out from the bedroom to the living room where Arjun is. Purvi says Arjun! Where are you going? Arjun says I actually heard a noise from the store room. I will see what it is, you sleep. Purvi looks very worried and stays there.

Arjun’s house in the store room

Arjun goes inside the store room. It is very dark in there and he turns on the lights. Arjun is walking around the store room. Soham is hiding underneath a bed, he is all the way to the ground and Arjun comes and he is standing right there. Soham can see his feet but Arjun can’t see Soham. Arjun sees that the whole room is messy. Purvi is coming into the room and Arjun says Purvi, what is all this mess? Purvi tells Arjun that his file was here and she had asked Nandu Kaka to take it out yesterday. Arjun says actually this room is so messy and I heard a noise so I thought someone was here. Purvi says no, it must’ve gotten dirty, I will have it cleaned tomorrow. Arjun tells Purvi to have Kaka lock the door as well as the door was unlocked just now. Purvi says really? Ok I will have him do that too. Purvi says let’s go. Purvi is looking tense and Arjun asks what happened? Purvi says what do you mean? Arjun says this whole evening you are looking so stressed, you did not even eat dinner. Purvi says she was just feeling a bit ill but she is doing better. Arjun tells Purvi to get some sleep and Purvi says she is coming, she is just going to lock the store room door. Arjun tells Purvi that the room has really gotten dirty and he leaves. Purvi turns the lights off in the store room and she leaves.

Arjun’s house

It is the next morning. Nandu Kaka(the servant) is calling for Purvi. Another servant is asking Nandu what happened. Nandu tells the other servant that he is looking for the store room keys as he has to clean that room today. The servant tells Nandu to look in the kitchen drawer for duplicates of the keys. Nandu nods his head and goes to the kitchen to get the keys for the store room. Nandu is going into the store room to clean it. Purvi is in another room and she gets a call. Purvi picks it up and it is Archana. She is in the Deshmukh house kitchen. Purvi says yes aai. Archana asks Purvi how she is? Purvi says I am fine, and you? Archana says and Pari, how is she? Purvi smiles and says she is good and asks Archana how Gauri is. Archana tells Purvi that Gauri is ok and she is just trying to get back to being normal, I have tried to make her understand she is slowly getting better, everyone has come to our home to see Sachin. I made some soup for Sachin too. Archana says ok Purvi I have something to ask you. Purvi says yes aai. Archana says you know Purvi the wedding date is coming up and that boy will definitely try to do something and that’s why I want him to go to jail as soon as possible. Look Purvi you have always been so close to him, you knew where he went and what he did, and that’s why I want you to tell everything you know to the police. Please help out the police. Purvi says ok aai, I will.

Arjun’s house

Nandu Kaka is in the store room and he is cleaning it. He sees Soham sleeping under the bed and looks shocked. Nandu immediately leaves the room. Soham instantly wakes up and tries to escape but Nandu had shut the door. Soham is knocking hard on the door. Nandu sees a newspaper with Soham’s photo on it. Nandu says it is that gunda, I will call the police. Nandu picks up the phone and is about to call the police. Purvi is in the other room talking with Archana and Archana is telling Purvi that Soham does not see anything, not his parents, or his siblings, he has changed, he has changed all the way. He was Vishnu Lala, is and will always remain. Archana says I will hang up. Archana and Purvi hang up. Purvi sees on her phone that someone is making a call on their landline. Nandu is trying to call the police. Purvi is coming in the room with Pari. She does not see Nandu. Soham is banging hard on the door. Purvi sees this and runs to open the door. She goes in the store room. Purvi asks Soham what he is doing and what if the servant sees you? Soham says he already has! Purvi says what are you saying? Soham says yes I was sleeping here and he saw me and left, closed the door. Purvi says, maybe it was him calling from the landline. Soham asks Purvi if there is anything wrong and Purvi says I will talk to him. You stay here and I will talk to him. Purvi leaves.

Balan’s hideout

Balan and his gang members are at the hideout. Balan says where did he disappear?(he is referring to Vishnu Lala) The gang members are telling Balan that they have looked everywhere but they have not been able to find Vishnu Lala. Balan says you will have to find him because if we find Lala we will get money from Sandeep. Balan tells his men to call Lala and he might have reached Patna by now. One of the men says to Balan that Lala is not answering his phone. Balan gets mad and tells him that until you don’t hear from Lala you have to keep calling him. The other man tells Balan that they have called to Patna and Lala is not there. Balan says you guys are always never able to find him, I’m tired of it! Keep one thing in mind, you have to find Lala and I don’t want to hear that you haven’t found him, we need to find out about Lala, understood? The man says yes Sarkar. Balan orders him to leave. The gang member leaves and Balan looks very mad and says Lala I will find you.

Arjun’s house in the store room

Soham is in the store room. Purvi is coming back in. Soham asks what happened. Purvi says dada there is a big problem. Soham asks Purvi what happened. Purvi says the servant who saw you is new and he saw your photo in the newspaper. He called the police and told them that you were here. Soham looks tense and Purvi says but dada there is one way. You stay here and when the police comes, you just surrender yourself to the police. Soham says he will not and gets ready to leave. Purvi says dada listen to me, you wanted to asks aai, baba, and Sachin dada for forgiveness, so when the police comes, you just come out and tell them you want to meet with your family. Soham says no I will not and he leaves the room.

Arjun’s house

Purvi is chasing after Soham and tells him to listen to her. Soham is running and Purvi says dada listen to me, dada. Soham eventually stops in the living room and Purvi says dada if you are wondering how aai will react, or how the rest of the family will react then do not worry about that at all. Arjun is coming to the living room and is watching this. Purvi and Soham don’t see Arjun. Purvi says to Soham I will talk to them and I’m sure aai will listen. Dada please wait here. Soham says I can’t wait here Purvi! Soham says it will be a big problem if the police catches me. Purvi says there will be no problem, I’m telling you. Arjun is watching this shocked. Purvi says you trusted me and stayed here so show the same trust and stay here. Soham says I will not get caught by the police! Soham pushes Purvi away and is about to leave but he sees Arjun at the doorway. Arjun and Soham look at each other, giving each other hard stares. Purvi sees Arjun. Soham is about to run out but Arjun grabs him. Arjun is scolding Soham and trying to grab onto him but Soham manages to let go and he pushes Arjun very hard and leaves. Arjun shouts, Soham! Arjun is looking mad. Purvi is looking tense.

Deshmukh House

Archana and Sachin are sitting down in the living room. Archana is feeding soup to Sachin and Sachin says aai it’s ok I will have it myself. Archana says do you feel shy by me feeding you soup? Sachin says no aai I’m not shy, it’s just that you worked so hard to make the soup, so I can have it myself. Archana says hard work, it did not take me much hard work, and I can do this much for you. Gauri comes and sits down with them. Archana feeds Sachin and says Sachin I know you needed me a lot in the past few days but I could not give you time or be with you, so I am trying to make it up now. Gauri smiles. Manav comes out of the room and smiles at Sachin. Manav says Sachin how are you feeling now? Sachin says baba I am feeling very good now, I got very bored sitting in the hospital. Manav says and your aai is here taking care of you, of course it will feel good. Sachin smiles and Manav gets a phone call from the police inspector. Manav says hello and the police tells Manav that we have found out about Vishnu Lala. He is hiding in a house right now, their servant gave me this information. Manav says this is very good news! Are you going to catch him? The police inspector says yes and we have called you to give you this information. Manav says thank you Inspector, Inspector, can you give me the house address? I want to see Soham getting arrested and I want to thank the person who gave you this news, please. The police says ok, write down the address. Manav says one minute. Manav gets out a paper to write it and he tells the police to give him the address. Manav writes the address down and thanks the Inspector. The police inspector hangs up and tells his men let’s go! Manav says Archana, we have found out about Soham. The Inspector is going to catch him. Manav says Archana, let’s go, let’s go and thank them and apologize to them for the pain Soham caused them. Until I don’t see Soham getting arrested I won’t be at ease, let’s go. Manav looks closely at the house address and says Archana this Arjun’s house address. Everyone looks shocked and Archana says Arjun? Manav says yes Archana, what is Soham doing there?! Archana shakes her head as she doesn’t know.

Arjun’s house

Arjun and Purvi are at their house. Arjun is looking very tense and upset. Purvi says Arjun, I was going to tell. Arjun puts his hand up and says Shh! There are some police coming inside Arjun’s home. They tell Arjun and Purvi that they need to search this home. Arjun says sorry Inspector sahab but it is no use because the person who you are looking for has left this house a little while ago. The police says what? The police tells his constable to look for where Soham is. The police says that the servant saw him running away from the window. Nandu says yes I tried to stop him but he pushed me and I fell. Nandu has blood on his face. The police asks which one of you called us? Nandu says I called you. The police says where did the gunda come from, and where did you see him? Nandu says sahab when I went to the store room to clean it then that goon was sleeping there. The police nods his head. One of the constables come back and say to the head police, sir, I found this from the store room. He gives the police a piece of paper. The police looks at it and says a rail ticket from Mumbai to Patna. Nandu tells the police inspector that when I saw him, I realized this is the gunda who everyone is looking for, and that’s why when I saw him I called the police but later I saw Purvi madam talking to him. Madam ji forgive me, I did not know he was your brother and that you were hiding him.

Arjun’s house

The head police says wow Mr. Arjun, I thought that you were helping us against Vishnu Lala. I’m sorry Mr. Arjun but all the evidence is against you. You are under arrest for keeping a contact criminal in your house. Purvi says Inspector Sahab you have misunderstood, Arjun did not know anything about this. He did not even know that Soham was at home. I knew it all but we did not know about the rail ticket. Inspector Sahab please listen to me. Arjun puts his hand up to silence Purvi. Arjun reaches his hands out to the police so that he can be handcuffed. The head police nods for the constable to handcuff Arjun. Pari starts crying. Purvi says Arjun, please listen to me. Arjun says Purvi, Pari is crying. Pari starts crying louder. Purvi puts her hand on Arjun but Arjun shakes it off and leaves with the cops. Purvi is crying.

Precap: Manav, DK, Archana, Gauri and Purvi are at Arjun and Purvi’s house. Archana is yelling at Purvi and says, do you not see how Gauri’s condition is? Archana yells, do you not see Sachin’s condition? Archana says how could you hide Soham here? You have broken my trust Purvi! Purvi is trying to say something but Archana yells at Purvi to stay quiet and asks how could you trust him?!

Update Credit to: bhallarox

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