Pavitra Rishta 26th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 26th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mansi and Shashank getting ready to play Devki and Vasudev. Teju comes and says your Kanha is also ready. She tells them that Neena and Sachin are playing Kans Mama and Bhootna. Sachin and Neena practice their dialogues. Neena enacts the dialogues. Sachin says he got bored of reciting the dialogue. Teju asks Neena to enact the character of Kans as it is perfect for her. Neena says, you should act Mantra. Teju says, we are doing Krishna Leela.

Naren dresses up like Krishna. Aashi looks at him. Naren gets flashes of Ankita. Rushaali comes. Naren tells her that Aashi told her something. Rushaali thinks Aashi is behaving like Ankita and thinks to hides the truth. She asks God to help her. She tells him that Pari is not happy that’s why she is not coming for the festival. Naren goes to her.

Teju, Prashant and Teju prepare for the puja. Prashant asks Teju, did Aaji and Azooba reach there? Teju says she will call them. Shashank says, we are missing them. We shall be happy as they went to Mathura on Janmasthami. This break is necessary for them. It is good that Ankita come back. He asks about Ankita. Mansi says, don’t know.

Ankita tells Vaishnavi that she don’t want to become Radha. Ankita dresses up like Radha. She asks her to go. She thinks she is not having her Kanha in life so how can she become Radha. She looks at the Lord and thinks she can’t be far from him. She asks Kanha to tell her.

Naren asks Pari not to back out. Pari says, she has to go to friend’s place. She says, this plan is made by Ankita not me. Naren says, Aashi will feel good. Pari says, she doesn’t like to see Ankita’s face and tells him that Aashi is not her baby. Rushaali says, I know that you are not her real mom but atleast you can try. Rushaali thinks if you don’t give her motherly love then Ankita……

Krishna Leela play starts. Shashank and Mansi play Vasudev and Devki. Panditji tells about the Krishna’s birth story and sings. Ankita looks happily. He tells about Kans getting Kanha kidnapped and trying to kill him. Bhootna dies. He tells about Yashoda maa and little Kanha. Ankita, Prashant and Naren look happily. Kanha is played by Aashi. Panditji continues to say about Kanha’s Leela.

Teju asks Ankita why you are sad. Ankita says, she is not sad, but wonders about Krishna and Devika. She says, Kanha is always Devki’s son. Aashi comes to Ankita and asks her to become her Dada’s Radha. Ankita is shocked. Naren asks her to come. Aashi requests Ankita and insists her to become Naren’s Radha. Rushaali comes and says your Dada’s Radha is your mumma. Priya comes and says she wants her to become Radha. Teju asks Ankita to agree for kids’ sake. Ankita gets emotional as Aashi hugs her. She agrees. Aashi compliments Ankita’s beauty and says you are more beautiful than my mom. She asks Ankita to dance with her Dada. Prashant says, we shall stop this. Mansi says, we shall know whether she doesn’t care for Naren or is just acting.

Naren plays the basuri while Ankita dances as Radha. Krishna Krishna Radha Radha plays…………….Naren looks at Ankita. He holds her hand and pulls her closer. Everyone is happy to see them together and applaud for them. Rushaali gets tensed. Ankita gets uncomfortable.

Ankita asks Rushaali to keep her mouth shut. She says, this house is mine. If you have any problem then leave this house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. its time for rushali to be kept where she belongs —jail,this is to show that no matter how far lies travel truth will catch up with it .rushali separated a mother from her child and God is now bringing them back.

  2. Wow like the precap good answer for Rushali!! Luv you Ankita 😀

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