Pavitra Rishta 26th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 26th April 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 26th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts in D house where everyone of the family members present in the hall. Ovi hurts herself by breaking a glass and Savita becomes worried by seeing this. Ovi says that this can be treated but the wound given by her family members leaves its sign forever. Soham says that Pari has been kidnapped by his father Balan. Manav threats Soham for their wrong act while police comes to inform that Soham has helped them to search Pari by informing them about Balan’s address. Purvi and Arjun thank Soham, but Soham says it as his duty because he thinks Pari as his niece. Purvi comes with Arjun in his house when she realized that Pari has the high fever. Arjun brings medicine and Purvi manages to keep the baby calm. Onir sees from distance that Pari’s actual parent is so happy with their kid.

Ovi goes to a modelling agency where she has been referred by Romil. That lady who interacts with Ovi firstly promise a renowned campaign for her where she is going to be the showstopper. She gives the form to be filled up by Ovi. When Ovi returns the form, she rejects her due to her marital status and it is against their company policy to appoint any model who is married. Ovi thinks sadly at her bedroom when Manav comes to her with a cup of coffee. He feels happy by Ovi’s decision. Ovi says that once she has left her career, job and everything for Arjun, but now, she is not getting any job because of Arjun and her marital status. She also says that now she feels this marriage was a wrong decision made by her. Manav feels sad as Ovi becomes more sad and depressed day by day.

Purvi thinks about Pari standing alone in front of window. Onir sees her sad face and want to know the reason. Purvi wants to rectify her prior decision by taking back Pari from Arjun. She used to think that Ovi could be a ideal mom who would love her kid more than herself. Onir says that he has previously told her not to give her baby. In the same time, Arjun comes to give Pari to her mom. Arjun thinks that pari needs her mom which Ovi can not be.

Arjun sits in a dark room when DK comes. Arjun says that he has done his duty by giving her to Purvi as Pari is so small and a small kid like her needs mom so much. Arjun still can feel the absence of Ashna, so, she has given her to Purvi. DK wants to know if he can live without Pari, Arjun accepts and says that he has to take this decision for the sake of Pari only. DK also tells to fulfill his responsibility towards Ovi as a husband. DK says marriage is a holy thing.

Onir and Purvi are unable to make Pari quiet, Purvi thinks that Pari may need her father, Arjun as she has become habituated of him. As per Onir, child gets habituated with the person whom she can get since her birth. On the other side, Arjun starts crying by seeing the baby cot. Onit goes to get a job in a private hospital where the doctor denies to give him a chance as he does not want his hospital to come into the limelight due to Onir.

Precap – No precap at all, Arjun (Rithvik) tells about Saturday’s IBD

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