Pavitra Rishta 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 25th September 2013 Written Update

Manav calls archna from hospital and they chat abt sachin’s health, gauri comes there n manav talks to her also n assures her abt sachin’s health..
archana tells manav to take care.. gauri apologizes to archana for all the trouble.. archana tells her they’l get the gunda caught soon..

soham at purvi’s house angry n hoping sachin dies soon.. he hides outside at the window, purvi comes there n notices his reflection in the mirror, she gets angry n asks him what he is doing here in DK’s room, she goes to call the cops, but soham pulls the phone n tells her he is so sorry abt all that happened, he acts like he is very guilty, he says he wants to share his problem.. but she says she is not going to listen n goes to the door, but soham closes the door n says everyone has left him, he reminds her that she had promised to always be there for him.. at that time the butler comes knocking, soham hides behind the door, he asks purvo if evrything is ok n that he heard some noice, purvi says everything is ok, the butler then says DK had called n sais he’l be home for dinner.. purvi gets tensed

soham thanks her for lying.. she says she is just fulfilling her promise, but requests him to leave immediately.. she tells him he has gone crazy, attacked sachin, fought with manav, she tells him, she will not trust him at all.. he begs her to let him stay for one night.. but purvi doesnt listen..
soham again starts his natak, syas he is very sorry, is repenting n will go n surrender to d cops the next day.. purvi doesnt react, he starts crying n says if she really wants him to leave he will go to the cops, he begins to leave, then purvi stops him n says she will help him, but only coz he knows his mistakes n is repenting..
she tells him she ‘l arrange a room for him n tells him to leave next day.. she tells him not to make her repent for helping him.. he thanks her, kisses her on her forehead,purvi leaves..

soham completely changes his attitude n wipes his tears n smiles, n says that everybody is an emotional fool..

varsha comes to meet archana( who is staying at gauri’s house), she then tells how soham came to meet her, archana gets angry she then thinks soham wants some place to stay, that is why he going around.. she then calls DK’s house to inform purvi..
the phone rings, both soham(frm his room) n purvi answer at the same time.. purvi talks n archna tells her that soham is trying to find some place to stay, she tells her that soham had gone to varsha’s house, also tried to kidnap gauri by calling her to a mill, purvi is shocked, soham is angry.. archana then tells purvi that she will be staying at gauri’s house itself, till the wedding is done..
soham gets even more agitated listening to this..

at the hospital, sachin is feeling better, manav is with him, sachin has tears in his eyes, manav asks him whats wrong.. sachin tells manav to let soham go, manav gets angry and tells him why should he let him go. sachin says he is been getting so much love from everyone he doesnt want to think abt soahm n spoil the mood.. manav says they had forgiven soham once n wont repeat the same mistake.. ovi comes there n tells them that, savhin can be discharged, sachin is happy..

at home purvi is very worried, she recalls what soham n archana said.. the door bell rings n arjun comes home.. he is very very tired n keeps telling home much work he had at home.. purvi is not listening, arjun asks whats wrong, she says she is worried abt sachin.. arjun informs that sachin is getting discharged.. she is happy..
she then tells arjun she’l get food ready for him, but arjun says he wants some files from DK’s room.. purvi gets tensed, arjun goes towards the room, soham sees this from the key hole.. he tries to find a place to hide..
purvi had locked the room, so she comes to open it, by then soham hides, arjun goes in takes some files from the cupboard.. he drops a file n purvi bends down to pick it up, she sees that soham is hiding under the bed..
while handing over the file she notices that arjun has a bruise on his hand.. she asks him what hapnd.. arjun gets irritated n says it happened when soham had held him at gun point in his car.. he then tells purvi that whatever soham is doing is wrong n leaves… purvi is guilty n worried,
soham then comes out n agian tries to apologize, purvi tells him to go n stay in the store room n not in this room n she tells him this is the last chance she is giving him to set things right..

PRECAP: at night arjun is at the store room for some reason, soham hides under something

Update Credit to: ArVi-licious

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