Pavitra Rishta 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Mansi telling Ankita that she came to know about the baby’s father. She slaps Ankita and asks, did you get only my husband. Ankita is shocked. She asks, when did you plan this. You married Naren, but continued to love Shashank. You thought me stupid. I was mad. Ankita gets angry. Mansi says, my destiny is bad. I hate you. She asks Ankita to kill her. She says, truth is that you and Shashank are having illegitimate relation. Ankita asks her to stop and asks didn’t you get ashamed.

She asks, are you mad? She says, I brought you up with my own hands. She says, being your sister I will forgive you, but Shashank won’t forgive you. She asks her to look at her past. She says, Shashank accepted you when everyone turned their faces from you. She says, Shashank loved you and accepted Raunaq’s child as well. Mansi is shocked. Ankita says, he is Devta.

She says, my baby is my Naren’s and nobody else. I didn’t think that my sister will doubt me. Shashank is my friend. I made a mistake as I thought Shashank is right for you. I didn’t think you are not right for him. He loved you very much, but you didn’t deserve his love. She asks, did you know about love. She says, I will tell this to Shashank. Mansi apologizes to her. Ankita says, now Shashank will do whatever is right. Shashank hears everything shocking Ankita and Mansi.

Mansi follows Shashank and falls down. Ankita says, we shall call the doctor. Archana wakes up in the middle of night. Manav asks, what happened. Archana says, something wrong happened. I need somewhere. Manav says, we are attached to your kids with heart. Nothing can happen to our children and asks her to sleep. Doctor comes and checks Mansi. She asks Shashank to get the medicines and says she is fine. Ankita tells Shashank that it is happening because of her and cries. Mansi is in shock.’

Ankita gets Naren’s call and he asks her to come to his house for work. Mansi cries and apologizes to Shashank. She says, I hate myself. I don’t deserve your love. Shashank says, you doubted me. I think you didn’t do any mistake as I lied to you. He says, this baby is ours. Mansi says, Aayi won’t accept it. Shashank says, this baby is ours for us and everyone. Ankita cries and recalls Mansi slapping her while sitting in Naren’s house. Naren comes and sees her crying. Naren says, I know whose baby you are carrying. He says, do you trust your Naren sir. You treated me. I understand what is love. I can sacrifice anything for love and I know you are like me. You are not with the one whom you love. I know you miss him. Ankita gets emotional and hugs him. Naren says, everything will be fine. Shashank will get back to you. Ankita looks stunned.

Mansi wakes up and says it is 8 am now. Shashank comes and gives her tea. Mansi says, you shall have wake me. Shashank says, we didn’t have tea together since long. He gives her biscuits to eat with tea. He asks her to eat apple as well and says we have to go to the doctor for routine check up. Mansi says, whatever happened yesterday……Shashank asks her to forget it. Mansi says, I did a mistake. Mansi says, you are really great in every means. She apologizes to him repeatedly. Shashank says, I know you love me and that gives me strength. He wipes her tears and asks her to stop crying.

Balan calls the constable and says I want to talk to the Inspector. Inspector goes to talk to Balan. Balan tells him that he will give information about Soham. He says, he melted when Archana and Manav cried for their son and also he shall get the money. He demands 10 lakhs rupees. He gives him a chit and says I have written his address in this chit. He asks the Inspector to release him. Inspector says, we will release you when we get Soham. Balan thinks, his stay in the lock up is long.

Naren and Pari talk to each other. PAri says, you won’t be romantic after marriage. Naren promises to be romantic with her always. He says, when I look back, I reminiscences all the happy moments with you. Pari says, I am waiting for our marriage day. I don’t want to lose you again. Naren says, no one can separate us. He promises to be with her. Pari says, love you. She says, she is getting late for Chudi Ceremony. Naren gives her Gajra/flowers. Pari leaves.

Precap: Ritesh Deskhmukh and Amna Shareef come for the promotion of the film Ek Villian.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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