Pavitra Rishta 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Pavitra Rishta 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 25th June 2013 Written Update

Archana is cleaning and applying medicine to Soham’s wounds from the fight. He is in pain while she’s doing this and she has a flashback of when Soham used to get hurt in his childhood and how Archu used to fix his booboos. Soham says aai, what you doing??? And Archu comes back to present day. She tells him she was thinking of all the times he would get hurt in his childhood. Archu then tells Soham that if he has to fight in order to protect his sisters, then it’s okay. Protecting your sister is not being a gangster. Soham says aai but manav Deshmukh and aaji still think I’m a gangster. He says they don’t realize I was try protect my sister. He says in this house I always have to prove the change in me. I always have to show them I’m not a gangster anymore. They don’t believe me otherwise. Archu tells Soham that you don’t have to try to prove to anyone. Your actions will speak for themselves and there’s nothing wrong in protecting your sister. Soham gets happy and says watch those losers come before me now, I will give them a beating to remember. Archu begins to laugh and tells him that she’s so happy he’s showing so much care and love for his sister and his family. She says it was her dream to see Soham like this: a part of the family and caring. Soham says forget all that, after this beating I’m hungry!!! They have a cute moment and Archu leaves to make him food.

Archu is holding pari in her arms in D house and wondering why hasn’t purvi come home yet. She calls Purvi on her phone but just then purvi walks in soaked from the rain. Archu says purvi you’re soaked let me get you a towel. Purvi is standing there remembering Arjun’s words about no matter what happens, arovi marriage can’t be saved. Purvi is upset. Archu comes over to dry purvis hair but purvi stops her and tells her she needs to talk to her. Purvi tells Archu that ovi has served Arjun with divorce papers. Archu is shocked and sits down upon hearing this.

Purvi tells Archu that her marriage is over but she doesn’t want Arovi marriage to end. She tells her that its her fault that their marriage is needing because once she gave birth to pari she should have moved back to Kolkotta. Archu says its not your fault purvi. Purvi says no I’m responsible for ruining ovi’s life and I feel guilty. Archu says its not you, it’s the circumstances in which that it happened. And what’s done is done. Archu says what she’s upset about is that ovi did not think to even tell her or manav even once before taking this step.

Everyone is present in the main room of D house and Manav is shocked to find out from Archu about divorce. Savita says that it’s wrong of ovi not to inform us and even worse that Arjun didn’t even think to tell us even once. Manav says he should have resolved it long before. Manav said he allowed ovi to go to Canada to think about arovi marriage not to just end it. Savita says call ovi right now. What does she think she can do whatever from there. Manav picks up phone to call ovi. Ovi is sleeping and picks up and manav asks her if she sent the papers. Ovi says after thinking long and hard she came to this conclusion and sent them. Manav interrupts a d begins shouting at her through the phone. He says why didn’t you consider your parents are we dead? Ovi tells manav that she did but she was feeling suffocated in the marriage. She asks manav that does he want his daughter to stay in a compromise marriage in which the husband doesn’t even love her? Manav quiets down after this and tells her to come to india so we can resolve this together. Ovi says she can’t. She had so many expectations from arovi marriage and she thought after marriage all their problems would end but in actuality the problems increased after marriage. She tells him everything happend that she never even thought in her worst nightmare. She says she couldn’t stand it anymore. She tells him that she had most expectations from Arjun but when they broke, it broke her. And she asks manav to please let her divorce Arjun and let her live in peace. Manav gets very sad and upset and put the phone away from his ear. Archu picks it up.

Archu asks ovi that why did you do this. Ovi says sorry and she didn’t mean to hurt her parents. Archu says its such a big decision, she should have at least told her parents just once. Ovi says that had she told them, they would come up with another solution or try to convince her to stay put in the relation. She says she didn’t want to stay and doesn’t want to be convinced. She says she thought Arjun would have told them eventually because she wanted to but didn’t know how she would tell them. She says that she will face consequences of her decision to divorce Arjun. She says she knows her mother will understand her even of no one else does. She tells her to please convince everyone in the family that this is the correct decision for her.

Archu tells family then what ovi said. Savita is frustrated. Teju says ovi has gone mad and that she’s making crazy decisions. Savita says this is how she always was even in childhood. She was always stubborn and would get angry about any little thing. Savita says to manav to call ovi again and try to convince her not to go thru this divorce. Archu says no, we’ll call tomorrow morning. Let her be right now. Savita tells Archu that we can’t let her ruin her life like this and she can’t divorce Arjun. Damador says to manav that he should speak to DK. Manav says there’s no use so damador says at least speak to Arjun. Savita says if we speak to one of them and convince them then the marriage can last. We have to convince one of them not give up. Manav says you’re right. He says he and Archu will go speak to DK. He leaves and savita tells Archu everything will be fine and arovi will one again. Archu says she just wants everything to be ok.

Purvi is outside getting the dried clothes from the line. She’s thinking to herself how she never wanted problems in arovi marriage. She hopes God will fix everything and make them be again. Onir is watching her from below. He’s sad looking at her. He gets into the car next to him in which kinshuk and shalani are already sitting in. Kinshuk says until when will you suffer like this and come to see purvi just to see a glimpse of her and then leave. Onir says he’s happy purvi is with her family now and her aai. He says at least she can share her sorrows with her aai now. Shalani asks onir what about you? He says he has them. Kinshuk says you stay in the house all day and don’t meet or talk to anyone. She says onir should be with purvi, onir says no that purvi belongs with Arjun. He says he’s worked so hard to get arvi back together and won’t back out now. He said he won’t let his emotions ruin this and will move forward in his life.

Kinshuk is talking about her career while onir is readin a magazine. Just then onir interrupts and says its written here in the magazine that arovi are divorcing. He says he knew hat would happen but not so soon. Kinshuk says this is great, their hardwork will pay off. Then they leave from there.

Purvi is looking for something in her room. Savita walks in and says purvi you looking for this? It’s a baby bottle. Purvi says yes. Savita asks where’s pari. And purvi says pari was crying a lot so she gave pari to teju to take outside for a walk. Purvi says she also wanted a few minutes alone. Savita asks she must be thinking of ovi. Savita says whole family is. She says when ovi was young and wanted something she would ask manav. If she she knew he would say no, she would ask her. She says she wonders how ovi took such a big decision now. Purvi says aaji that’s what she wonders too. She says she doesn’t even know how she’s doing in Canada and if anyone is even taking care of her and what condition she is in. Savita says purvi if you really thought like this before then ovi wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place. Soham overhears this. Purvi says what you mean. Savita says if you never came here from kolkutta then we would never know about how you’re doing etc. ovi would be living a happy life right now if purvi never came to Mumbai from kolkutta. Soham is listening to this and walking over to them. Soham interrupts and says aaji why are you blaming purvi? He says you know Arovi had issues before purvi even came. Savita says who are you to interfere in this? Archu overhears this from kitchen and begins to walk toward them too and listens from a far. Soham says to savita that I’m your grandson and you can’t change this fact. He says Varsha taught him to always side with truth and truth is Arjun always came to meet purvi. Purvi tries to stop him and Soham says no let me speak truth today. He says purvi came to Mumbai so onir could come treat ovi. He says and most importantly before arovi married, purvi was pregnant with Arjun’s child. He says Arjun should have told this to ovi and then these problems would never have happend. Soham says he knows purvi made mistake but there’s a difference between a crime and a mistake. He says purvi sacrifices her happiness for others. Savita yells at Soham to shut up. Savita says she’s talking to purvi and who is he to interfere. Archu is listening to all of this from afar. Soham says I’m her brother that’s who and he will side with truth. Savita tells him to shut up and go do this drama infront of his mother and not her.

Precap: Archu is folding her hands infront of Arjun and begging him to free her daughter, she says she can’t see them both in pain anymore.

Update Credit to: sk11

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